AlakhYog School organizes yoga detox retreats and certified YTTC courses along with Naturopathy treatments based on 5 elements & emotional unblocking Techniques

Reviews (98)

Perrine Maquinghen

from France, April 2020

"Wonderful life experience surrounding by beautiful people"

Everyday is a challenge for yourself, you will be surrended by great teacher that will teach you traditional yoga by taking into account all the philosophy behind it. It's not only about yoga but a way of living, you learn how to face life. The food is amazing, the place is very nice, far from all the excitement of the city, calm and with a view on the mountains. I highly recommend this place.

Jasmine Soumana

from Germany, March 2020

"Life changing experience "

From the very first moment of entering AlakhYog Yoga school, I felt welcomed and at home. This place is truely magic. Not too close to the city, in a quite area, which makes it easy to cut out the external world and focus completely on the journey.

The teachers are experienced and competent. They met us on a personal level, being more like friends and always had an open ear for us.

The food was great, tasty, but healthy at the same time. Supporting the internal and external detox we went through during the program.

My room was clean and meeting every standard to feel comfortable and at homes.

In only 4 weeks I’ve learned so much and I am deeply thankful for having choosen this place. I’d do it again, at any time.

This school is highly recommended for anyone who is interested to take a serious look into Yoga, no matter if beginner or advanced practitioner.

Nigel Blyth

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"All good - perhaps more teaching techniques needed "

The quality of teaching - the variety of the course

Belle-rosa Khoung

from Belgium, February 2020

"2nd time"

Everything: the people, the place, the food, the classes, the massages

Marija Gradnik

from Australia, January 2020

"AlakhYog ashram is managed with so much love ❤️ "

So grateful to have chosen AlakhYog family for my 200h ytt. The teachers have so much knowledge to share and they do it with so much love and passion.

The kitchen staff and cleaning staff are so nice and caring, everyone has a beautiful soul.

The building is new, the rooms are clean and the location it’s 20’ away from the city, which is nice as during the week you can just focus on the classes.

Thank you for everything 🙏

Stephen Jack

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"An amazing experience!"

From the start to the finish it pushed you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to pull back the layers and discover the truest version of yourself. The teachers were fantastic, full of enthusiasm and personality. I learnt a lot about yoga on this course and also alot about myself. Every morning I woke and looked forward to the day ahead, which is usually hard to do on a month long course.

You won't be disappointed :)

Hana Bartakova

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Following my heart I did the best choice"

When I was looking for my 200 hours yoga course in Rishikesh, I found hundreds of school. I spent hours searching on the internet and reading the references. I followed my heart with the final decision. And I can say, it was a really good choice.

The teachers are truly knowledgable. They share their knowledge in a very friendly way, answer the question and help to find the way. Asanas teachers are great, always correct us and push our limits. After one month doing ashtanga and hatha every day under the guidance of those marvellous teachers, I become more flexible, self-confident and can do asanas which I had never dreamed about:)

As English is not my mother tongue, the anatomy classes were quite challenging for me but Many's interpretations were very clear. There are many other classes I truly enjoyed, philosophy, meditation, naturopathy and my favourite emotional blockage classes. But will not write about all of them. Don't hesitate and experience everything yourself.

Thanks to all of the teacher, kitchen staff, security boy and others for a super nice time I spent with you.

If I will decide for 300 hours course, I will definitely do it here:) I can honestly recommend this school.


from United Kingdom, December 2019

"A very special experience. "

I met such wonderful people on the TTC. The instructors, staff and other students made the experience so special very glad I chose to do my 200 hour TTC there.

Giorgia Paniga

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Best time of my life"

It was not just a yoga ttc

It’s been a life changing experience. I discovered myself and started to love me again. I feel so much full of love and light. I thank every single teacher for their knowledge and love.

Elisa Freidank

from Germany, November 2019

"Thank you for everything:)"

Such a nice and greatful experience, everybody was so kind and there was so such love everywhere.

The food was the best! ❤❤❤ I will miss it.

Noelani Alanis

from United States, November 2019

"A life changing experience! "

From the food to the intensive course everything was so wholesome and amazing. I highly recommend this YTTC and yoga retreat.

Belle-rosa Khoung

from Belgium, November 2019

"Life changing and unforgettable experience"

I booked the detox retreat thinking that it would only help me wind down and recharge my batteries. Little did I know that it would become one of the most unforgettable experiences I had ever been granted to live. The food was excellent and, more importantly, so healthy that I lost two sizes in merely 10 days! All areas were permanently kept spotless and tidy. The building, which is very airy and keeps the daytime heat out, lent itself to regular encounters and thus facilitating close ties with the other residents. It is located in a rather tranquil neighbourhood, about a 30 min. drive from the noisy centre of Rishikesh.

I was provided with a schedule, but I ended up picking and choosing the classes I wanted to attend, which did not seem to bother anybody. Up to four times, I had been struck by an all-encompassing, otherworldly sense of interconnectedness. I can't thank enough the people who run the centre, whether it be behind the scenes or on the foreground. Every single one of them was genuinely caring, generous, accommodating, understanding, (fun-)loving, and profoundly humane. They all know how to put a smile on your face, if not make you pee in your pants with their brilliant sense of humour and relativisation. I grew deeply fond of them and I bawled my eyes out on the last day of my retreat, dreading the moment I would have to leave this new home of mine behind me. So I decided to return to Alakh Yog in February and I just booked my flight yesterday :)

Marion Allain

from France, October 2019

"Incredible experience"

Such an amazing, powerful and intense month in Alakh Yog! Lot of knowledge, sharing, caring, hardwork! I’m so grateful about everything.

The food was amazing, staff so nice, good and funny teachers, nice accommodation!!

