Christina Martini offers retreats for all to renew, refresh, restore, transform with Hatha,Vinyasa,Ashtanga,Mysore Yoga & breathing, meditation, and wellness.

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Christina Martini

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Tiare Forgerson

from United States, November 2018

"My Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Experience "

Christina Martini was an amazing teacher. Her wisdom and knowledge of the practice was impressive and inspirational. I didn’t know much about Ashtanga Yoga when I started, but after this experience. I am a true believer. Quality over Quantity, this practice gives you an opportunity to really master yourself. I enjoy how she was helpful at reminding me of the lessons that were coming up during this experience and how if u let it, it will be a healing experience mind, body, and soul. I enjoyed my experience tremendously! I recommend Christina and Ashtanga Yoga to everyone for every reason. It’s about your inner journey and learning about yourself and where you need to grow and learn. I felt huge layers of my onion peel off this week. Thank u Christina in assisting my healing and growing. I love u! So grateful for all you have taught me! I will be back for more for sure!! 🙏🏻❤️😘