Free Canari arose from the desire to feel free from all obligations and pressures that people experience from the environment and certainly from themselves.

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James Mchale

from Ireland, November 2021

"Relaxation and getting to know your self"

I found that Willian and Lindsey worked very well together even though they have different aspects to the Retreat. Willian with his discussions of your inner feelings and thoughts and how to be aware of how the universe works to Lindsay modules of how you are made. When they bring the 2 together you can see why we are the people we are. The walks and the whole environment leads you to take time out to see what is really important in life.

The food and accommodations were very good and peaceful. I would recommend this venue to anyone who need to take a break from the worries or pressure of this world, as someone said there is something very special about this mountain 🏔.

Christel Luyten

from Belgium, October 2021

"A life changing experience"

I was looking for a retreat to recharge the batteries, where I could reconnect to myself and find some answers to life questions I was struggling with. What about my job, my relation, my home? At Free Canari I found everything I was looking for and even a bit more. Willian and Lindsay gave the best of themselves and really focussed on my journey trough life, giving me a lot of insights. My stay in the yurt was magic and the beautiful surroundings brought me peace of mind. It put me back on track. I'm grateful for this experience. I really miss magic mountain and the warm and kind attention of Willian and Lindsay. Thx guys

Claire Crowley

from Denmark, August 2021

"Life changing and transformational retreat."

The combination of Lindsays Human Design skills and Willians Life Coaching skills really complimented the whole experience. I was able to feel completely taken care of and there was flexibility to personalise my coaching sessions based on what I wanted to dig deeper into and how I was feeling on the day. I loved being so far away from the distractions and being surrounded by nature. It was great being able to experience how the whole family lived too. I loved Lindsays art work on my morning oatmeal too :)


from Great Britain, December 2021

"Unique, Intense, Unforgettable Experience"

The location is beautiful and the perfect spot to do meditation and self-discovery. Willian and Lindsay are brilliant at what they do and it was lovely to feel like a part of their family which includes many different animals and their two young sons.

Lindsay is a great cook and I was very well looked after throughout my stay. The sessions were incredibly valuable and the lessons and tools that I learnt while there will stay with me for the rest of my life. As described, it was a very intense experience and incredibly worthwhile.

Constantin Simon

from Austria, November 2021

"Amazing stay with amazing people"

I had an amazing stay with Willian & Lindsay. I did a 3 day/night retreat and the coaching exceeded my hight expectations.

They are genuine interrested to work on your specific topics in a very relaxed atmosphere…it helped me a lot! i can absolutly recomnend a stay. also the nights in the yurt were a great experience and a very calm one at the same time. its a wonderful place and if you have a chance to stay a couple of days you should go for it!

Ivana G

from Germany, September 2021

"Experience of a lifetime "

As a “retreat” experienced person I can say with confidence that this retreat is a -real- thing! Both Lindsay and Willian dive deep into your personal story and really commit. This journey with them helped me in so many ways. The combination of guided meditations, human design and bodywork brings you on a whole new level of awareness. I am so grateful for being able to spend a week at their home. The unique mountain surroundings with animals and nature made this experience even better. And last but not least, Lindsay is a great cook! All in all, I couldn’t wish for more.

Melanie Del Villar

from Spain, August 2021

"Personalised jewel retreat up in the mountains of Tegueste"

What most impressed me was the carefully tailored approach of the retreat. Lindsay and Willian don't use a ¨one-shoe-fits-all¨ approach but make sure that the retreat suits your particular needs and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and heard. They have a large toolbox of methodologies from which they choose the best approach to address your specific situation and challenges. They have a sincere intention of helping you in all ways possible to find your way back to your centre and guide you along your own path of spiritual transformation, body consciousness and wellbeing. Intelligently empathetic, they will make sure to give you the right balance of interaction between the sessions and the space and solitude you may need to integrate the information.

The environment of the retreat is authentic and one quickly integrates into the natural peaceful surroundings. The animals are all loving, the bed is super comfortable and the silence at night a real respite for over-stimulated senses. On top of all, Lindsay is an excellent cook!

If you are looking to ground yourself in a peaceful, non-fuss, authentic environment, and receive the guidance of two truly exceptional beings, this retreat is for you. All in all, a truly nurturing experience I look forward to repeating in the future!

Vanessa Phung

from Switzerland, January 2020

"Reflective space and intuitive coaching "

The people, nature and general relaxed environment. The coaching was a reflective and deep process of self evaluation and review.