On my way back and already missing it 🙏🏻

Samantha Mcnamara

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Best experience of my life"

This course taught me what yoga is really about. I was welcomed with love and surrounded by love for the duration. The enviroment created by the teachers made me feel safe and secure so I was able to allow myself to be vulnerable and unearth painful experiences/memorys that I had never really delt with before and let them go. This made way for a far deeper understanding and connection with myself to build. I grew in confidence, strength, flexibility, physically and emotionally. The Asana practice was diverse and challenging running alongside allignment classes where I began to understand the purpose of every pose and apply that to my practice- It was incredible seeing the changes day to day, week to week. The food was delicous, the friends I made there I will keep for life.

Now, one month later, I feel a deep and unending contentment and strength knowing I can get through anything life throws at me. I am able to give myself the time and love I need which makes way for more love I can give to others. I am so grateful for my time at Alakh Yog. I will hold my journey there close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Whether you are looking at yoga teacher training with the intention to be a teacher or just to do it for yourself- this course gives you all the tools to teach but also all the tools for life.

With love and thanks


Navaneeth S

from India, October 2019

"A life changing experience where you learn the real life"

Its the place where u not only learn about asanas but also much more about real life... The days was filled with lot of emotions and love towards eachother and to ourselves. I got a lot of knowledge from each of the teachers here,they were soo friendly and informative and loved them. Mani ji's anotomy class was really awesome . Vishal's hatha yoga class was the most energetic and loveable. Hari ji has a lot of knowledge,and his breathing exercises are the best experience i had ever in my life. Anniena's alignment class helped me sooo much that i came to know i was doing many things wrong all these years, her support and help for everything was great. And every teacher including Yogi ji and Vikas ji was soo good that i learnt a lot from them... The accomodation and food was really good. The most impressive thing is about the group of friends i had..We were like a family... Thank you soo much for a wonderful experience.Thanking everyone who's behind this course. I suggest every one to go to Alakhyog . Best yoga school in Rishikesh.

Anni Turunen

from Finland, October 2019

"Simply amazing! "

I finished 200h yoga instructor course last month and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. It’s still hard to put it into words, because for me it was truly life changing. First of all the instructors are more than just teachers - they care so much and it’s clear that they are passionate about what they teach. I went there to learn more about yoga but ended learning so much myself and life in general. If you are looking to get to know yourself in a deeper lever, make some lifelong friends, detox from the outside world and learn about yoga (not just asanas), Alakh Yog is the place to go. I wish I could go back!


from Republic of Korea, October 2019

"Good experience"

Teachers were helpful and touching. And they are professional. Facilitation was clean and nice. Food was superb.

Victoria Alcober Arranz

from Netherlands, August 2019

"A five star tuition and human quality. Loved every bit of it"

From the moment I arrived I knew I was home. I was dropped by the tuctuc in the junction and I was immediately picked up. Did a quick check in and everything was explained to me. Everyone was so so so nice that it seemed unreal, and the facilities were spotless and beautiful. The schooled is tucked away out of the center of Rishikesh, which makes it a lot quieter and nicer. And if you want to go for a walk, there is a nice path along the Ganges river and lovely surroundings. Every single instructor is amazing. They are not only great professionals, but also fantastic people. Great human quality from everyone, including the non-academic people. I could not say anything slightly negative, since it was just perfect. The atmosphere in the school also was amazing, with lovely people taking seriously the classes and striving to learn and evolve. The food was also amazing and never missing quantity or quality. Never a shortage of drinks, refreshments or food.

I certainly cannot recommend enough this school. I only came to do the 6 day retreat for emotional blockage, but I am certainly coming back when I am ready for my Teachers training. I trust AlakhYog fully!!! I have seen the quality and will vouch for it.

Thanks to every single person who made my stay so special and amazing. You are the best!!


from Australia, August 2019

"Transformative experience"

I liked everything about this experience. The teachers, the classes, the food and the accomodation. It’s challenging in ways that make you grow and for that I am grateful. I highly recommend it.

Sarika Agarwal

from India, July 2019

"Excellent yoga and meditation retreat "

I really liked the emotional blockage release retreat at alakh yoga and would recommend it to everyone. The trainers were just excellent. Food was great.

The students were nice and friendly.

The pranayama classes with Yogi ji...the meditation with hari sir and one more sir in orange clothes, forgot his name. The hath yoga class with Rajat sir and Narayan sir were both very good. Emotional blockage class with Mani sir was an eye opener.

The location of alakh was just beautiful and the building is v nice. The mountain views just took the experience to a different level. Although it's far from main Rishikesh and tapovan, one can always explore those places on their day off.

I would definitely like to come back here!

Michael Leon Schwartz

from Nepal, July 2019

"a greatweek"

great energy about the place, lots of smo

iles. an excellant instrctor not on the list named Rajit. Lots of fun. Staff was willing to do anything to make stay enjoyable.

Nicole Dieffenbach

from United States, May 2019

I loved everything 💚

Rachael Mccarthy

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"A completely life changing yogic experience"

This course is exactly what I wanted from a yoga teacher training. It showed me that yoga is an entire lifestyle choice, not just poses. We were taught so many other peices of knowledge that helped me to better understand myself and the world. The teachers are nothing short of amazing. They were always willing to help us out, come on adventures with us and I felt completely looked after my entire time there. It felt like I had come home.

Soraya Au

from United States, May 2019

"Excellent, Not Rigid, Retreat"

As a woman in my fifties, I really loved this retreat. Of course, there was also a yoga teacher training class happening at the same time, but I never felt as an afterthought. The yoga students were very friendly and non-judgmental as were the instructors. I have a knee injury and they were very helpful in finding ways for me to do yoga, pranayama, etc. in a chair. I was free to pick and choose what I wished to participate in, but encouraged not to be lazy!!!

