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About Tripaneer

We love enriching people’s lives. We believe that learning new skills, connecting with people and cultures across the world, and having rich and meaningful experiences helps develop ourselves into better human beings, creating a better world. That is why we want to create the best global platform for people to list, discover, and book unique and personal travel experiences.

Our mission

To enrich people’s lives with unforgettable travel experiences.

Our vision

We help the world learn new skills, meet new people and cultures and become better human beings by bringing you the world’s best offering of rich and meaningful travel experiences.

Why Themed Travel?

No matter what our background or our beliefs are, there is one universal search that binds us all: the search for meaning and happiness. For the last decade or so, the happiness craze has increased exponentially and the incessant need to create meaningful lives has become more prevalent. As reported by the New York Times, the Millenial generation (Millenials), those who were born after 1980, due to tough economic times, have been “forced” to redefine life success as less than the act of acquiring material wealth and opted instead to measure their success according to level of happiness and their ability to find and follow their life’s purpose.

The need to find one’s meaning however, is certainly not limited to just Millenials. Prior generations, including the Baby Boomers are also seeking purpose and happiness more than ever before. This is reflected in the increasing demands for resources (e.g: books) that they believe will be able to provide them with answers and assistance in their pursuit of a more meaningful life. 

At Tripaneer, we believe that a happy and meaningful life is simply not something that one can acquire in books – rather, that it can only be gained through experiences. By offering holidays with inspired themes that are often unlike anything they have experienced, we are providing individuals with the priceless opportunities to find themselves and to go beyond their perceived limitations while they are on vacation. Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to become aware of and to experience themed travel journeys which we strongly believe will help to elevate happiness and assist in personal discoveries and growth.


How do our themed vacations differ from ordinary holidays? 

  • Since a holiday itinerary is already prepared with each holiday package, it eliminates most of the vacation planning process that many people find to be time consuming and stressful. Once you book a travel package, all you have to do is to pack your bags, book a flight and thoroughly enjoy the fantastic, hassle-free trip that you have selected.
  • Our themed vacations are organized in small groups to make it as personal and intimate as possible. This way, travelers are given the opportunity to meet and establish new friendships with like-minded people from all over the globe but at the same time, given the choice to keep to themselves – should they prefer to do so.
  • Each of the packages we offer include an itinerary of activities that one may not ever think of making time for when he/she is on vacation. These activities are designed to broaden perspectives of what is possible during a holiday – often far beyond what one would do on his/her usual getaway. Our holidays seek to enrich lives by providing plenty of exposure to new experiences, new skills, and the chance to get to know other travelers from around the world.
  • Though travelers are encouraged to follow the set holiday itinerary, if they wish to, for most of our packages, they are free to skip any excursion or activity listed on the schedule. Unlike most tour holidays, travelers are not obligated nor are they mandated to stick to a set daily schedule. Should they opt to use some time to relax or to do their own excursion, they are most certainly welcome to do so.


Who we are & what we do

We are made up of 170+ passionate Tripaneers based in Amsterdam and remotely across 15+ different countries. We believe that what makes or breaks a company is its people. For this reason, we truly value our team members (Tripaneers) and see ourselves as our greatest asset.

Our team culture encourages learning, innovation and transparency. We are dedicated to put our very best effort in providing the most user-centric services, not only for our customers but also, for our partners and the small-to-medium-sized holiday organizers we work closely with.

Be it between colleagues, with our customers, partners or organizers, we treat each one of our relationships with utmost care and continuously seek to add value and enhance their lives and/or business however we can.

As part of the long-term key drivers of our culture and business, Tripaneers share the following five core values:

  • Be empathetic - Understand and respect others
  • Take ownership - Execution over ideas, make it happen
  • Keep innovating - Experiment, fail fast and be adaptive to changes
  • Be transparent - Be open and clear about what you think and do
  • Stay curious - Ask why, learn and develop yourself


Legal information

Tripaneer is registered with the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, the Netherlands, under registration number 61843962. VAT registration number is NL854513322B01.


Press inquiries

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