Marina Yoga is your place for yoga teacher training courses, as well as yoga and meditation retreats in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

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5 Day Online Reiki Heart Healing Course Master Level

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2021–2022
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5 Day Online Level 2 Reiki Heart Healing Course

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2021–2022
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5 Day Online Level 1 Reiki Heart Healing Course

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2021–2022
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Marina Frei

Alessio Zuccala

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from Thailand, November 2021

"Excellent yoga and mediation retreat "

The mediation with marina was a brilliant experiance highly recommended this retreat

Simon Onions

from Thailand, January 2020

"Overall experiance"

The quality of the yoga/meditation for me personally, was way better than I ever expected. I carn't thank the instructors enough.i walked away after 6 days feeling full of breathe and love from head to toe💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏. Loved every minute.


from Great Britain, January 2020

"Fantastic stay at Marina Yoga."

Just completed the 5 night retreat. Fabulous. Loved the yoga and the different styles I have learnt about. Meditation really put me outside my comfort zone and I am taking away a lot from that. The instructors were great, especially Romy who was very good and clear in directing the positions. Just a really special experience all in all that I will always have beautiful memories of... Bonus of really cuddly dogs there too which was fabulous fur me being a dog lover.... 😀


from Thailand, December 2019

"Life changing"

It was an incredible time at Marina Yoga. It opened my heart, mind and soul and made a huge shift in my life... Thanks so much to all off you <3


Steffen Holanger

from France, December 2019

"A lot of good energy"

I really got a lot out of all the classes and my chakras opened up and my energy levels were filled with abundance. Lots of good energy from Marina and her crew😊

Amanda Pommer

from Sweden, November 2019

"What an amazing experience <3"

I really enjoyed and loved the 6 days I spent at Marina Yoga! The vibe here is so relaxed & I felt that I really could devote a lot of time to looking inwards with the friendly guidance from the teachers there. Marina mainly works with Reiki so I didn’t have any classes with her but I still met her quite a bit and she is so friendly&helpful! She was very understanding when I wanted to swap rooms and helped me out straight away. What really made this retreat incredible for me though were the volunteers/teachers James, Christina and Dominika! They were so welcoming, attentive&always helpful with your smallest inquiries. I found all the classes they held to be amazing, they are all such great teachers! The classes were varied, fun, challenging, always with great instructions. If you go to Marina’s I really recommend taking all the classes every day as I felt this gave me a really deep experience! Because of the great vibes here I met loads of friendly and kind people always up for a chat, which I really appreciated as a solo traveller. The breakfast was really good and you will definitely have enough as there are many things to choose from. Also they sell lunch&dinner so you’ll be fine without bringing any food but you can also cook if you want. The pool is great and really close by. A final tip for people going there: use bug spray, they sell a really nice natural spray in their shop :) massive thanks to Marina&all teachers for this amazing experience!! Life-changing!!<3


from Thailand, October 2019

- Plenty of opportunities to practice actually teaching yoga to other students and receiving feedback from Dali who is highly experienced, for e.g. he will teach us a short sequence then ask us each to go in front of the class to teach it.

- Dali the main teacher has plenty of practical experience to share regarding teaching in a gym vs yoga studio vs fitness centre vs private classes, so this programme is useful for actually getting a job as a yoga teacher

- The yoga classes themselves were progressive, practical, and sufficiently challenging, especially regarding alignment, anatomy, and how to teach/ give clear instructions

- The students come from all over the world so you meet people of different nationalities every other day

- Loved the venue - it is very cosy and personal, and has two shalas and a mini gym --Marina is constantly improving the place with new decor; the place is just the right size so the room is far enough to feel like you can rest, but close enough that you don't need to walk far to get to class; you can also cook;

- Generally speaking the staff are v. helpful and kind

-it is a teacher focused training course which is quite important to me

- very cool field trip to Tiger temple

- scheduling was appropriate -- there were lots of classes but with enough breaks in between - so the programme was very "doable" for me (didn't feel it was too intense or high pressured)

- they have lots of dogs and other animals on the venue


from Italy, June 2019

"Leevke beautiful soul "

She has a background in Chiropractic And was able to explained well .Movements of joints and what it helps with body functions.