Madeline Parsley

from United States, May 2019

"Best Yoga school ever!! "

I am so thankful that I chose this yoga school over any others.

The emotional unclockage is so eye opening and completely transforms my yoga practice.

Made friends for life from this course as everyone is a like minded and just genuine souls.

My favourite class was Ashtanga with Vikas as he was a dedicated teacher who wanted to make us see our full potential in yoga. His classes make you self-disciplined, flexible and you can perfect your practice.

Other highlights include the delishous veggie food, the two yoga studios, the shop at the end of the road (to get your chocolate/I’ve cream fix) mud masks and the beautiful chanting and pranayama. All the teachers are highly knowledgable and passionate who know how to have a good time and set a good vibe by welcoming everyone warmly.

Martine St-onge

from Hong Kong, April 2019

"The greatest and most beautiful self growing experience!"

I was in Alakh Yog Ashram during April 2019 for the 200YTT and I loved and cherished absolutely everything about my experience. I chose this Ashram in part because of the location and because of the Naturopathic and emotional balancing content. I haven’t been disappointed at all by either. The Ashram is located about 15 to 20 minutes from the center of Rishikesh in a quiet area. Rishikesh is the best place to do a yoga retreat or teacher training hands down. It is a holly ground and the entire city is vegetarian. The energy is absolutely beautiful there. The school is very clean, modern and zen. The accommodation was great. The food was absolutely fantastic and I already miss it so much. Many of us were vegan and they cooked different delicious and very balanced vegan meals every day. I feel like this whole experience was deeply transforming for me but as my Guru said, I am not transformed. I am the same person and I only have more clarity of mind and made place for what is necessary. My understanding of love has changed for the better and I overcame many fear during this blissful month. The Gurus there are the cream! They are extremely knowledgeable and so genuine and generous. They make every class funny, inspiring and instructive. I developed an eagerness to learn more about all aspects of yoga and I wish to return in the future for a 300YTT. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Namaste!

Deniz Dengiz

from Turkey, April 2019

I really enjoyed my stay at Alakhyog. The Naturpathy and emotional blockage classes were especially worthwhile. The facilities were clean, the food was good and location wise I found it good that the school was located farther from the city (the city is noisy and had extremely bad air pollution). I really enjoyed the lessons with all the teachers especially; Hari Ji, Vikas and our Hatha teacher Prabha. I would recommend to others.

Nicolas Burdet

from Japan, April 2019

"Such a peaceful time"

Yogi ji along with all the people were very kind to me. I never done any retreat before and it was way better than I expected! They literally spoiled me !!

I will definitely go back again for a longer stay !

Merci, Nicolas.

Joanne Figov

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"An unforgettable month!"

I am so glad I chose Alakh Yog! An amazing month of transformation on many levels.The teachers and staff are genuine, sincere and loving. They live their philosophy. From the minute I arrived and Yogi Chandrakant and his lovely wife, Kimmy, painted my forehead, scattered petals and welcomed me, I felt at home. It is a lovely family atmosphere and our needs are taken care of in every way.The group of 25 were fantastic and we all supported each other. I found accommodation basic but room large with a balcony and nice hot shower. Food is excellent and plentiful and we needed it with all the yoga! I found the yoga challenging for the first 2 weeks and then easier. Although I am not a fan of Asthanga, preferring Hatha and more gentle yoga, I was pleased to have been given an introduction to that type of yoga. The quality of the teaching was excellent and I especially loved Aniina's alignment classes as I practise Iyengar yoga. This helped our teaching abilities hugely .I will always be grateful to the big hearted Hari Ji who did some work on me for emotional unblocking. I feel amazing now! And I absolutely loved the Indian musicians and dancing that he organised some nights at the school. Mahip gave wonderful massages in the delightful little spa. There is a rooftop where we often went for relaxation, study and sunshine .On the day off we took a tuk tuk into Rishikesh, such fun! I feel blessed to have met the Swamiji of the school, an amazing presence. Thank you Alakh Yog!

Vivien Rose

from United States, March 2019

"Very special month"

I would highly highly recommend the training. It was challenging initially but really worth it. I feel so much improvement in my practice and understanding of the alignment. The approach to yoga with Naturopathy detox is unique and very pleasant. I was also very happy to see so much focus was put on philosophy and detoxification, which was mainly the reason why I chose this course. At the end, I was so relaxed and thank all for supporting me in this process. The teacher are really amazing and very loving. The three meals were varied, healthy and delicious. Accommodations are extremely clean. Very special month. Thank you Hari Om!

Kristin Luna

from United States, March 2019

"A Wonderful Month"

The teaching atmosphere is so supporting calming and relaxed and Hari and Yogi Ji are the most excellent teachers making everyone feel so welcome. This being my first trip as a solo traveler. I found in Alakh yog as the most wonderful nurturing environment where everyone in my batch felt that they have become part of a large caring family. The staff was so cooperative that there was no trouble at all and they were always very helpful. The food is absolutely top rate with a wonderful selection of Indian vegetarian dishes. The accommodations are amazing and one of the best in Rishikesh. It was the most perfect month with some real positive challenges. Thank you entire team for truly a wonderful time.

Sambor Nowak

from United Kingdom, March 2019

Authentic and traditional way of teaching. Yoga with Spirit and Spirit with Yoga.

Amazing hospitality and openness . As the time goes ,one feel more and more in union with himself and the outside world. Journey of letting go and finding yourself, mastered in a beautiful way.

