Discover this life-changing power under medical supervision in Hungary's most renowned fasting resort in a nature reserve with 23 years of experience.

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Gary Pap

Eva Hollo

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James Shaw

from Belgium, June 2024

"Underpromised. Overdelivered."

Excellent programme all around to help people get through a 7-day fast. Guidance, support, education, outdoor hiking, yoga sessions, meditation. This is not starvation. It has teas, soups (that won't break your fast), and a wonderful morning bit of grape-flavored jelly (healthy flavanoids) to keep you going. Geri, Eva and Ilona are wealths of information. Everyone worried about sustaining a 7-day cleansing fast should do this. I will likely return myself. Best value for the money, and not one of the many entities (spas) out there pretending to do fasts.

Janet Joyce

from Great Britain, October 2023

"Unbelievable experience "

Gary and Eva are the most kind, caring generous couple with a great passion for what they do. Trying to help each of us make the best of ourselves in so many ways. They make fasting unbelievably easy. Who knew that you could eat nothing for several days yet hike for three hours in the beautiful countryside. Even those who had never hiked came to love it very quickly. All the additional treatments were amazing and so much to occupy your mind that I rarely thought of food. It has completely changed my relationship to food which is what I wanted. It didn't feel like deprivation, rather a treat for the body. Dr Ilona was a treasure and a good example of how good you can look approaching your 70s. She gave a private consultation with good advice.