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Personal Development Online Course

Welcome to Coming Full Circle! Dear friend, many of you are not aware that you could be living a happier life. If you are one of thousands who have spent years lost in the “self-help jungle” and still not experiencing wellbeing, then cut to the chase, take the reins of your life, and once and for all, choose true and lasting change. Kambiz Naficy offers you more than 20 years of his experience through a unique, proprietary approach called "Coming Full Circle". In this program, Kambiz guides you in identifying the root of self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and habits that are keeping you from experiencing greater joy.

Meet the instructors

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  • Twice weekly 1.25-hour live online sessions for 8 weeks
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online session's time zone: Los Angeles, PST (GMT-8)
  • Break through obstacles in your careers, relationships, and personal health
  • 16 video lessons and unique meditations containing 6 hours of transformational healing content taught by Meditation Master Kambiz Naficy and videos of guided asanas
  • 400+ clear, concise, colorful slides to guide you through the process
  • 120+ actionable exercises that engage you daily for the advancement of your life
  • 3+ hours of supplemental material including studio-produced, guided meditations, affirmations, and prayers

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

16 days with instruction
Group size: Maximum of 15 participants
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Pre-application requirements

You need to have access to Zoom and the internet as all course assets are hosted on Thinkific and downloadable.

How the course works

Through a series of 16 in-depth lessons and video tutorials, Kambiz guides you through the process of cleansing and replacing any unhealthy beliefs with empowering thought patterns that allow you to break through in areas where you have been stuck. You can now reprogram your subconscious and break free in areas you have always dreamed of. Coming Full Circle’s proprietary formula has helped thousands break through obstacles in their careers, relationships, and personal health.

Twice a week for 8 weeks, you will have 1.25-hour live online sessions via Zoom; all sessions will be recorded and recordings will be sent to you.

Timing of sessions/daily schedule:

  • Online session's time zone: Los Angeles, PST (GMT-8)
  • The live sessions depend on mutual agreement between you and Master Kambiz

Course information

As a meditation master and a guide to self-transformation, Kambiz combines elements of spirituality like Kriya breathing meditation, prayer, gratitude, and living in the present moment with proven psychological techniques for empowering your mind. Kambiz teaches you to first use Kriya breathing meditation to relax your mind; then, with a relaxed mind, you can access your subconscious to release any destructive, limiting, unhealthy programming residing there.

  • Would you like to be free of worry and anxiety?
  • Are you one of the thousands losing self-confidence due to self-limiting beliefs?
  • Do you suffer from broken relationships though you seek intimacy and connection with a partner?
  • Would you feel better if you made peace with your past?
  • Do you suspect that self-sabotage may be limiting your income and wealth?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your own worst enemy?
  • Do you feel burdened by an addiction or obsession?

Lesson 1: "Your Childhood Home and Subconscious Programming"

You'll learn about the power of your subconscious mind which controls more than 80 percent of life. This lesson teaches you how to access your subconscious mind and plant empowering seeds of self-love and self-worth for rapid progress.

Lesson 2: "The Power of Beliefs"

You will learn how you create beliefs. An event occurs, then you interpret what just happened. Your interpretation of what is happening has more impact than the event itself. If you come up with negative interpretations of past events, those interpretations, add up to limiting beliefs about yourself and life. Finally, one’s core beliefs can create self-fulfilling prophecies that can block progress.

Lesson 3: "Understanding and Seeing Through Fear"

You'll also learn eleven techniques for managing and eliminating fear.

Lesson 4: "Toxic Shame - How it Enters and Wounds Us"

You will understand and learn to uproot toxic shame which is the root of most other negative beliefs, emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Lesson 5: "Hearing and Transforming Negative Self-Talk"

Master Kambiz will outline three important steps for eliminating negative self-talk.

Lesson 6: "Identifying and Surrendering our Defense Mechanisms"

Names common defense mechanisms so you can identify which ones you might still be using.

Lesson 7: "Neutralizing Self-Sabotage"

You'll identify which underlying beliefs trigger your self-sabotage and which people or circumstances trigger that self-sabotage.

Lesson 8: "Strengthening your Self-Love and Self-Worth"

Contains many practical exercises for improving your sense of self-love, self-worth, and how you see yourself. In Lesson 8, you learn how to identify your dharma which is the perfect and most natural life direction for you.

Lesson 9: "Living in the Present Moment"

Teaches you several techniques for coming back to this moment so you can enjoy the lightness of "Being" without future worries.

Lesson 10: "The Power of Intention"

Teaches that you attract whatever you intend as the intention is the energy behind all your thoughts, words, and actions. Intentions are either based on love or fear. Intentions of love grace your life and the life of others; intentions of fear have the opposite effect.

Lesson 11: "Being Finished with Addictions and Obsession"

Outlines the roots and impacts of addictions and obsessions. You identify various types of addictions and obsessions. Addictions are designed to alter the addict’s mood and each addiction fills a need while also providing a reward like a shot of energy, relaxation, or carefreeness.

Lesson 12: "Understanding and Managing Emotions"

You'll describe emotions as “energy in motion”; meaning, your emotions are passing and temporary; you are bigger than your passing moods. Ignoring, numbing, or resisting difficult emotions never works; that just locks them up in your body and subconscious mind.

Lesson 13: "Stepping into the Unknown"

Asks you to think about a mysterious Force that has always protected you and led you to safety when you most needed help. Master Kambiz will also ask you to think about how you have grown through difficult times.

Lesson 14: "Authentic Power"

Will provide you with the benchmarks for measuring your own progress towards centeredness, self-love, clarity of purpose, charisma, and compassion.

Lesson 15: "Power of Prayer and Meditation"

Teaches the fundamentals of meditation, best practices, and typical obstacles to deep meditation. You are given a link to Kambiz Naficy’s basic Kriya Yoga breathing meditation to download for your daily practice.

Lesson 16: "Reverence and Gratefulness"

Reminds you that surrender is not a weakness; you learn to surrender everything that has never served you. You also learn to take responsibility for what you can change and surrender the rest to "Higher Forces".

Coming Full Circle: Tools for a lifetime of health, romance, and wealth

A guided, interactive, transformative experience to help you:

  • Reprogram self-limiting beliefs
  • Manage difficult emotions
  • Overcome fears
  • Leave addictions
  • Understand your subconscious
  • Break bad habits
  • Understand defense mechanisms
  • Increase self-worth
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Gain serenity


Kambiz Naficy


The Coming Full Circle course is held online. Joy of Life Organization is based in USA and they will live-stream the sessions via Zoom. Time zone: Los Angeles, PST (GMT-8).

You can participate in from the comfort of your home by just using your phone or computer.

What's included

  • 16 progressive video lessons containing 6 hours of content to guide you through your personal discovery of self-limiting beliefs
  • 16 guided Kriya yoga audio sessions to accompany each video lesson
  • 400+ clear, concise explainer slides
  • 120+ progressive, actionable exercises
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, studio-produced Kriya breathing meditation recordings
  • Supplemental daily affirmations audio recording
  • Daily prayer audio recording
  • Video of guided asanas for daily physical health
  • 8 weeks of live online (twice-weekly) one-on-one coaching and guidance with Master Kambiz
  • Enhanced access to Master Kambiz through email and voice messages

What's not included

  • Meals
  • Accommodation

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
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