Namaste ,

Love and Light

Linn Persson

from Sweden, March 2019

I don't think i could have gotten to a better school. The whole community is built with such passion and love and it shows in everything. The teachers and other straff are fantastic, all in different ways. They are always there to help, support, encourage and always provide that little extra. Alakhyog is really forwarding the message of yoga, which was exactly what I wanted from a YTT. I loooved the asana classes with Anniina. Food was amazing. Facilities open and beutiful. Location perfect, not noicy. Sad to leave this place, but my heart is so warm. Thank you so much Alakh! Hari ohm!

Kirstin Hoffman

from United States, January 2019

The staff at Alakh yog are exceptional. From the moment I arrived I felt at home in the ashrum. They were so involved in everything going on with the students this month in very helpful ways. I not only learned from the teachers during class time but was shown so much about myself in the conversations during down time. Whatever was going on with me (physically or mentally) I was able to reach out to my teachers for support, making me safe and loved. They're also just a fun and hilarious group of people! Always ready for a dance party :)

I would also like to give a shout out to the support staff at Alakh. Always working behind the scenes- cooking amazing & healing food, making the ashrum beautiful or any of the numerous things they did. A very lovely team of people!

Brittany Fabio

from Spain, January 2019

"Life changing experience ..Fantastic People "

AlakhYog was such a great choice to do my 200 hrs YTTC. The asana and alignment classes led by Aniina ji were my favorite. She is the most amazing teacher that I have ever had. She shared so much information with us in such a gentle and loving way and with such clarity. Hari ji and Yogi ji are very nice and they have plenty of knowledge to share.The teachers are all so well prepared about their classes. Everyone tries to keep you happy and solve whatever problem you can have while staying there.The whole team has done a very good job in organizing everything professionally like a power backup, good wifi and amazing food. This really tells you that you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in this place.The spa is another highlight of the school for me. I loved the massages and Shirodhara sessions. Everyone is treating you like a family member and I am full of gratitude. I would highly recommend this course and school to everyone. Thank you for the life changing experience.

Katie Turner

from Canada, January 2019

"One Unforgettable journey"

In Alakh Yoga School everyone is extremely helpful and always smiling. The teachers were simply amazing. They teach with all their heart. The emotional blockage classes by Hari ji are so good. Krishna Ji's classes were extremely powerful. The course has taken my asana practice to another level. Naturopathy sessions were very refreshing and relaxing for me. Some of these classes have helped me in my understanding of my body. The chefs serve food with so much love. Being vegan i have had no complaints which is a big complement to the kitchen team. The menu changed every week and was very interesting. It was the most amazing time, for sure it's one unforgettable lifetime experience. I met some amazing people, ate delicious food, enjoyed the spa. The course is very comprehensive yet fun. If you want to be a confident teacher and learn real yoga, Alakh Yoga is the best place to start your journey. Thank you :)

Claudia White

from Canada, January 2019

"Unforgettable Experience of my life "

Choosing Alakhyog school has been one of the best decisions on my life. I have done my TTC before as well many years back. However, this experience has been so refreshing and truly unforgettable for me. The teaching was top quality. The teachers were so knowledgeable and helpful at all times. I learned to much about yoga and myself and feel so confident about my teaching skills. I love the fact that there is very much focus on the teaching aspect and philosophy. The last 2 weeks really helped me in improving my skills as a teacher. The meditation sessions given by Hari Ji were powerful. The food was been prepared with so much love and dedication, incredible. The center provides filtered water and laundry which is excellent service. There is a spa in the school as well and you can pamper yourself with massages or sauna sessions. All the people I met in the group have been the best I could ever expect. I wished that the experience would never come to an end. Very grateful forever. Namaste.

Melody Cruz

from Spain, January 2019

"In one word ... Incredible"

In one month, Alakh Yog has became my family. The staff and teachers were very helpful and approachable. You can feel that they genuinely care for everyone and make sure that you are comfortable. I was very well taken care of by the entire team. I felt so welcome and supported during my entire stay. The teacher training is a fantastic structured course. The course is an excellent foundation for those looking to strengthen their practice or be a teacher. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I left feeling that I had received more than I expected. The alignment classes with Anniina were my favorite part of the day. The rooms are very clean and shalas are amazing. Having a Spa in the school was a big plus. Food hands down is the best I have had in India. It was an incredibly rewarding in so many ways, and I look forward to coming back next year for their 300 hrs training.

Laura Beattie

from New Zealand, January 2019

"Cracking course"

Overall the course was great, i learned an extensive amount and really enjoyed the whole experience. The food was amazing and the people were so kind, generous and knowledgeable. Im very appreciative of the time and efforts provided by all those involved, many thanks


from India, December 2018

"Soulful experience"

One of the most Amazing experience of my life. I met some incredible likeminded people. I have been to Rishikesh many times but I must say that they have one of the best accommodations and facilities in the area. The new center is extremely well maintained and clean. They also have a power backup which is a big relief given the regular power cuts here. Wifi is good. Had a great time in the course. Learned a lot. I loved the spa and the massages. A special mention to all the wonderful teachers Yogi Ji Hari Ji and Girish Ji who were extremely helpful and patient. The food was very tasty which is rare in a yoga school. Overall I would rate it as 10 stars for this place. Nothing to complain. What a blessing!

Elle Chan

from Hong Kong, December 2018

"Life changing month"

It was the best month ever ! Everybody were very nice and friendly ! Felt so safe and peaceful all the time . The ashram is very very clean , yoga shala2 will always in my heart as well as the intensive first week at yoga shala1 haha . Loved all the classes .. so much to learn <3 also love the flexibility of how they planned the class .. so we could do different things ! The food was good , the homemade peanut butter is my most loved :P thank you soooo much

Chelsea Martin

from Canada, November 2018

"50% Amazing / 50% Extremely Frustrating"

The location of of the ashram is one of the most amazing parts of the trip. Unfortunately we are the last training group to have this location as all elements of Alakh have moved to a new building which does not have any green/ garden space. Some people in the group that went through TTC at this new building have named it "Yoga Jail".

