LaBudhi is a secluded space for meditation, silence, and awakening the senses, perfect space for finding yourself.

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from Indonesia, March 2020

"Not as expected"

Location is stunning. Meditation/Yoga Shala overlooks the island. You really are in a tropical paradise.

Yoga was really great! Wish more had been demonstrated for stretching beforehand as I was new to Yoga!

Shad And Viki Johns

from Singapore, January 2020

"Take away from the experience what you will"

First, Sasha practices what he preaches. And he doesn't preach. He is very relaxed in allowing guests to attend or not attend sessions, go to the beach, etc. but very focused when guiding the various sessions. Which is the right way to conduct a beginners retreat.

My wife and I decided we were all in for the duration (for us - 4 days), attending every session, being silent on silent day, and waking before sunrise each day--not easy for night people. My wife, a one-year meditator, experienced a magical moment (transcendence?) on day three. I, brand new to the whole thing, gained valuable insight into how my own brain operates, i.e. it spends a lot of energy replaying past--and future--conversations in should-have-said or plan-to-say scenarios entirely concocted by imagination. Perhaps more useful to the review-reader, since returning home I am now meditating every morning.

At the risk of ignorance given that this is the only retreat of its kind that we have been on, it seems Sasha's approach is unique. We've not heard this sort of guidance in any of the online audio sessions (guided meditations) we've ever listened to.

So come. Sink into the set and setting, discover things about yourself, and allow Sasha's mastery to work itself into your daily life. Sasha, we will see you again.

Julia Lindvall

from Sweden, December 2019

"Will be back! "

Visiting wonderland was the best decision I made 2019. I had an amazing time and find like minded friends for life. It’s also always clean and you feel at home right away!

Kyle Redfern

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"A life changing experience surrounded by the beauty of natur"

Where to begin?! The 7 day stay I took part in has literally changed my life. Sashas approach is very simple yet it is amazing how so much of life we are not present and with his techniques he allows you to work hard at training your mind to appreciate the moment fully, truly. The retreat is absolutely stunning and the beauty opens up more and more throughout the stay. It has been so nice to slow down, eat well, switch off and allow time to truly reconnect to myself and life. Thank you Sasha for all that you showed me during my time there and for your patience & loving, kind nature. This I am already discovering is only the beginning.

P.s. Food was 10/10! (Coming from a trained chef here!)

Marco Wettig

from Japan, December 2019

"Great meditation experience"

It was a great experience and I can recommend it to everyone who is open to do meditation. I would say, meditation is not so much about reasoning but much more about experiencing and the willingness to do so.

Sasha had a very structured and didactic schedule that, for me, lead to some stunning meditation experiences in the last one or two days.

Great location in the jungle, with bungalows spread in a wide area, therefore very green and good air. Given that, be prepared that you might find some insects and geckos in your hut.

Also, I found the vegan food very healthy and delicious with simple recipes but great taste. Nice waterfall and beach nearby to be explored in meditation breaks. And I enjoyed the relatively stable not to big group of less then ten at a time during my stay.

Wiebe Biesma

from Netherlands, December 2019

"Excellent place for a retraite in peace"

You have your own house to sleep in and relax, one day is silence-day

Joan Verdeflor

from Singapore, November 2019

"Best decision to spend my first ever solo trip experience!"

The overall experience exceeded my expectations. The amount of takeaways I've gained here will serve me until my dying days, and it's not an exaggeration.

In just seven days I was able to confront all of my demons and fears that were blocking the love, joy and protection that were all just a thought away for me to experience.

The whole program of mindful eating, walking, thinking, breathing, just basically everything you do in a daily basis helped me realise what I've been missing and why I've felt so incomplete. It is to live in the present moment, cause really that is all there is. No one knows what's gonna happen even at the next minute so why not start to enjoy it right?! ;)

Shasha is an awesome and genuine instructor. He really wants to help everyone to enjoy life by feeling love and happiness all the time. But it can only come to those who are ready. This is not for those skeptics as they will remain the same even after 10 days or more. His teachings and practices are so simple it will blow your mind! I was never a vegetarian but I did not crave in my whole stay there. The place, the people and activities made me so complete that I just didn't feel the need to want more than what I currently have.

I am just so grateful that I get to experience this. Bless you Shasha and your whole team. May you continue to help those who are seeking for truth. Good things always come to those who aspire for it. :)


from Malaysia, October 2019

"An amazing experience I have ever done "

Almost every single thing in that incredible place

Nicole Lilley

from Thailand, October 2019

"Inspirational instructor with a motivational attitude"

The accomodation was amazing, a beautifully stunning location with wonderful facilities.

The food is healthy, very large portions and tasty; on the topic of food, on the way to mediate in these stunning caves our guide climbed up a tree to get some coconuts for us, dropped them down and hacked his way to the Uber refreshing coconut water! An amazing experience.

As a beginner to mediation, mindfulness and yoga I was a tad skeptical upon arrival but after a single session with Sasha I began to understand 'to live in the moment.'

It's been a lovely four days, and I'm glad to have this experience.

Thank you Sasha

Annemieke Prins

from Thailand, September 2019

"Be ready for a major change "

If you are ready this retreat will make you aware of the ego, which is made up of desires and fears. It will remove these desires and fears, so you can stop identifying with the ego. Then you are free.

Yesim Memisyazici

from Turkey, August 2019

"Amazing, unique, life changing experience"

The energy, the place, the facilities, the food, the meditation, kundalini yoga, loving and caring approach of Sasha and his friends

Nina Bittner

from Germany, September 2019

"Meditation in der Natur mit viel Inspiration fürs Leben "

* Kleine Gruppe

* gute Kombination aus Meditation, Yoga, Gesprächen

* Sasha ist ein einfühlsamer Lehrer, der auf alle Fragen eine Antwort hat

* Alle Sinne zu spüren und mehr auf sich selbst zu achten, ist anstrengend, gibt einem aber unglaublich viel für das Leben zurück

* Einfaches Essen, aber gute Qualität - obwohl ich sonst Fleisch esse, hat mir nichts gefehlt

* Toller Ort mitten im Wald, Nachmittagsausflug zu einem herrlichen Strand ist auch machbar

--> eine tolle Erfahrung und für jeden empfehlenswert, der bereit ist, sich darauf einzulassen!