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7 Week Tantric Masculinity Online Master Class for Men
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

Online Tantric Masculinity Course for Men

Curious how tantra can improve your love and sex life? Now is the time to expand and elevate your sexual horizons, become the best lover she has had, and be confident in your authentic expression as a man!

Meet the instructors

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  • 7 x live Zoom sessions (1 hour each session)
  • Live online sessions are held via Zoom
  • Online sessions' timezone: PST (GMT-7) during summer and GMT-8 after November 7, 2021
  • Become more desirable and magnetic to a potential lover/partner
  • Enjoy mind-blowing sex, full-body orgasms and multi-orgasmic bliss
  • Be in control of your penis, learn ejaculation control and last as long as you want in the bedroom
  • Step into your authentic expression as a man and embrace your raw masculine power

43 days with instruction
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How the course works

In this master class, you will get access to an online course portal, email support for 7 weeks from the start of your course, and the ability to join in any of the 7-week live Zoom sessions that happen twice a year. This gives you the ability to do the course in your own time while getting extra support and connection to a sisterhood community when the live Zoom calls happen.

Online course portal

Get access to an online course portal on Tantric Femininity where you can learn theory, get resources and discover powerful practices and techniques to support your inner and outer transformation.

Email support

When you sign up for the course you get 7 weeks of email support from me. During this time you are welcome to write to Naomi about any of the module topics and ask questions related to the course.

Live calls

Each year, Naomi offers two 7 week series of live zoom calls where she talks about the different modules and answers your burning questions. The calls will be recorded for those that attend and can be re-accessed at a later date.

Timing of sessions / daily schedule (GMT-7)

Dates and time

The next round of 7 x live Zoom sessions begins Tuesday, October 12th. These seven 1 hour Zoom sessions will run every Tuesday for 7 weeks.

Dates for the Zoom sessions

  • 12th October
  • 19th October
  • 26th October
  • 2nd November
  • 9th November
  • 16th November
  • 23rd November


7 – 8 p.m. (PST) Vancouver, Canada time.

This translates to:

  • 8 – 9 p.m. (MST) Calgary, Canada time.
  • 10 – 11 p.m. (EST) Toronto, Canada time.

Course information

Who is this for?

This program is perfect for individuals who are:

  • Feeling a calling or desire to learn about Tantra
  • Wanting to be the masculine role model you desired you had
  • Desiring to take your love and sex life to the next level
  • Committed to applying the life-changing tools from this program
  • Wanting accountability for your transformation
  • Desiring to expand your range of sexual expression
  • Ready to embody your authentic masculine essence

Who is this not for?

This program is not for individuals who are:

  • Looking to be healed from serious trauma
  • Not willing to be self-responsible
  • Can’t commit or be accountable to do the work
  • Wanting sexually explicit interactions with me
  • Looking for more tools, without transformation
  • Not willing to be coached

Tantric Masculinity program

  • Want to achieve sexual mastery, have full body orgasms and last as long as you want in the bedroom?
  • Do you desire to understand the feminine, connect to your heart and become the best lover she has ever had?
  • Want to step into your authentic expression as a man, embodying your masculine power without shame, guilt or playing small?
  • Desire to explore Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and learn how to channel life-force energy into purpose, healing, and evolution?

Whether you like sex but your body is not responding in the way you want it to, your penis just won’t cooperate, you ejaculate quickly, or you can’t get hard which leaves you feeling anxious, tense and believing you are not man enough.

Or you want to be the best lover she has ever had, but have no idea what women really like, so you just do what you learnt from porn, and perform in the bedroom…yet this does not give you the depth of connection, love or fulfilling sex you really desire.

Or you are playing small not knowing what it means to be a man or how to approach women… so you play the nice guy in order to please the feminine which just builds up resentment because you are not being authentic or expressing the primal impulses you really feel.

Or you are successful in your career and other areas of your life yet you feel empty inside, lacking inspiration or aliveness and desire to feel more joy, passion, inspiration, and connection.

Or you are curious about Tantra and Sacred sexuality, what it is, and how this mysterious path can improve your love and sex life.

Join the Tantric Masculinity Masterclass and take a step on the path to sexual mastery, inner confidence and authentic masculinity!


Imagine feeling confident and embodied in your authentic masculinity, enjoying deep fulfilling connection to others, while being sexually empowered, integrated in body, mind and spirit as you live your ideal life and are seen as a role model for other men to find their way.

