Holistic retreats with therapeutic and spiritual purposes and nature are Entheogens Perú Soul Sanctuary's best and greatest teacher.

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Maestro Benedicto

Stephano Gutierrez

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Paul Willsher

from United Kingdom, June 2024

"Very good experience, life changing "

I must say to anyone who is reading this , give it a go , it is life changing, you will get your highs with the plant medicine and you will get your lows, it knows what is needed, and Stephanie knows aswell as he has walked the talk, which is good as he knows where you are, his knowledge is incredible of the plant medicine and knows how much to push you for the best results, I did Underestimate the power of the plant , so sure it did let me know. Please anyone who is reading this give it a go, it’s not easy for sure but if your reading this you need to do it, plant medicine was the past but now it’s the future for sure, stephana took me for breakfast and evening meals to top organic cafe and excellent food which really helps, I stayed at his house and made me feel welcome all of his family , I met his friends who also made me feel welcome, if you have problems in your life or addiction or anxiety or blockages in your aura please give this a go, it’s only been a few days but my chakras are buzzing with energy, so excited to get back home to tell my family and friends my experience. Please walk and grow and move into consciousness with stephana.thank you Stephana xx


from United States, December 2023

"Exceeded expectations!"

What a beautiful experience! Stephano is truly fulfilling a mission to heal.

He is very knowledgeable on plant medicines and area sacred sites, each day we are led to a site and embark on journeys together in a safe and powerful setting. Stephano's laidback, peaceful nature helped us feel at ease and he really shone when teaching on different plants and helping us integrate experiences after tripping. The hikes are beautiful and truly enhanced by the medicinal experiences, what a way to experience the world and explore different planes! Life changing!


from United States, November 2023

This retreat was nothing short of mind-altering! Stephano was an outstanding facilitator for the ceremonies. He was patient, warm, encouraging, and I felt very safe with him. I was amazed at how much depth I explored in such a short time with the plant medicines, each day was carefully planned to build upon the next. Our group was small which was perfect for bonding and sharing the experience together. The sacred sites Stephano brought us to were incredible while the mountains added a magick to the whole experience. Highly recommend this beautiful retreat in the Sacred Valley!!

Keith Ruesch

from Mexico, May 2023

"Looking Inward. Finding calm in the storm."

The whole experience was absolutely life changing. FROM THE MOMENT OF MEETING STEPHANO TO OUR LAST STEPS ON THE LAST

From the initial meeting with Stephano to our last steps on the last day the kindred spirit that was born is indescribable. Stephano showed extreme professionalism and calm making myself and those around him knowing they were in good hands. The plant medicines were exactly spot on for each setting. So many sacred sites and spiritual settings in a ritualistic style. The best retreat I have ever attended.

Haley Parker

from United States, November 2021

This experience was something I was seeking … yet I found even MORE from this experience!!!! Stephano is a master in the world of spirit medicine and his knowledge of the culture and the context for spirit world helped me grow significantly in a short time. The retreat was beautiful- beautiful people and accommodations- the whole experience left a mark on my heart and soul and I have come back to “real life” forever changed by the work done on this retreat. Thank you! This will stay with me forever … and like the planets orbit, I will come back around again!