Whether one seeks spiritual experience or a rejuvenating week with nourishing vegan food, Mahakala offers a curated experience crafted by Dr. Vesna Lemm.

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Dr Vesna Lemm

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Alibek Medzhidov

from Germany, June 2024

Meine Reise nach Montenegro war extrem erfolgreich. Besonders begeistert haben mich die freundliche Art von Frau Dr. Lemm sowie ihr umfangreiches Wissen und ihre Liebe zum Essen. Ich möchte in Zukunft viel mehr kochen und sehe jetzt, dass man mit pflanzlichen Zutaten sehr leckere Gerichte zubereiten kann. Auch das Yoga hat mir gut gefallen, es hilft mir, zu entspannen. Das Mahakala Center ist sehr sauber und das Essen war besser als in einem FünfSterneHotel. Das gesamte Personal war super nett und die Atmosphäre war wirklich angenehm. Ich mag auch Montenegro und möchte mehr davon sehen. Ich plane bereits meine nächste Reise nach Mahakala.

Lydia Haouchet

from Germany, June 2024

"Transformative Yoga, Detox & Cooking Retreat Experience"

I had the pleasure of attending an inspiring Yoga, Detox & Cooking Retreat led by an experienced physician and nutrition specialist. The week at the Mahakala Center was a transformative experience that helped me change my perspective on yoga, detox, and plant-based nutrition.

The accommodations at the Mahakala Center were comfortable and inviting, with various options depending on budget. The plant-based cuisine was delicious and nutritious, from freshly baked bread to homemade salads - all prepared with love.

The daily routine was well-structured, with morning yoga and afternoon cooking classes. I learned a lot about preparing cleansing vegan dishes and feel inspired to continue these practices at home.

The location of the Mahakala Retreat in Buljarica, Montenegro, nestled between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea, was simply breathtaking. The facilities were designed sustainably and provided a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding and feeling good.

Overall, the Yoga, Detox & Cooking Retreat was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking inner peace, health, and community. Thank you to the team for this enriching week! I look forward to returning one day!

Saeed Abu Alhassan

from Montenegro, June 2024

Dr. Vesna Lemm at the Mahakala Center was welcoming, and the staff was friendly and helpful. The retreat was well-organized, offering a perfect mix of yoga, detox, and cooking classes. Dr. Lemm's guidance was invaluable. I appreciated her recipes and found her passion and informative approach very educational. I learned a lot about detox food from her. The location was amazing, with a beautiful family atmosphere that made it feel like home. The area had stunning views of the sea. I highly recommend this retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Andrea Gazui

from Germany, May 2024

"Amazing experience! "

I came to find relaxation especially from a difficult phase in my life. I thought that some peace and good food would really put me on the mend. I slept incredibly well at the retreat, the nature is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the meals. I was surprised at how simple it can be to cook plant-based, and I think I will definitely be able to take a few of these recipes home with me daily. I learned so much knowledge from Dr. Lemm, especially about how to increase our levels of glutathione in the liver, and genuinely after this week I am feeling calmer and have found more peace where I had heaviness in my life before. I think that in the past while my poor eating habits had really affected me negatively.

Everything was so clean, the staff was lovely, everything absolutely reached my expectations.

Aleksandra Spasovski

from Germany, May 2024

I’m a working mom, I’m so preoccupied all year round and so I was looking for a retreat to be able to finally relax from home and work stress, and to learn things to take back to my family. I always want to encourage my kids to eat more healthy food, it’s usually an issue in the family, and thankfully here I’ve learned a lot of fun and yummy recipes that I really think they’ll like. I’ve loved learning how we can clean our bodies with all sorts of rich foods.

I’ve loved the nature in Montenegro, the place is super interesting. It’s not fully isolated in the mountains, you’re more a part of the local village and I really liked that. The beach was about 1km from the centre, and I loved the walk there everyday, both scenic and a good exercise.

I loved using the jacuzzi, and I feel that also helps for detoxification as well as the infrared sauna.

The staff were wonderful, everything was clean, I can definitely recommend it and I’m already planning my trip for next year!

Rada Cegar

from Germany, May 2024

I was at the Detox and Cooking retreat because I was truly needing a rest, but I also wanted to learn something at the same time - something that I could take home with me. And that was to learn to eat in a more healthy way, and that’s why I chose this retreat with Dr. Lemm.

The yoga lessons were just as I imagined, relaxing while still being physically active, and we learned a lot about healthy food - everything was so practical, especially the recipes that we tried. The food was fantastic and what’s particularly great is that I can now make these meals at home - including sprouting and fermentation, and how to include more vegetables into my diet.

I really enjoyed the location, it has a beautiful view with sweet details, you can see that it was all created with love.