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How Going on a Healing Retreat Can Transform Your Life

by Alberto G. Güitrón

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To live life at its fullest, it’s essential that you take care of yourself and maintain a good health, both internally and externally.

Having a healthy mind and body will provide you with the inner strength needed to cope with daily challenges. Moreover, it’ll give you clarity, increased energy and a positive attitude to achieve any goal you want.

Jump-starting a healthy change in your life can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Healing holidays offer a holistic approach to help you relax and recharge through various physical & energy therapies guided by professionals. 

After a healing holiday, you’ll feel utterly relaxed, well-balanced and full of energy. Read on and learn more about them!


What happens on a healing retreat?

healing retreat

Image credit: Life of Oneness

On a healing retreat, you’ll engage in activities that are specially tailored to your needs. For that, you’re likely to have a consultation at the beginning of the retreat to evaluate your healing needs and develop a treatment plan.

Those activities may include physical therapies, crystal healing, soul healing, aqua healing, energy healing, and more. Sometimes, you’ll also have complimentary practices to help you release physical or energy blocks or ailments. The most popular activities to do so are yoga and meditation.

For the location, you can expect beautiful, serene and natural sceneries perfect for relaxing and recharging. Most programs also include daily healthy meals. Some of the most popular dietary choices are vegan, vegetarian, organic and Ayurveda.

Sometimes, you can find programs that also include thrilling excursions, unique ceremonies, sacred rituals, special cleanses, counseling sessions, holistic workshops and outdoor activities, to mention a few.

All programs include accommodation and the rare opportunity to connect with like-minded people and create relationships that could last a lifetime.

Who would benefit from a healing retreat?

healing retreats

Essentially, any person can benefit from a healing holiday. However, if you’re currently looking for an alternative method to treat physical or emotional ailments, a healing holiday could be even more helpful for you.

Also, if you’re interested in learning and trying out energy-based therapies, or just want to achieve a good balance of the mind, body, and soul, a healing holiday can be very beneficial.

Finally, anyone who is looking for ways to improve all levels of their being by removing the emotional or energy blockages that they may have, is welcome to join a healing holiday.


What are the types of healing retreats?

Healing retreats come in many forms. All offer transformative experiences that foster change within. And while it may be difficult or limitative to describe them, in general, you can join retreats that aim at healing the body, the energy, and the emotions.

Some holidays include a combination of healing of the body, spirit, and energy, offering a holistic healing experience.

Body and energy healing retreats

Designed to restore and achieve balance, healing retreats offer plenty of approaches to rejuvenate both body and mind.

During a healing retreat, you’ll benefit from practices and therapies that not only help heal physical ailments but also boost your energy levels. You’ll gain self-confidence, discover more clarity, and more.

These practices and therapies encompass energy healing and body healing techniques.

Energy healing practices, as the name suggests, work the energy to make you feel better. They include Kundalini Yoga, acupuncture, chakra work, sound and crystal healing, soul healing, aura cleansing, and plenty of other techniques.  Body healing techniques, that help soothe body ailments, include hydrotherapy, reflexology, yoga massage, and yoga therapy among others.

Healing retreats may also include meditation sessions that emphasize healing, such as Kundalini meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, chakra meditation, or similar.

Emotional healing retreats


emotional healing

Image credit: Dhara Wellness Garden


Emotional healing retreats, as the name suggests, aim at working on emotions or emotional issues. When something happens that permanently changes your life in ways you could have never predicted, it may cause trauma. During such a retreat, you’ll be provided with the tools you need to help you come to terms with and mend that emotional damage.

An emotional healing retreat is a safe space to learn to acknowledge and navigate strong emotions that are generally perceived as negative, such as anger and sadness.

You’ll learn to process, release, and recognize emotions or past events. Practices focus on inner child healing, processing childhood traumas or PTSD, dealing with break up or divorce, as well as understanding specific emotions.

With professional support and guidance, you’ll be able to let go of destructive emotions, especially those caused by recent traumatic events such as loss, grief, and break-ups.

Due to the sensitive nature of these retreats, you’ll likely participate in private workshops or activities. Some forms of therapies can, however, be conducted in groups. Moreover, you can partake in community-building activities designed to create a sense of ease, support, and safety.

Reiki healing

A form of alternative healing, Reiki uses energy to reduce stress and anxiety and encourages relaxation.

You may join a Reiki healing retreat to get the benefits of the practice, or you can learn to practice yourself. There are 3 levels to becoming a Reiki practitioner. And once you practice, you can dive deeper and learn how to teach. You’ll then become a Reiki master (or level 4 practitioner).


Online healing sessions

online healing

Credit foto: LoveSky Yoga

Now that you’re aware of the many benefits a healing holiday has to offer, you know that there are many reasons to join one. However, if you prefer to experience all the benefits of healing without stepping out of the comfort and safety of your home, an online healing session may be a good alternative.

One advantage is that you don’t need to disconnect from your daily routine as you’ll only need to set aside ample time for the session. Moreover, you have the advantage that you can access them from any device, either a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

Plus, if you consider the fact that you won’t need to spend a single minute traveling to another place, making flight reservations, and having to be present full-time somewhere else, an online healing session is definitely a great choice for those who have a tight schedule.

Not to mention that an online healing session is the most budget-friendly option you can find, as you won’t need to pay for transportation, meals, or accommodation.

So, whether you've been wanting to heal physically, mentally, or spiritually, there's a vast selection of online healing sessions for you to choose from. From empowering life coaching or therapy sessions to energy healing such as Reiki and Chakra healing, as well as hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you’ll surely find something that suits your needs.

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Recommended Healing Retreats:


Wrapping it all up

emotional healing

Image credit: Soul Play Retreats

In a few words, healing holidays are designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety, promote longevity, improve your mood, boost your immune system, help you feel more energetic, and may help you improve your relationship with yourself and others.

On a healing program, you can find professional guidance and support to start the healing process. You’ll also learn several techniques to help you maintain healthy habits far after you’ve returned home.

Looking for an effective way to get in your best physical shape while taking a break? Go on a fitness retreat!

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