You'll enjoy a luxury surf spa, surf retreat, and women's surf holiday all in one. Find out why Escape Haven is Bali's best surf and yoga spa retreat for women.

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from United States, January 2020

"Very Relaxing Option"

I found the mix of massage and Ayurvedic therapies, hands on staff, caring service and beautiful facilities to be exceptional. It did not take long for me to destress and adjust to the relaxed pace. The service was very good. Lovely staff and leadership team. Architecture and design of the villa was gorgeous. You are very much treated like a queen, with care and devotion, including a butler. The staff like to hug people and you only have to voice a concern before they are looking into it. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff. I like the way they provided packaged excursions, full board, sarongs, swimming and twice daily exercise. It's not on the beach but they take you on beach excursions.

Some of the spa treatments are better than others. You can skip a few and just chill in the pool instead. Take advantage of all the massages and scrubs. They are heavenly. After the lymphatic massage, I felt like a warm fragrant rubber band floating on a marshmallow cloud.

In terms of medical outcomes, the Ayurvedic treatments were helpful with my pain management, I got good rest and I feel like I've re-established a good exercise routine.

The yoga is just the right amount of intensity and stretch. You could go more hard core if you wanted to but it was paced so that newbies could keep up.