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Benefits You'll Reap from Going on a Detox Retreat

by Cris Puscas

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All humans and animals alike detox regularly. It is the natural daily cycle in which our body eliminates the toxins from the food we consume, and the unhealthy atmosphere we’re immersed in.

The liver, kidneys, lungs, bowel, and skin; all work together to provide us with an excellent system to get rid of the things the body doesn’t need.

So, if we are so capable of cleansing by ourselves, why are detox practices so popular nowadays? Well, even our perfectly designed bodies could use a hand from time to time, and by using these practices we’re facilitating its job.

The purpose of detox is to support the organs so that the toxins can be metabolized and excreted.

However, doing a detox on your own can sound quite intimidating. That’s why the easiest way to get started with the practice is to join a detox retreat.

And that’s why, in this article, we share useful information about what detox retreats are, why you should go on one, and what to expect while you attend, as well as the benefits of such retreats.


But first, how to tell if you need of a detox

personal feeling tired at the desk

The mainstream concept of detox has been related to the consumption of alcohol and junk food. However, everyone needs to detoxify.

Because even if you don’t consume these products, chances are that your diet includes food with preservatives and artificial ingredients; or maybe you use perfume with toxins; or probably you just live in a big, polluted city.

The truth is, unless you’ve decided to retreat in the mountains and grow your organic vegetables, most of us are constantly exposed to toxins.

Still, there could be signs our body gives that tell us that it’s time to take extra care. The consensus among experts is that common signs of the more serious need for detoxification are constant fatigue or low energy, brain fog. mood imbalances, anxiety, constipation, low libido, poor quality sleep, muscles and joint aches, chronic diseases, and amalgam fillings in the teeth

Therefore, if you relate to any of these, you should probably start thinking about assisting your system by taking some workload off the detoxifying organs.


What is a detox retreat?


Detox retreat is quite a broad term, covering anything from a medical-supervised cleanse to a juice fast in an exotic location. To put it simply, a detox retreat is a getaway in which your diet and physical health are aided by professionals.

There are countless detox programs available, which might make it hard to choose the one that suits you best. For example, if you are already eating quite a lot of veggies, a raw food detox could be ideal to lose some weight. And you might enjoy a juice detox, as well. On the other hand, you might prefer a more holistic approach. Or you prefer to include some yoga.


Benefits of going on a detox retreat


Once you decide to try a detox on your own, you might still encounter two little issues: the first one, not being surrounded by the right ambiance to start a healthy lifestyle; and the second one, not counting on the guidance of a specialist. The good news is that both can be solved with a detox retreat.

A detox retreat could be a life-changing experience, and not because of the false idea that you can eliminate all toxins accumulated throughout the years in just a few days of holiday, but because it could be a great way to kickstart a healthier life.

Some of the benefits of going on a detox include:


More energy

person running

Detoxes are known for the abundant energy they give to people. Since the body is used to functioning while still fighting off toxins like bacteria, sickness, and disease, it often does not have much energy left over to give to us for our own use.

However, a detox flushes the body of these toxins, giving the body more energy to do more activities. Go ahead, try a detox, you might just find some newfound energy to try out that new Pilates class or start training for a marathon!


Improve the physical appearance

Detoxes improve our health by getting rid of the toxins that hold impurities in the body. These impurities are pushed to the surface of the skin, appearing as pimples, clogged pores, and blackheads. Although there are many face washes, creams, and skin treatments that claim to clear acne, one of the most beneficial ways to achieve clear skin is through detoxing.

Most of the products that claim to treat skin only focus on the consequences, not the root of the problem. They cleanse the bacteria that is held on the surface and right under the surface of the skin, temporarily solving the acne dilemma. However, these treatments do not work to end impurities to the skin for more than a short moment. Unlike these temporary treatments, detoxes flush the impurities out of the body entirely, and, if used regularly, will continue to keep the impurities out permanently.

Detoxes get rid of toxins before they can reach the skin, which is why they are so effective in cleansing skin and curing acne.

So, next time you are freaking out over a newly surfaced pimple, remember that detoxing can do wonders for your complexion!


Boost the immune system

healthy smoothie bowl

The vitamins and minerals ingested during a detox help you cleanse the body of any unwanted toxins. By fighting away the bad toxins, the immune system has built up resistance to the toxins that are harmful to our body’s health and is, therefore, able to withstand sickness and infection at a higher rate.

The Lymphatic system, a network of organs and tissues that flush out unwanted toxins in the body, is one of the areas that are most positively impacted by detox. Through detox, the Lymphatic system is cleansed and is then able to carry out its tasks of fighting sickness to a higher degree.


Lose extra weight

This may be the number one reason why so many people have flocked to detoxes from day one! Easy ways to lose weight are so highly sought after and detoxes are a prime example. Although results may be hard to see at first and are different for every individual, weight loss is a much important factor why detoxes are such a beneficial way to live a healthy, balanced life.

The body begins the process of losing weight during a detox thanks to the toxins flushed out of the body. However, most of the toxins lost are directly linked to weight loss, primarily located in fat cells. Once these fat cells are free of toxins, they can begin to function at a higher pace, gradually increasing the metabolism.

Keep in mind that while weight loss is a positive plus for detox, you’ve got to be careful and use it in a healthy way. Realizing that each body works in a different way and may experience differing results from one another, is a key factor in understanding how detoxes work.


What can you expect on a detox retreat?

meditate in nature

During a retreat, you’re provided with all the tools you need to detox. You’re given a diet and a routine to follow, so you don’t have to worry about anything but eating and drinking what you’re being offered.

In addition, the relaxing setting of a detox retreat helps to reduce stress, which helps to provide more micronutrients to the body. And probably the most significant advantage of detoxing on a retreat is the professional support available.

Many programs are tailored to your specific needs. After an evaluation by the resident expert, you’ll be given the best diet to follow. In addition, other practices might be included, such as meditation or yoga.

Fasting is one of the tools used during a lot of retreats, whether it’s juice fasting, water fasting, or intermittent fasting. To further aid the body, coming out of the fasting period, is done slowly, by incorporating vegan foods.

A day on a detox retreat could look like this:

  • Morning yoga or Pilates
  • Vegan or detox breakfast
  • More yoga or free time to explore the area
  • Guided meditation or walking meditation
  • Vegan or detox lunch
  • Free time, spa time, or activity
  • Vegan or detox dinner
  • Workshops.


What about after you come back from a detox retreat?


Let’s be clear, a detox program of any kind is not a magic pill. The key to detox is your commitment to apply what you’ve learned afterward. Once you’ve completed it, you must be disciplined and keep the habits that you’ve cultivated during the detox program to make way for a new and healthier lifestyle. Going back to your old ways would render the time & effort you spent on detoxifying useless.

According to various studies, nearly 65 percent of people who go on a diet, return to their old habits and weight within three years.

For that reason, perhaps the most important key after a detox is to enjoy the process and be grateful for the clean slate you hold in your hands. That way, you think of it as a fun new lifestyle and not as a burden you must bear.


Ready to improve your overall wellbeing? Become a better you on a health & wellness retreat.

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