Mairi Wylie

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Perfect little retreat. "

It was exactly what I was looking for, lovely friendly people and a beautiful tropical setting. Easy to venture out and see things if you're inclined, but secluded enough that you can easily stay away from all that without missing anything.

Belinda Pearl

from Australia, February 2019

"It’s a cute rustic retreat with amazing yoga"

The yoga sessions were really enjoyable

Janice Tan

from Singapore, January 2019

"Week of rejuvenating!"

The mix of different yoga sessions and friendly experienced instructors were awesome! I got to try the different types of yoga and meditation in my 6d5n package (10 sessions!). Love yoga again! Reiki and soundbowl treatments were nice experiences too. It’s great that we got to go to local markets to get fruits and ingredients to cook if preferred. Went home refreshed and recharged! Looking forward to go back again!

Helena Tudor

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Relaxing and healing Yoga retreat"

Warm and homely atmosphere with excellent well trained yoga instructors. Good facilities and accommodation. Delicious breakfast provided and self catering facilities in the communal kitchen. Convenient and accessible location.


from Nepal, January 2019

Extremely welcoming. An excellent mix of yoga and meditation. Would highly recommend it

Marie Gumprecht

from Sri Lanka, December 2019

"Super Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis "

Das Frühstück war super! Es gab eine Karte aus der man jeden Morgen neu wählen konnte. Es gab Pancakes, Müsli, frische Kokosnuss und Soya Milch, Früchte, Rüherei... usw.

Der Unterricht war auch super. Die Lehrer nehmen sich viel Zeit und beantworten alle Fragen und helfen gerne.

Außerdem konnte man den Pool um die Ecke mitbenutzen und war in wenigen Minuten in der Stadt. Alles top!

Und die Hunde waren sehr lieb und kuschelbedürftig. ;)

Louanne Lamarche

from Thailand, June 2019

Everybody's REALLY nice, good atmosphere, and the classes suit to all levels.

The room is good, as well as the breakfast. And the swimming pool is a big plus!

The teachers are experienced, patient and kind. I enjoyed every moments spent at this retreat.

Peggy Boerner

from Thailand, February 2019

Mir gefiel die Energie und Atmosphäre sehr gut. Die Kombination aus Yoga, Reiki u Klangschalenmassage fand ich überragend. Ausserdem haben wir eine Vollmondzeremonie gemacht. Es wurden verschiedene Yogastile angeboten. Alles in Allem der perfekte Ort um sich zu erholen, zu erden und wieder zu sich zu kommen. Die Lage war zwar sehr ausserhalb aber ich fand es auch gut, somit konnte man sich vollkommen auf sich konzentrieren. Man konnte den Pool des Nachbarhotels nutzen. Gutes Frühstück inkl. Fabelhaftes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis

Claudia Metzger

from United States, January 2019

"Einzigartige Erfahrung"

Es war eine ganz Besondere und Einzigartige Erfahrung für mich.

Ich habe soviel erlebt und über mich selbst erfahren und gelernt, Das ich es kaum in Worte fassen kann.

Es war alles Zusammen eine tolle Begegnung, wunderschöne Location, herzliche und liebe offene Menschen, die sich Einbringen, damit jeder sein Bestes für sich rausholen kann.

Die Gegend ist wunderschön und der Strand ist nicht zu weit entfernt wenn man mal Lust auf Abwechslung hat.

2x am Tag gab's Yoga zum Teilnehmen was wirklich sehr gut war.

Die Lehre von Reiki war die schönste Erfahrung. Ich kann dieses Ereignis jedem herzlich Empfehlen, Es hat mein Leben sehr Bereichert.

Mein Dankeschön geht an Marina und das Marina Yoga Team, für dieses einzigartige Erlebnis. Dankeschön.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 15.1.2019