Madhukar’s sole concern is to enlighten the life of others. Madhukar - Enlighten Life hosts Meditation Retreats and Events since 20 years worldwide.

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Anna-riitta Lindgren

from Finland, February 2020

Most of all the meditations and the deep meditative atmosphere; the daily programs, the instructor and the group of participants, the nature and the landscape

Charlie Chamberlayne

from Great Britain, February 2020

"21 days silent retreat"

The three weeks spent with Madhukar and the other participants were some of the most beautiful weeks of my life. I felt so much love from Madhukar and everyone else. I feel like I have met a new family. It was challenging but a wonderful and special opportunity to focus on who I really am and spend time silent in Nature discovering the secret that Madhukar was offering to us. I feel so thankful and blessed to have ended up here. The food was delicious, the ashram was beautiful and the accommodation was everything that I needed. The two pilgrimages around the holy mountain were both amazing experiences. Thank you to everybody. 🌸

Wayne Daniels

from United States, January 2020

"Just what I needed!"

Great retreat experience! The people were very warm and welcoming, the daily yoga classes were great, food and accommodations were very good. Madhukar’s teaching is clear and direct and his presence brings a wonderful energy of calm, clarity and upliftment. By the last day I felt an easeful presence of grace and love. :) I also appreciate the relaxed schedule with plenty of free time for the beach or whatever else.