A highlight of the program for me was the emotional blockage therapies. I will forever be grateful for the techniques learned in Hari's classes.

Overall the training experience was okay. The people that came to attend the course are what truly made the experience memorable.


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Truly Amazing Experience "

We went into this course expecting to learn a bit of yoga but we came away with so much more than we expected!

The teaching and teachers were truly great, caring and passionate, we always felt they were teaching out of love and passion rather than because they have a job to do.

The learning environment was supportive yet we all felt we had been challenged and had discovered new boundaries for ourselves.

We stayed in the new building and although it was a little noisy the quality of the accommodation was excellent.

The food was AMAZING! I fully expected it to get repetitive but I wasn't.. every meal was our new favourite meal and it just kept happening!

I would highly recommend it.

Neil Stone

from United States, November 2018

"October 2018 200 hr Teachers Training"

The location was excellent, the food was perfect, the facilities were exceptional, the yoga asana, pranayama, teaching methodology instruction was all very helpful. The Mandir staff were attentive, helpful and friendly.

Renate Müller

from Germany, November 2018

"Awesome yoga teacher training!"

I came to the Alakh Yoga School with no expectations and I left with a full heart of joy,gratitude and love. I felt at home straight away! This yoga training is much more than just learning about yoga, I learned about life and how I could reconnect with my own inner love again. I just feel gratitude for my whole time and it's hard to put everything into words. Thank you Alakh Yog, I want to come back and I miss you so much guys! All the teachers want the best for the students and push them out of their comfortzone,the yoga lessons were really intense at the beginning! But it's great to see what you can learn and do in a month! The naturopathy is so great too and we learnt so much about health. The food is just awesome,they cook with real love! I can totally recommend this lovely school from my heart :-)❤ namaste everyone and hope to see you soon !🙏

Jonas Olesen

from Denmark, November 2018

"Amazing Alakhyog"

This place and the crew of alakhyog are absolutely fenomenal. I didnt know what to expect before arriving but everything was near perfect. Great teachers that have a passion for yoga, personal development and spirituality. Food is amazing and accomodation is completely new and beautiful. This is absolutely the place to go to for teacher training. This is so much more than just yoga. Life changing course. My highest recommendations to anyone looking for an authentic experience where its more about good teaching rather than just making Money. Thank you alakhyog

Rui Carvalho

from Portugal, October 2018

"The most wonderfull experience!"

Just finished YTTC200 and still soacking all up. It was an amazing month, harsh but lovely até The same time. The crew and teachers are amazing and make you feel as part of The family. The food is great and with all The Yoga, One is allways ready to eat.

Brand new facilities are top notch. Trully recomend. Thank you Alakhyog for all The teachings and love you shared. Hari om!

Kim Renner

from Spain, October 2018

"Amazing Experience"

This place was like a sanctuary from the stresses and negativities of every day life. Going through this course almost showed me how to be happy again like how we start out in life--before the world lays its burdens on us and weighs us down. This chipped away at all that and I left with tools I can use to continue living this way.

Specifically, I liked how personable the instructors were with us. The food was great and the ambience overall was a very positive one.

Benjamin Ohr

from Austria, September 2018

"Go for it"

I liked the deep approach to yoga in all aspects. Excellent teachers who have a deep understanding of several aspects of yoga from the roots. The wide range of teachers who are specialised in different directions made it possible to gain experience in those various fields. Very helpful and kind people, excellent food and an amazing surrounding. Although I was prepared to be disappointed, for me it was a deep and overwhelming experience. Especially the focus on naturopathy and emotional blockage treatment was great for me, I learned so much.

Mohamed Ameen

from Bahrain, August 2018

"MindShift Break and Mindset Changing Experience "

After One (1) month, I can really write a feedback on how this training program helped me.

Before I decide to take a Yoga teacher training, I was looking for a big concert (Tomorrow Land) or spa retreat or an activity to celebrate my 30th Birthday and take a break from My stressful life (basically it was my vacation).

It was the best decision I made.

At the beginning (first 3 days) I was very excited but I wasn’t aware of the changes that are happening to me mentally and physically.

This course removed many layers and masks that were covering the real me and I was resisting by being a rebel lol.

By the last week, I just wanted to finish the training and pass the exam.

After I am back to my country, I realized the change, I’m calmer, satisfied , healthier, self-aware and balanced.

The yoga school is located in a farm/ ashram 40 minutes away from Rishikesh by Taxi or Toktok. It is a great getaway from City life to live in jungle atmosphere for a while.

The taxi have to be booked by the school management as the Main Street is far from the farm.

My review basically, if you are looking for a change, a break, a life review, understand yourself and connect to your purpose than book AlakhYog.

I achieved my objectives.

Nitika Manchanda

from India, August 2018

"Best Yoga Teacher Training Course"

An amazing transforming experience.

The course experience was beyond my expectations. It was quite challenging for me at first but the teachers were really supportive. I feel tremendous growth in my own yoga practice. I feel so balanced, confident and ready for whatever comes next. I feel blessed to have met such amazing teachers. The staff is also very helpful.

I met some amazing people in my course. I think I will miss them the most. The school offers a very friendly, loving and peaceful environment.

I highly recommend Alakhyog School :)

Anoop Choudhary

from India, August 2018

"One of the best times of my life"

I had one of the most amazing time during my TTC at AlakhYog School. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the staff was very supportive. Food was simple and very tasty. I was initially a bit skeptical about the sattvic food because I love spicy food but I had no complaints and never thought that simple Indian meals can be soo tasty. The accommodations are comfortable and definitely better than most ashrams in Rishikesh. The ashram is away from the city and very peaceful which is a big plus for me. But most importantly, the course quality was beyond my expectations. I have learnt so much and really love the naturopathy classes. I highly recommend AlakhYog school.

