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23 Day "Nourishing Roots" Online Retreat with Restorative Yoga
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 23 Day "Nourishing Roots" Online Retreat with Restorative Yoga

Online Wellness and Yoga Retreat

Nourishing Roots is a prescription for well-being for the body-mind as one. It introduces the ABC of Chinese medicine wellbeing principles and uses Restorative Yoga practices as a way to activate and rejuvenate the free flow of the energy systems. It explains how you are created from ancestral essence which forms your unique constitution, and is supplemented by the acquired energy from your day to day diet. You will be guided to find flow in life, clear blocks so you can show up in your full-bodied presence. Structured as seven steps, (called chapter on the online course) the Roots course includes ancient Wisdom teachings, guided reflections to help you apply the teachings to your own life, and restorative yoga practices. Cameron Tukapua, Chinese medicine practitioner, offers you a lifetime of clinical practice and practitioner training experience. This course is designed to empower people to balance and heal themselves using self-care as the new health care. All learnings are suitable for sharing with friends, family, clients and students.

Meet the instructors

Cameron & Louise
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  • *7 sessions of live webinars, delivered across 23 days in total
  • *Each live webinar and video call is 1.5 hours long with student interaction, questions and answers
  • *Self-paced study available using pre-recorded online course
  • *Chinese medicine ABC for self-care and lifelong wellbeing
  • *Join our You Being You training program
  • *Timezone: Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand Standard Time (GMT+12)
  • *Two different session times for same content each day 11.00am - 12:30 p.m. and 7.00 - 8:30 p.m.
  • *Online course includes 33 videos & 21 PDFs self paced learning

23 days with instruction
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Tools required

You are required to install an up to date Zoom account, which you need to download before joining the online retreat. Please be sure you have both Safari and Chrome Browsers installed on your computer.

How the retreat works

There will be 7 webinars in total. The webinars dates are September 23, 26, 30 October 5, 9, 12 & 16

The webinars are delivered across 23 days in total, allowing you time to do the practices, and contemplate the guided reflections in between sessions. We suggest you allow approximately 45-60 mins to look at the online material in between webinars. If this is not possible, do not be concerned as the content is all inside the online course, available as a longtime reference for self-paced learning.

Each webinar introduces one chapter of the seven chapters, from the online course which is included as part of this retreat package. The webinars introduce the ABC of Chinese medical theory on body functions and flows. Each chapter of the online course has pre-recorded restorative Yoga practices and instructions benefits and contraindications of practices. All practices are suitable for beginners.

The content of the live Webinar includes some interactive sharing to explore how these teachings come alive in our lives. Questions can be submitted through the chat room and will help guide the teachings.

Access to the Webinars and login will be via the You Being You Online platform. Webinars will be hosted off that platform through Zoom which students must have downloaded prior to attendance. Students gain access to the online course through this same link.

Timing of sessions / daily schedule (GMT+12)

For each of these courses, Cameron Tukapua will offer two different time zones to cater to the international market. She will host two different groups. One group time from 11.00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. The other group is from 7.00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Retreat information

Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine practitioner passionate about empowering people to know and understand themselves as energy beings. She brings over three decades of clinical acupuncture experience to her teachings, including nine years of acupuncture practitioner training, and fifteen years of co-leading yoga and Qigong retreats around the world.

Who for

  • Cameron designed Nourishing Roots as a practical path for exploring how to live a grounded spiritual life. She wanted to offer people easy access to the profound wisdom of the Chinese medical tradition and spread and share this knowledge.
  • It is suitable for Yoga teachers and others interested in engaging their personal power through nurturing their lifelong wellbeing. The teachings are simple and easy to share with students, friends, and family.
  • For healthcare professionals, counsellors, and doctors this offers clear, simple prescriptions for using rest to heal.

“Drawing from a rich background of clinical acupuncture practice, committed Yoga practice and personal development training, Cameron Tukapua’s presentations are uniquely original. She invites her students to both understand and embrace their humanity while aspiring to a higher insight. Cameron brings a lightness of heart to her work, infusing her talks and seminars with humor, while ingeniously offering a razor-sharp perspective that encourages participants to recommit to their own personal vision”

-Donna Farhi - Author of "Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living"

Nourishing Roots whole Course curriculum

  • Introduction by Cameron Tukapua
  • Introduction by Louise Cashin
  • Why Nourishing Roots
  • Structure and steps
  • Opening up book - Chapter on Interconnected World

Source essence

Discover and claim the strengths of your constitution. Stand tall by engaging the gifts of your ancestral lineage. Shine a light on what's holding you back and choose to evolve beyond the family hang-ups!

