Dragonfly Chi Kung has studied Qigong (Chi Kung) and meditation for many years in both Asia and Europe. It is their mission to share this accumulated knowledge.

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Instructors (2)

Sifu Steve Green

Corlie Sajulga

Reviews (3)

Ludovica Sorrentino

from Italy, October 2021

"An amazing experience!"

This retreat was just perfect. The location is incredible, a beautiful house surrounded by nature and animals. I loved the kind of practice and the schedule, which gives plenty of time for rest and self practice. The food was a whole experience of its own. Connie and Steve were loving and funny, pleasant to be around.

What to say… make yourself a present and join this retreat!

Bruce Clarke

from Great Britain, October 2021

"It doesn't get better than this!"

The setting is beautiful, tranquil and peaceful. Each meal was prepared with love and never the same, excellent cooking and preparation! The rooms and beds were comfortable. Sifu Steve Green walks his talk, straightforward, humble and positive. The teaching offers an accessible, in depth and broad training and introduction to Chi Kung (Qigong), for both beginners and experienced practicioners. I have some experience in Qigong; Dragonfly Qigong has consolidated and extended my practice, thank you for creating this excellent environment, including Lucky the donkey, Sol and Luna the two dogs!

Machiel Kroon

from Netherlands, August 2021

"Incredible experience, magical place, wonderful people"

Chi Kung, the system of moving energy. Steve taught me so much about the energy that is moving around in my body, and the energy that is moving around all around us. He is an incredibly apt teacher who helped me experience the most powerful and magical feelings and connections with the earth I could have ever imagined. Not only is he a good teacher but also an incredibly kind and funny guy! Corli taught me so much about life and about plants and food as well! The food she made was unbelievably tasty and creative, just the eating is an experience of its own. The location feels unreal, everything gives off a peaceful, happy and calming vibe. The rooms are beautiful, the beds are nice the towels soft, the colors and decoration incredible. The bathrooms are also amazingly luxurious. All in all perfect.