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Women's Menopause Retreat in Portugal

This is for you if you are feeling any of the perimenopause or post-menopause symptoms and you are ready to take your wellbeing back into your hands. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life!

Meet the instructors

MaryAnn & ‍Kristina von Oertzen
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  • Practice 1 Hatha and 1 yoga Nidra class during your stay
  • Have 3 transformational breathwork journeys
  • Workshops on emotion, self-compassion, TCM, and more
  • One-on-one life coaching about menopausal phase
  • Enjoy a mindful power hike included
  • Relieve pain and tensions with craniosacral therapy
  • Daily farm to table vegetarian meals will be served
  • 5 nights in ensuite elegant rooms (shared or single occupancy)

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

6 days with instruction
Group size: 8-12 participants
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:


  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant

Quinta Marugo

Quinta Marugo offers 10 elegant and comfortable rooms with beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. The 360-degree position of the building allows for both a variety of scenic vistas and / or private courtyards.

All rooms have their own bathroom and outside entrance under protective porticos to enjoy sitting outside during the warm and balmy days and evenings of the Alentejo.


  • Restaurant and food philosophy
  • Veggie garden
  • Living spaces
  • Massage room
  • Pagoda
  • Biological pool
  • Sunset point and other landmarks


Menopause Mastery Retreat

If you're experiencing any of these feelings or symptoms, the retreat is crafted just for you:

  • Overwhelmed by mood swings and / or emotional upheaval
  • Struggling to adapt to physical changes such as sleep disturbances and all types of hormonal imbalance symptoms
  • You wish to regain control over your health and well-being but aren't sure where to start

How will you walk out of this retreat?

Quinta Marugo Retreats believes in empowering you to make choices that work for you and not dictating what is right or wrong, so in 6 days, they don’t promise to give you all the solutions, but what they do promise is that you will be able to explore your different options from a team of experts on nutrition, lifestyle and emotional and mental wellbeing. You will also learn and practice transformational tools that can enable you to make menopause a time of personal empowerment— emerging wiser, healthier, and stronger in mind and body than ever before.

They want to support you to make the “change”, not simply as a collection of physical symptoms to be “fixed,” but a mind-body revolution that brings the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence.

The choices you make now—from the quality of your relationships, the quality of your diet and lifestyle to the self-care routines you have in place —have the power to secure vibrant health and well-being for the rest of your life. During this retreat, they want to kick-start this revolution for you.

Join Quinta Marugo Retreats for a transformative experience that combines empowering nutritional and lifestyle education, mind / body practices, and holistic therapies to help you navigate the symptoms of menopause with strength and grace.

What you will receive during this retreat:

Menopause is a significant transition in a woman's life, marked by both physical and emotional changes. The holistic activities mentioned target these various aspects thoughtfully:

  • 1. Transformational Breathwork: This practice helps release old traumas and stress, which is crucial because menopause can sometimes amplify emotional disturbances due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • 2. Mindfulness and Compassion: These practices foster mental clarity and an attitude of self-kindness, which are essential during menopause, a period that can often feel tumultuous due to fluctuating hormones. Mindfulness helps stabilize mood swings and improves psychological coping mechanisms.
  • 3. Delicious and Healthy Meals: Nutrition plays a critical role during menopause. Meals prepared from fresh, local produce ensure high nutrient intake, which can help manage weight, improve energy levels, and stabilize mood—all common concerns during menopause.
  • 4. 1:1 Tailored Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans: Specific dietary and lifestyle strategies can alleviate menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia. Understanding whether Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is suitable is also pivotal, as it can significantly affect menopausal symptom management.
  • 5. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): TCM offers unique perspectives and treatments that can help manage symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, providing a complementary approach to conventional therapies.
  • 6. One-on-One Life Coaching: Menopause is a new chapter and having a coach can help navigate this phase with greater confidence and clarity, aligning personal goals with the new realities of one's health and social roles.
  • 7. Craniosacral Therapy: This gentle therapy addresses physical discomforts by relieving pain and tension in the body. It can be particularly helpful for managing menopausal symptoms that affect physical health, like musculoskeletal pains.
  • 8. Yoga, QiGong, and Mindful Hikes: These physical activities are excellent for maintaining flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. They also enhance mood and help reduce stress, which is vital for managing hormonal changes during menopause.
  • 9. Workshops on Emotional Management, Self-Compassion, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Lifestyle: Knowledge is power. Equipping oneself with information about managing stress, nurturing self-compassion, and understanding nutritional needs empowers us to handle menopause symptoms more effectively.
  • 10. Community Support: Sharing the journey with like-minded individuals can provide emotional support, diminish feelings of isolation, and foster a shared learning environment, which is invaluable during the transition through menopause.


