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Detox Retreats

The best detox retreats to cleanse and reset your body from the inside out


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Explore detox retreats that rejuvenate your body and with specialized cleanses.

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Detox types

Discover different detox methods and find what suits your body best.

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What is a Detox Retreat?

Do you feel sluggish and slow? Or perhaps you're experiencing more than the occasional headaches?

While the body has an incredible ability to get rid of toxins on its own, in today’s world, it’s becoming more and more compromised, resulting in various health and mental ailments. The truth is, unless you retreat into the mountains and grow your organic vegetables, you’ll constantly be exposed to toxins. And that’s where a Detox Retreat can help.

Simply put, a Detox Retreat is a getaway in which your diet and physical health are aided by professionals. The focus is on detoxifying or cleaning your body. You will do that with the help of cleanses, fasting, and juicing.

You’ll learn how to flush out toxins and reboot your health, without feeling deprived. Additionally, you may choose between gentle detoxes and deep body cleanses – both of which will allow you to learn new habits, pause, and reset.

Reasons to go on a Detox Retreat

No matter which type of detox you choose, you’ll feel lighter, brighter, and more energized. A detox can give your body a fresh start and also aid weight loss.

Whether you choose a water detox, juice detox, or raw food detox, your digestive system will get a break, helping your body focus on healing and getting rid of the toxins you’ve been exposed to, internally and externally.

Additionally, you won’t just cultivate healthy habits, but you’ll also enjoy pampering treatments. Once back home, you’ll have all the tools necessary to continue to live a healthy life.

And if that’s not enough, you should know that Detox Retreats are usually set in awe-inspiring locations that provide the perfect sanctuary for an ultimate health reset. You’ll focus on nutrition, physical wellbeing, and emotional balance.

You’ll release toxins, both physical and emotional, and boost your immune system.

What can you expect from a Detox Retreat?

Detox Retreats most often offer all-inclusive packages. These packages include accommodation, a personal detox program, wellness treatments, physical and emotional assessment, transfer (from the airport, bus, or train station), and additional activities.

Most of the time, the detox programs are gentle. Sometimes, however, deep-cleansing techniques are also offered. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be guided and supervised by experienced professionals.

There are several detox programs to choose from, based on your needs and the initial assessment: juice detox, fasting, raw food detox, sugar detox, Ayurveda detox, and more. The program is tailored to your needs, targeting your specific health concerns and goals.

Some types of detox practices are ideal for those who can’t take a lot of time off and prefer to do it over a weekend. In this case, you are likely to do water fasting or juice detox. Those who can attend a longer retreat may undergo a combination of water fasting or juice cleansing with a vegan or raw food detox.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to feel deprived during a Detox Retreat. For example, the juices, shakes, and soups you’ll consume during the holiday are prepared by a nutritionist to offer a high nutrition profile. And you’ll likely also take supplements to ensure you are not nutrient-deficient.

Most Detox Retreats also offer other activities, such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, breathwork, and holistic and spa treatments. In addition, they may also take advantage of the location and offer nature walks or walking meditation sessions.

If your goal is weight loss, the activities you’ll engage in will likely be more energetic to stimulate calorie burning. For example, you’ll go on energizing walks before you join a more relaxed yoga class. Or, you may spend most of the time outdoors, partaking in swimming, cycling, and walking.

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