Danni Leal

from Brazil, August 2018

"Great experince and value for money"

I booked AlakhYog after checking good reviews. Course was very well structured with highlights of Naturoparhy and emotional blockage release included in the TTC yoga course. Food was excellent! Good variety. Acommodation simple but rooms were spacious and comfortable with good higiene. All teachers were very skilled and knowledgeable...eager to teach us in the best way. The location was fantastic away from noisy Rishikesh but not too far to visit during time off. Alakhyog teachers and team put a lot of effort and care with all students. After almost a month at the Ashram I feel ready to start teaching Yoga in my country (Brazil). I highly recommend AlokhYog for those looking for a life changing experience. Thank you all at AlakhYog for having a wonderfull experience. The moments and lessons I learned I will cary with me forever :) wishing you all the best!

Vytaute Svobunaite

from Republic of Lithuania, July 2018

"Experience to go back to self"

I loved teachers Lydia and Prashant! Very high level of teaching, explaining,very helpful and really cares for students. Classes were perfect,never going over yourself,and always keeping a good level of practise. Program for all lessons was well organised,we had freetime as well,though days were busy and intense.

Food was amazing! Bravo to kitchen crew. Accommodation was clean,beds comfortable,rooms very spacy,but too warm inside :)

Klaus Damgaard Jakobsen

from Denmark, July 2018

"Excellent training"

Excellent training, good curriculum, really good teachers, peaceful location 30 mins by car from the noice / stress of Rishikesh. Great food and nice accomodation. Realy nice and helpful staf. Best 200 hour TTC Possible. Do not hesitate to go...

Abigail Hutchinson

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Transformational & Unique Experience "

I loved everything about my experience with AlakhYog. It surpassed my expectations in all areas, now I miss it so much! The ashram is beautiful set up on a hill surrounded by lush greenery, tropical birds and monkeys. All the lessons took place in the yoga temple, an outdoor space with panoramic nature and a grand echo. Absolutely perfect setting. The staff and teachers were so welcoming and friendly making me feel completely at home from the first moment. The food was utterly divine, with beautiful variety and catering to my vegan diet. The course itself is very comprehensive addressing all the different aspects of yoga, with great practical sessions that really ingrained the yogi way of life. I absolutely adored the chanting, hatha and ashtanga sessions with Prashant and Krishna!! ❤ The best yoga teachers I've ever experienced in my life. I felt so blessed to be taught by them, they are both truly gifted. I am forever grateful that they have pushed my body and mind to the next level (x50!!) I can say the same for the meditation, naturopathy and emotional unblocking sessions with Hari Ji, the director of AlakhYog. Such powerful and effective sessions, delivered with great spiritual warmth and expertise. Overall the course was very tough physically, mentally and emotionally which is most definitely a positive. You will reap the most incredible rewards! Thankyou so much AlakhYog, to all the wonderful staff and teachers. Namaste 🙏 💓

Julia Ivanova

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Thank you for everything. Namaste"

Thank you AlakhYog team for making this month so amazing, its unforgettable experience. I grew all on different levels and met amazing people. Ashish and Kuldip thanks for yummy food every day. I am at the 1st step to become yoga teacher. thank you again

Mark Wallace

from India, June 2018

Excellent yoga instruction. Caring instructors. Good community.

My Linh Tran

from United States, June 2018

"Detox Therapy "

Wonderful Team, always ready to help and satisfy you. The only one who offer naturopathy treatment and yoga courses. Highly recommended.

Bram Van Der Burg

from Netherlands, June 2018

"Life changing"

Wonderful place... The atmosphere, teachers, classes, food and the group were all magical. The peaceful ashram, a bit away from the city center, gives you the right calmness to practice all the yoga and meditations. I'm very happy I choose to do my YTTC with Alakh Yog

Charu Manjuh

from United States, May 2018

"One of the best times of my life"

I have had an amazing time at AlakhYog School. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed and loving. Everyone from staff and teachers are so helpful. They really understand and offer you space to grow. Hari ji and Chandrakant ji have been extremely supportive and patiently guided me. My whole perspective about Yoga and meditation has changed since I came here.

The course is really well structured and you learn so many things not only about yoga but also about naturopathy and emotional blockage. I had specifically chosen this school to learn about how these two things and I am so happy with my decision. I love the food prepared here. It is extremely delicious and accommodations are very spacious. I cannot think of anything but have an immense feeling of gratitude towards all my teachers and friends on this amazing journey :)

Melanie Haller

from Malaysia, May 2018


The last four weeks were insane. I learned not just so much about yoga, I learned especially even more about myself. The emotional blockage was life changing and the naturopathy so interesting. I finally got rid of my skin problems. All the teachers and helpers around were insane. Super friendly, helpful, funny and loving. We were like a big family. The food was outstanding and it was so relaxing to be not in rishikesh directly and be outside in the feelds. I highly recommend it!

Parvati T

from India, April 2018

"Excellent all round holistic course"

The positive energy and encouragement of the teachers pushes you beyond what you would have thought was your limit. The knowledge that is shared will expand your mental and spiritual horizons. Food, accommodation and environment are very good. Priceless experience!

Sophia Steinfeltz

from Germany, January 2018

"I extremely recommend this place"

I extremely recommend this place with all my heart. The experience of this course for me was widely amazing. The school is beautifully located in a calm area, meals are delicious and cooked with love and effort, staff is genuine and helpful, feels like a family. The classes are increasingly interesting and you keep motivated the whole time. Teachers are indescribable beautiful beings, talented and full of love & knowledge . This is a magic place to spend time and worthy to invest your money :) I'm beyond grateful for what this school has brought into my life.

