Our aim, like other teachers of mindful meditation whose basis for their beliefs derive from the research of Judge Thomas Troward, is to spread the practice.

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Anna Rose Rusell

Dr. Thomas Daffern

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from Great Britain, February 2024

"Complete transformation "

Anna is kind and welcoming and makes you feel at ease from the start. Her experience really shines through and you feel trust in her abilities from start to finish to guide you in your journey. We left the retreat having taken a major shift in the way we would like to carry on forwards in our lives. Thank you Anna

Ahakista Thornewood

from Great Britain, February 2024

Participating in the 3-day mindfulness retreat was a transformative experience. The immersive sessions helped me appreciate the power of being present and embracing mindfulness.I believe it could be incredibly beneficial for young people to engage in such retreats, as they offer valuable tools for managing stress and fostering mental well- being when dealing with life’s stresses. Anna was an incredible teacher and truly helped to restore my motivation to continue the mindfulness practices.

Sarah Thompson

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Residential mindfulness retreat with Anna "

Anna was friendly and made me feel welcome. She is passionate at sharing her knowledge around mindfulness, meditation and metaphysical aspects and if you want help with anything, then she tailors that around you. Anna house is very calming. I’ve come away from the course so relaxed and my mind being in the present moment helped me have the confidence to reach my goals. Anna is a miracle worker.

Debra Walters

from Great Britain, August 2023

"Amazing Course"

Anna Rose was just the person I needed to 'reset' and start on my Mindful path. 3 hours a day of learning, listening, discussion interspersed with meditations. The time passed so quickly. I have come away renewed, refreshed and looking forward to a new future.