Motivate Boot Camp offers a ladies-only residential boot camp retreats and fitness holidays throughout the UK and Portugal.

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Stephen Williams

Rachel Joy

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from Norway, June 2024

"An unforgettable fitness holiday in Portugal!"

Was looking to get fit after a long recovery period post ankle & shoulder injury, & couldn't run yet. But all activities (targeting cardio, strength, stamina) could be done at my own pace & ability & still benefit from them. The day was well organised from 7.30a.m. to 7p.m. (1.30 to 5.45 in the afternoons were free, being too hot to exercise--I relaxed in the pool, napped, or explored gorgeous Albufeira).

My favourites were boxing and, much to my surprise, this MAD thing called "hill-run" we did (I brisk-walked) one late morning under a 36-degree sun...the satisfying sense of accomplishment at the end was inspiring.

Very pleased overall. I feel better physically & mentally, more motivated+prepared to get back on the fitness track on my own now. Appreciate the attentiveness and superb communication by the calm & competent Steve, the perky & cheerful Lauren, the musical & Herculean Harry, the creative & skillful Sandra (helped by her young daughter). It was a wise investment. Would be happy to return!