Now is the time to

  • Explore the Evolutionary path of Tantra and conscious Intimacy
  • Understand the feminine and become best lover she has ever had
  • Become sexually empowered: release limiting mindsets, shame, and guilt
  • Be in control of your penis, learn ejaculation control and last as long as you want in the bedroom
  • Enjoy mind-blowing sex, full body orgasms and multi-orgasmic bliss
  • Create a loving relationship with your Lingham (penis)
  • Step into your authentic expression as a man and embrace your raw masculine power
  • Be embodied in your presence, have integrity and be confident in your direction
  • Become more desirable and magnetic to a potential lover/partner
  • Create fulfilling connection with yourself, partners, the sacred and life
  • Discover how to channel sexual life-force energy into purpose, healing and evolution
  • Connect to your heart, embrace the power of vulnerability and self-love practices
  • Integrate your feminine and masculine sides and have a healthy relationship to both
  • Align heart, sex and spirit to make conscious choices and have more fulfillment in all areas of life

What you will explore

During this masterclass we will explore the following curriculum over 7 weeks. This program is unique because it weaves sexual energy practices with self-development. Each week will focus on a different topic and you will get practices for this, along with different sexual energy practices throughout the program.

Module 1 -Tantric fundamentals

In this module we will set the stage for the next 7 weeks, exploring what is Tantra and its foundational pillars.

Module 2 - Authentic masculinity

In this module, discover how to connect to your authenticity, and act from that place of truth while learning what are unhealthy and healthy expressions of the masculine.

Module 3 - Embracing shadow

In this module you will explore and liberate unhealthy patterns and conditioning that get in the way of true freedom, so you can have what you really want.

Module 4 - Conscious sexuality

In this module, you will explore how to work with sexual energy in a conscious, healthy way. So you can cultivate and channel this energy into purpose, healing, and evolution.

Module 5 - Embodied power

In this module, learn to inhabit your body while tapping into your inner source of power. You will connect to your primal impulses, emotions, senses, breath and sound.

Module 6 - Aligned purpose

In this module discover how to tap into your higher wisdom, aligning heart, sex, body and mind so you make conscious choices that create deep fulfillment in life. You will also explore how to link heart with purpose so you can be of higher service to humanity.

Module 7 - Understanding women

In this module understand what the feminine really wants, while learning techniques to drive her wild in the bedroom. We will also look at how to embrace your inner femininity and what are unhealthy/healthy expressions of the feminine.

Why work with Naomi?

  • She is a certified Vita Sex, Love, and Relationship coach – (one of the best intimacy coaching programs out there)
  • She's been on a Tantra path for 15 + years, and have a very holistic, deep training in many aspects of it from the sexual to the spiritual
  • She's an experienced facilitator of Tantra, yoga, and conscious relating events and have taught over 1000+hrs
  • She co-founded the Heart of Tantra festival, which has been running successfully for over 5 years
  • She's experienced first-hand the powerful transformations from a Tantric and Conscious relating path and can support you from living it
  • She keeps my finger on the pulse with continuous education in the most progressive fields of Tantra, love, sex, and relationships
  • She has a well developed embodied femininity, for your direct transmission

How she works

  • She holds a neutral, safe, nonjudgemental space, where you can feel fully seen and heard
  • She supports you to grow, by inviting you to explore your edges
  • She's here as your ally and a supportive female presence
  • She fully accepts and receives the truth of where you are at
  • She gives you insight into yourself and invites you to explore what is underneath surface reactions
  • She helps you to thrive by supporting you to cultivate self-responsibility, self-love, acceptance, and connection to your authentic essence
  • She embraces a diversity of gender and sexual orientations
  • She guides you from a foundation of knowledge because I am committed to continuous education, healthy sexuality, thriving relationships, and healing past wounds


Naomi Prema Devi


This Tantric masculinity course is held online. Naomi Prema Devi is based in Vancouver, Canada (GMT-7) during summer and GMT-8 after November 7, 2021 and they will live-stream the classes via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home by just using your phone or computer.

What's included

  • Access to an online course portal
  • 7 x live Zoom sessions
  • 7 modules of theory, techniques, and practices
  • Downloadable recordings
  • Email support (for the duration of the course)
  • Sisterhood community
  • Including 5% tax

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
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