  • Source essence
  • Ancestors
  • Matrix for blood
  • Introduction to practices
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - Legs up the wall
  • Reflections on source essence
  • Pearls

Gathering power

Discover how to nourish your daily and lifetime power production. Learn to activate 'the fire of life' to stimulate your energy. Claim the key to your lifetime longevity - explore what's needed to build energy reserves.

  • Acquired energy
  • Hidden power
  • Reservoirs
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - Legs on chair with circular breathing
  • Reflections on gathering power

Fluids and flow

Your body is approximately 80% fluids and like a river, it is designed to flow. 'Going with the flow' is supported by living now, engaging the current of present time life. Learn how to clear old blocks by activating free-flow.

  • Nourish and moisturize
  • Free flow
  • Blocks to flow
  • Opening up book - chapter 21
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - flowing lying twist
  • Reflections on fluids and flow


Anchoring into the power of BE-ing supports us to fully ‘show up’ to life. Discover how simply being present, invokes, and honors the true nature of yourselves and others. Engage your presence as a hidden power to heal.

  • Presence honors
  • Presence heals
  • Way of being
  • Opening up book - chapter 12
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - Constructive rest
  • Reflections on the presence

“Cameron shows us we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we are capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become. This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers.” Mimi Kuo - Deemer author of “Qigong and the Tai Chi axis - Nourishing Practices for Body, Mind, and Spirit” and “Xiu Yang - Self Cultivation for a Happier, Healthier and Balanced Life”


Our lives exist in a background of constant change. Discover how to ride the waves of change and stay centered with your feet on the ground. Reconnect with the potency of small steps and identify your transitions as pathways to growth.

  • Transformation
  • Transitioning
  • Step by step
  • Opening up book - chapter 11
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - Supported standing forward bend
  • Reflections on grounding

Prescription for well being

Examine your daily diet and what to eat to support your constitution. Learn to listen to your 'the 4 bones' and connect to a life of purpose and meaning. Practice gratitude and focus on all that is working in your life.

  • Nourishing Yin
  • Nourishment and diet
  • Mother Yin
  • Opening up book - chapter 8
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - Downward-facing relaxation
  • Reflections on nourishing Yin

Partnering the mystery

Open to life as an interactive energy field. Learn to raise your vibration - attract more of what you truly love. Have a laugh, stay light. Explore how to sense the subtle, and allow times of 'not knowing', to reveal the magic of Mystery.

  • Open up
  • Laugh!
  • Letting go
  • Opening up book - chapter 14
  • Practice overview
  • Practice - supported spine backbend
  • Reflections on partnering the Mystery


“The Nourishing Roots course has transformed my life and empowered me to stand in my truth. My self-care is my priority and my joy and passion now bubble up from within my soul. Prior to engaging the 7-step ‘Roots’ program, I was just surviving from one day to the next feeling constantly overwhelmed and unhappy.

My relationship had deteriorated and I was on the verge of a divorce. This survival mode had sent me into depths of disparity and I did not know how to help myself. Layers of past hurts and traumas were surfacing and I knew I needed help, but didn’t know how to articulate this.

I also knew that the medication route was not an option for me as this would only be a temporary fix. I really wanted to get to the roots of my situation. The depths of the darkness was really difficult for me to accept as I was usually the positive person that made everyone laugh. That person was buried under a layer that many were quick to label ‘depression’.

Then I found the Nourishing Roots course and it delivered on every level. The confusion lifted, the deep-seated unhappiness dissolved and the fatigue had faded within weeks.

‘Roots’ is now my map for navigating my way with clarity and purpose, an anchor to feeling grounded. Living my life with newfound enthusiasm and a new language to express myself is so liberating and by sharing my experience I hope to reach others for it is in the connection that we learn and heal.”

From Sam Ford (yoga teacher)


Cameron Tukapua

Louise Cashin


This yoga wellness retreat is held online. Cameron Tukapua is based in Whangarei Heads, New Zealand, New Zealand Standard Time (GMT+12) and they will live-stream the classes via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home by just using your phone or computer.

What's included

  • 7 days of 1.5 hours live webinar and video call (via Zoom)
  • Online course comprising of 7 chapters
  • Each chapter includes
  • 3 teaching videos
  • 1 practice video
  • 1 downloadable PDF with benefits and contraindications of practices
  • 1 downloadable PDF with Reflections designed to help you apply these teachings to your life

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
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