Breathwork Journeys are powerful somatic healing experiences. The contraindications are pregnancy, detached retina, glaucoma, high blood pressure (not controlled with medication), cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke, diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, osteoporosis, recent surgery (3 months before the date of the retreat).

If you have any of the above, let us know, and they can make adaptations to the breathing for your safety.

Should they not be able to make any adaptations for your condition, you might not be able to attend the breathwork journey section of the retreat, but they will make sure you have a powerful experience as well.

Sample daily schedule

Day 1: 20th November

  • 15:00 Arrivals
  • 17:00 Welcoming and Intention setting
  • 18:45 Dinner
  • 20:30 Yoga Nidra

Day 2: 21st November

  • 07:30 Qigong
  • 08:45 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Workshop
  • 11:15 Workshop
  • 12:30 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 13:30 Light lunch available
  • 14:30 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 16:30 Transformational breathwork journey (letting go)
  • 18:45 Dinner
  • 20:30 Stress and anxiety breathwork journey

Day 3: 22nd November

  • 07:30 Yoga
  • 08:45 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Workshop
  • 11:15 Workshop
  • 13:00 Light lunch
  • 15:00 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 18:00 Q and A on all topics (optional)
  • 18:45 Dinner
  • 20:00 Fireside chat

Day 4: 3rd November

  • 07:30 Transformational breathwork (reset)
  • 09:30 Breakfast or hike
  • 10:30 Workshop
  • 11:45 Workshop
  • 13:00 Light lunch or hike
  • 16:00 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 18:45 Dinner
  • Free time

Day 5: 24th November

  • 07:30 Mindful power hike
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Workshop
  • 11:15 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 13:00 Light lunch
  • 14:30 East meets West workshop
  • 17:00 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 18:00 Q and A on all topics (optional)
  • 18:45 Dinner
  • 20:00 Fire pit ceremony

Day 6: 25th November

  • 07:30 Qigong
  • 08:45 Breakfast
  • 09:45 One-on-one sessions or free time
  • 10:30 What is next? and closing ceremony
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Departures

Included excursions

During this retreat, you will get to enjoy mindful hikes included in the price.



‍Kristina von Oertzen


This retreat will be held in Serpa, Portugal.


Food served is vegetarian and 90% seasonal and local within the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the food is sourced from the vegetable gardens, bee hives, tea trees / bushes / flowers and olive trees, which are organic and follow permaculture principles of giving back to nature. Quinta Marugo Retreats have agreements with organic farmers in the area to source from them when needed.

They make their own home-made breads and baked goods and they aim for no refined sugar baked goods.

They cater towards allergies such as gluten, nuts, etc. Just let them know in advance.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • 5 nights in ensuite elegant rooms (shared or single occupancy)
  • 3 daily farm-to-table vegetarian meals
  • 3 transformational breathwork journeys
  • 1 Hatha yoga class
  • 1 Yoga Nidra class
  • All workshops
  • 1 craniosacral therapy
  • 1:1 life coaching
  • 1:1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • 2 sessions of Qigong
  • 1 mindful power hike

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers (can organise with an extra cost).

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by plane

Book your flight to Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) or Faro Airport (FAO).

Transfer can be arranged separately from Lisbon or Faro airport. The cost is 300 EUR for a van of 8 people or 240 EUR for up to 4 people from Lisbon or Faro (this could change based on transport costs - please reach out for Quinta Marugo Retreats to organize your transfer and find out the final cost).

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 7 days before arrival.
6 days / 5 nights
from --
Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 8 participants


Arrival: Wednesday November 20, 2024
Departure: Monday November 25, 2024

Early bird discount

The prices below include an early bird discount for the first 4 to sign up. For more information, send your inquiries.

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