Clara Röttger

from Germany, January 2018

"The best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India"

This was my third yoga teacher training and the best so far. Each module holds its own challenges, motivations and secrets. I enjoyed the asana classes very much. The teachers are great Yogis who teach from their own experience. Alakh Yog keeps their student number limited, most other school exceed 20-30 people per class. That was a huge plus point for me as I received attention and feedback from my teachers every day.

The overall energy in the ashram is very positive, peaceful and respectful. We enjoyed good friendships and learnt much about the Indian culture.

Ritu Manjuh

from Germany, January 2018

"Very nice course "

I liked my stay at Alakh Yog very much. The preciseness and wisdom of each teacher is beyond great. Throughout the course, each one of us was guided very well. The scenery was beautiful. I liked each and every day, even though it was very challenging at times. We practised yoga from early morning till evening, after one week I felt tired. But my teachers always encouraged me and showed me how to relax well. I became more energized day by day. I would also like to mention that the daily meals were incredible. I felt very well nourished and I think this is a very important part of such a training.

We also had a nice graduation ceremony where we shared our experiences, laughed, danced and received our certifications.

My experience here has been better than ever expected and I would like to recommend this school to anyone who is looking for an authentic 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Bárbara Borsetto

from Spain, April 2020


Quedan cortas las palabras para poder describir que fue lo que me gusto de este "retiro".

Puedo decir que mas que un retiro de yoga o un profesorado... es un cambio de vida. Un regalo para la vida y el alma.

Todas mas mañana daba gracias a la vida de darme esta GRAN oportonidad.

Desde el despertar con el ruido de la naturaleza, las clases, los profesores (un caso aparte... porque cada uno de ellos denota la pasión por compartir lo que saben, sus experiencias... wow... no tiene valor... quedas maravillado)...

la comida... uff (INCREIBLE)


Sin dudas VOLVERE!

Me llevo muchas historias, amigos y UNA HERMOSA NUEVA FAMILIA DEL YOGA.

Flo Hdn

from France, March 2020

"Une expérience exceptionnelle. 🙏"

Une expérience inoubliable qui vous change à jamais. Une équipe adorable très professionnelle, toujours à l'écoute.

Des cours intensifs et tellement riches.

On se dépasse physiquement et émotionnellement chaque jour un peu plus pour ressortir plus fort et confiant.

Après cette formation à Alakh Yog, on ne voit plus la vie de la même façon et c'est pour moi le début d'un changement de vie radical.

Merci. 🙏

A très bientôt à Rishikesh.😉


from Switzerland, October 2019

"Unglaubliche Erfahrung"

Ich fühlte mich im Ashram vom ersten Augenblick an sehr willkommen und aufgehoben. Alle Lehrer haben die Studenten sehr respektvoll und familiär behandelt. Das Know-how ist unglaublich. Und man lernt Yoga von einer ganz anderen Seite kennen.

Suzanne Scholz

from Saint Martin, October 2019

"Une experience mémorable <3 "

Je suis encore émerveillée par cette expérience qui m'a tant appris. L'espace que les professeurs ont créés pour nous, la qualité des cours, l'ambiance générale, sans jugements, avec bienveillance.

Je n'ai pas de mots pour décrire la gentillesse et la disponibilité de toute l'équipe, sans compter toute les belles âmes qu'on rencontre sur place. Vraiment merci merci merci.





from Switzerland, March 2019

durch und durch tiefgehende erfahrung. sehr intensiv und gut begleitet und reflektiert. absolut empfehlenswert.

Nina Lofaso

from France, January 2019


J'ai adore, tellement remuant physiquement et mentalement. Nous avons tellement appris et le staff etait tres present pour nous aider.

La nourriture est exceptionnelle

Paula Ingendahl

from Germany, December 2018

"the most authentic place to learn yoga"

this place is magic, no matter if you did yoga for 6 years or six months. all the teachers and the students really make this place special, you really become a big family in the weeks you spend together and its mata ji (mother of all) who made this place feel like home. we spend an intense month full of learing and growing together, we learned so so much about yoga but also about ourselfs this month. harry ji, yogi ji, girish, krishna, nitin, aniina, all of the teachers are absolutely amazing! ITS THE MOST AUTHENTIC PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT YOGA. with that said you have to be open to new experiences and you have to adapt a little bit to the indian culture, but if you come there with an open mind and heart you're gonna have a magical time! this place is really close to my heart and i wish the best for my alakh yog family! oh and of course i have to mention the food, our kitchen chefs made the best food in the whole world, they deserve their 5 stars definitly!

Cat Ogier

from France, November 2018

"Super génial j ai pas vu le temps passer !!!"

Absolument TOUT!! Profs passionnants et adorables,

L équipe formidable, et aux petits soins pour nous,

Yogi ji est une personne fascinante à rencontrer....

Que des beaux souvenirs:-):-):-):-):-)

Caroline Nezonde

from France, November 2018

"Formation intense et transformatrice"

L’intensité de la formation et le fait de dépasser quotidiennement mes limites physiques y émotionnelles. L’encadrement , le lieu dans la nature, la bienveillance des professeurs, malgré la cadence intense. Les massages de Lalit indispensables pour nous soutenir jusqu’ au bout. La nourriture plus que délicieuse et variée, et la présence affectueuse de Mataji.

Meriem Sebki

from France, September 2018


amazing le staff est incroyablement à l'écoute disponible et surprenant.

ils ont l humain au coeur de leur préoccupation

vos critères sont insuffisants pour évoquer Alakhyog

Lucile Lambert Dasquet

from United States, August 2018

"Wonderful experience"

All was amazing. Really. It was a perfect month.

The place is beautiful, the teachers are amazing and the formation is so complete !

