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Top 10 Destinations for Meditation Enthusiasts

by Cris Puscas

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What is your definition of a truly relaxing holiday?

For some, it means soaking up the sun or going on a relaxing hike in nature while forgetting about the daily stress; for others, it’s embarking on adventures to discover new destinations; and for some people it’s staying home in their bubble, not caring about the hustle and bustle around them.

If you enjoy exploring the world, regardless of your travel style, there are some places where you can relax and loosen up on a soothing meditation retreat to get the calm you need back in your life.

From the more well-known to the off-the-beaten-path gems, here, we share 10 destinations that are excellent choices for meditation lovers.


Note: Before booking a meditation retreat or any type of transportation, please check the entry rules and recommendations for the destination you plan to visit. Changes in travel requirements and restrictions can occur at any time.

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persons meditating in spain

Photo credit: Suryamandala Yoga @ Tierra Luz

This sun-kissed European destination offers everything from vibrant cities to relaxing beaches and challenging mountains. Between its fantastic climate, mouth-watering food, and plenty of available activities, going on a meditation retreat in Spain is exactly what you need to clear your mind.

On the southern bank of mainland Spain, Marbella may have its wild side, but at the same time, it's fantastic to have some downtime. Boasting beautiful harbors, sandy beaches, and verdant greenery, it’s an enchanting place to relax and get back to nature. Oh, and don’t forget to try out the tapas bars and enjoy the Mediterranean fare.

As the most well-known island in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is an excellent option for a meditation retreat. Thanks to its many beaches, the island's lovely climate, and the laidback lifestyle, you can’t but feel the urge to slow down and relax.

Feeling adventurous? A trek up Mount Teide – Tenerife's dynamic volcano and the highest point in Spain – offers the chance to get away from everything and have a memorable experience.




persons meditating in portugal

Photo credit: A Lotus Seed

Being Europe’s warmest country, Portugal might be better known for its excellent surf spots. But its beaches offer equally relaxing opportunities for your escape. Explore medieval castles, colorful towns, and incredible national parks featuring varied landscapes.

How about a meditation retreat in the Algarve? If your idea of relaxation is being hugged by the sun, ocean, and sand, then this is the place you want to be. Laid-back evenings can be spent basking in the sun on one of Algarve's shoreline inlets or treating yourself to fresh sardines by the beach stands. Also, if you want to make sure that your trip is safe for the environment, you'll be happy to know that there are a lot of eco-friendly attractions waiting for you!


United Kingdom

women meditating in the uk

Photo credit: Anna Wille: Love Live Lead

While few visitors choose the United Kingdom for its notoriously bad weather, there are plenty of other reasons to head over here for a relaxing holiday.

Soak up the cultural vibe of London, shop in Birmingham, or attend the largest arts festival in Edinburgh. If you fancy time outdoors, there are even beaches to check out – but you might not need to worry about getting sunburnt.

And if you prefer the hills, the Peak District is exactly where you should go for a meditation retreat. Feast your soul and leave all your troubles behind. Enjoy daily meditation sessions and, in your free time, be amazed by the superb nature in this area.



person meditating in ireland

Photo credit: The Willow Retreat

Located in north-western Europe, Ireland, the Emerald Isle is the perfect destination for those who love nature and want to relax in peaceful surroundings.

Whether you want to check out the pub culture in Dublin, shop in Cork, or visit the medieval city of Kilkenny, you’ll be delighted by what this country has to offer.

And if you join a meditation retreat, it’s going to exceed all your expectations. You’ll fall in love with the friendly people, laid-back culture, and romantic landscapes.


California, USA

woman meditating in california

Photo credit: Joni Sturgill with Healthy Body Peaceful Soul

Abounding in sunshine, California is an excellent destination for anyone who wants to take care of their body and mind. Whether you prefer to explore vibrant San Francisco and Los Angeles or want to check out some secluded locations, here you are spoilt for choice.

Stretching for 90 miles on California’s coast with the deep blue Pacific Ocean on one side and the Saint Lucia mountains looming above the other, Big Sur is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations for a meditation retreat in California.

Walk along the paths to clear your head or rest in any of the parks that sit above the water of the Pacific Ocean.

Hike up to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park or take a walk within Limekiln State Park. In addition, you should also check out the coasts at Sand Dollar Beach or Pfeiffer Beach.



women meditating in canada

Photo credit: Sarah Harvie

The second-largest country in the world, Canada is famous for its vast, untouched landscapes, multifaceted history, and mix of cultures.

For those who have never felt and seen snow, Canada might just be the perfect place to experiment winter. It might be harsh compared to other places, but it is, nonetheless, beautiful and Canadians truly embrace it with joy.

From Quebec and Toronto to Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia, there are plenty of places to choose for a meditation retreat. Take time to discover yourself, while you explore the stunning surroundings.



group meditating in thailand

Photo credit: Sunset Hill Resort

An exotic country in South Asia, Thailand offers a myriad of excellent places to go on a meditation retreat. Lovely beaches, peaceful Buddhist sanctuaries, scrumptious foods, splendid shopping, and world-class spas, recommend the country as a great destination for a relaxing vacation.

From Bangkok to the islands of Phuket, Ko Samui, and Koh Phangan, it's hard not to feel at peace in Thailand.

And if you are interested in studying Qigong, Tai Chi, or Kung Fu, you’ve certainly come to the right place to add a new layer to your meditation practice.



woman meditating in bali

Photo credit: Bloomfield Bali

Without a doubt, when you think about Indonesia, Bali is the destination that always comes to mind.

The moment you get here, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in a dream world. A breathtaking paradise, boasting sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and amazing food, Bali is a great choice for a meditation retreat.

Spend hours sunbathing in the excellent Nusa Dua or move inland to Ubud, the innovative capital of this Indonesian archipelago where you'll be able to explore the neighborhood markets and haggle with local people offering handmade expressions and artworks.


South Africa

a group meditation in south africa

Photo credit: Life Retreat

South Africa is known for its incredible national parks teeming with wildlife. But can it also be a place to go if you have a meditation retreat on your mind?

With the water on one side, the mountains on another, and a lush forest in between, Cape Town – the legislative capital of South Africa - offers the ideal combination of city and nature for a meditation retreat.

Make sure to learn about its tumultuous history on Robben Island, explore the historical neighborhood of Bo-Kaap, or check out the botanical gardens. If you seek some adventure, climb Table Mountain, or go surfing. And of course, there are several great natural reserves to go on safaris, just two hours’ drive from the city.



person meditating in tanzania

Photo credit: Mindful Adventure

We bet you didn’t think wildlife reserve and meditation could fit in the same sentence. After all, Tanzania is the birthplace of the safari.

Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. The Grumeti Game Reserve in Tanzania combines the best of the two worlds. Nothing says peace quite like waking up fully immersed in nature each day. Sit back and catch a glance of the lions, gazelles, hyenas, and other animals in their natural habitats.

What is it they say about truly being able to find yourself while immersed in nature? If you’re looking to see the earth’s real beauty up close and personal, Tanzania is the perfect destination for you.


Featured photo credit: Hridaya Yoga France

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