Kria yoga, asana, anatomy, naturopathie, alignement, philosophy, meditation, emotional blocage...

The staff is very caring for us and the food is delicious, healthy and nutritive.

I miss already this place.

The formation is very intense, physically and emotionally but you can be sure you will feel a real transformation in yourself.

Can't be enough grateful.

Thank you everyone, you will always stay in my heart.

Elodie Gendron

from United States, August 2018

"The best place for yoga formation"

Everything was really great, teachers was very caring and very interesting. The food is amazing and the place is really nice, it’s so good to be surrender by nature to practice Yoga and meditation... magic !!!

It’s one of the best experience I made, really life changing !!

If you search a place to make 200h formation, this is the best choice you can make. All the persons of my group was also very happy, there was a really nice connection between all of us.

Thanks again Alakh Yog, you are the best !

(Sorry i don’t recognize the name of all the teachers so i don’t answer and give the note for everyone..)

Alyn Jankowski

from Mexico, July 2018

"Bereichernde Erfahrung"

Es war eine tolle, tiefergreifende und bereichernde Erfahrung. Die Lehrer, die Location, dass Essen und der Unterricht waren wirklich aussergewöhnlich. Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich einen Monat Teil dieser tollen Gemeinschaft sein konnte und ich hätte gerne noch mehr Zeit dort verbracht und möchte keine Minute davon missen. Ich fühle mich wirklich sehr bereichert durch meine Zeit mit Alakh Yog und bin erfüllt durch soviele fabelhafte Momente, die ich mit tollen Menschen erleben durfte. Vielen Dank und Namaste

Pascal Widmer

from United States, July 2018

L enseignement du yoga est d excellente qualité, il complété par des cours de naturopathie, de deblocages émotionnels et de meditation active. Le site de l école en dehors de rishikesh est somptueux,calme et offre un cadre parfait pour les cours

Swarleen Kaur

from Germany, February 2018

"life-changing, unique, inspirational "

the asana classes are taught extremely well! from the very first day I received great insights into yoga, meditation and pranayama. what makes this place special is the love and care from each teacher and staff member. we learnt how to live in a happy and peaceful community while contributing each. i learnt how to connect more to myself and listen to what's going on inside of me. It was also emphasized that we shouldn't compare ourselves to other always but focus on our personal growth and sterngths.

Maria Theresa

from Germany, February 2018

"life-shifting, transformational and unforgettable "

arriving back at home now, lets me reflect my month of yoga teacher training with Alakh Yog even better. The yoga School, teachers and ashram have provided a great space for us students to evolve, learn, grow and connect. Connecting with like-minded people feels amazing. I bacame a much more happy person during my yoga ttc here. We learnt about yoga, yes, but also about how to apply everything to our personal lives and relationships. The real yoga is not only about the postures! I removed so much negativity and stress from myself that I feel lighter and more pure. Alakh Yog was definitely the best choice for me. Whenever I needed something like towels, new sheets, a tea, they were there for me and made me feel comfortable. The yoga teachers are very good here, better than expected! They challenged us a lot while giving us also theoretical Infos about each posture. The course is structured well and effective. The food was diverse and tasty. Overall I can really say that I had the best time there and now benefit from my ttc at home. Truly unforgettable

Sabri Daumann

from Germany, January 2018

"Beautiful experience for my personal growth "

I was part of the January 2018 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Alakhyog in Rishikesh, India. 🤸🏻‍♀️

It was an unforgettable time and journey here. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel like I grew a lot during my yoga TTC here. The teachers are very knowledgeable and teach with joy and patience. It’s very challenging sometimes but no pain no gain😊

All students became very good friends during the course which was nice because we had a lot of fun sharing these special moments together. If you want to learn real yoga, away from home, come to this place, you won’t regret it!

I chose this place because of the good reviews and now I’m writing one myself. To the whole team of alakh yog: you are the best!

Sophia Lindenberg

from Germany, January 2018

"Wow👏👍👌 "

Simply wow. I joined the January TTC 2018 at Alakh Yog. I am little sad it’s over now. My time in Rishikesh has been incredible. When I arrived from Germany, I was little scared at first because India is a very different country. At the Airport I was picked up from my driver organized by Alakh Yog. He had a sign with my name on it, this eased up my mood. The ashram is very beautiful and has an amazing location and views. I felt very relaxed after dropping my bags to my room and having tea on the terrace. But now to the course:

1. the teachers are amazing

2. the course content is designed very well

3. the daily schedule is hard at first (wake up early) but so necessary!

4. the group of students was sooo nice! We became such close friends

5. the food!! Very delicious and nutritious...!

6. the rooms were clean, bright and big

7. on Saturday’s we had movie nights

8. the ashram is beautiful

9. we did some amazing trips to the waterfalls, caves and local markets on sundays

10. Alakhyog was the best yoga school for me

So overall, I can highly recommend this school because it showed me how to connect to myself and become a confident individual who is ready to teach yoga now in Europe.


Selena Singh

from Germany, January 2018

"Beautiful course, teachers & ashram "

I just graduated from my 200 hour yoga teacher training at alakhyog in rishikesh. It still feels surreal that my month is already over. Alakh Yog provided an amazing course for us with much love and care. The teachers are compassionate and knowledgeable which made me feel safe and guided well. I liked a lot the yoga philosophy classes because we got to discuss, ask questions and develop a better understanding. Actually in all classes, including the asana classes, we were encouraged to ask if we have a question. It was a peaceful energy in the yoga ashram from day to night. The food was very tasty and I enjoyed a great variety of Ayurvedic spices and vegetarian meals prepared with love. Our cook asked us sometimes if we want to learn how to make something, which was very sweet. A big thank you to the whole Alakh Yog Team! I can highly recommend this school and program. I am a new person now!