Tao Meditation: Gently life changing retreats to bring you back to simplicity.

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Paula Davidson

Ram Chatlani

Émilie Barbier

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Oleh Abramov

from Ukraine, January 2020

"Psychological deconstruction"

I really needed that kind of retreat to find a way out of my psychological loop, where my mind locked in the trap of trying to figure out everything intellectually. I really got an experience of some other "me", which is beyond my sense of identity. So I am happy about such an experience, even though it is not always pleasant in the conventional way of looking at things.

Christophe Pinel

from France, January 2019

"Guidance into the smile of the heart"

I had so much appreciated the way the team was been bring into the natural heart's smile, with kindness, humor & supported with cocooning accomadation, excellent food and beautifull environment. Merci Ram & Paula !

Sue Mcgregor

from France, February 2021

"Séjour à refaire sans hésitation!"

Le déroulement de la semaine a été bien expliqué, et ensuite très respecté. Personnellement, je n'ai jamais passé autant de temps avec moi-même, dans des séances de méditation toujours accompagnées par Ram. C'est une très bonne et profonde expérience. Et merci Paula pour une excéllent cuisine végétarienne, très variée.

Angela Weston

from France, October 2020

"Relaxing surrounds and comfortable accommodation"

‘Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful, comfortable home which was impeccably clean, fresh and relaxing. Thank you to Paula for producing beautiful meals which would have been very difficult due to them being vegetarian but having to eliminate some of the vegetables and fruit due to allergies. Thank you to Ram for your philosophy, for bringing me back to the light of life and reminding me it is not the silence we listen to, but what is in that silence. You ramblings made me realise, I am already doing much of what I should be doing, I just hadn’t realised. And also to love myself…. I have never been taught to do that, not in my 66 years


from Belgium, October 2020

The place is wonderful and very relaxing. Paula is an excellent host and Ram a very good teacher. Together they make the place a very inspiring experience!

Louis Becker

from Switzerland, August 2020

"Amazing retreat!"

Ram and Paula are very warm and take care of the guests with great attention. The location is perfect to retire from the world for a few days! Will come back!

Mirella -turchi

from Luxembourg, August 2020

"May your mind be as clean as the water of the Aurillac "

Very nice and relaxed atmosphere, with the right number of guests and good balance of activities and free time. Natural rhythm and excellent food. Well kept place, in a quiet valley but not difficult to reach. Ample rooms in an old but well renovated building.

Jannis Van Den Heuvel

from Netherlands, August 2020

"Above all expectations"

The food, the surroundings, the setting, the instructions: all perfect.

Sylvain Jolliet

from Switzerland, March 2020

"Thank you RAM and Paula for the great time "

The sessions were excellent and Ram always care about our needs and feelings... Paula you are the Queen of soups 🥣 !


from Belgium, March 2020

Paola is a fantastic host and Ram an amazing mentor. I had a wonderful stay in their nicely renovated house with beautiful garden, surrounded by inspiring and magnificent nature. Thank you!

Fatema Baheranwala

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Great retreat to unwind and rejuvenate"

I really enjoyed my stay at Tournee. After going back and forth because of my personal schedule, which Paula was very accommodating about, I finally got to visit Tournee.

The place is amazing – nestled in a valley within the woods. The room was spacious and clean and lots of places to hang out when it was raining outside.

Ram is a very experienced teacher and he could very quickly help me find issues with my posture that I need to work on.

The food provided there was amazing! My vegan diet request was very easily accommodated and I enjoyed nourishing and yummy four course dinners during my stay there.

In short, I really recommend the retreat to anyone who needs a short break to unwind and rejuvenate.

Carolyn Seton

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Food for the soul!"

I loved my time at this rural retreat. Ram was a great teacher, attentive and inspiring. He gave me an introduction to Qigong, but backed up by his in-depth knowledge of Daoist teachings. Paula was warm and friendly, cooked lovely food, I couldn’t have asked for more, really. I hope to return!


from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Great experience"

Excellent holistic guidance and practice in a beautiful location. Accommodation and food were great. Thank you Paula and Ram.


from Ireland, October 2019

"Lovely retreat in France"

I had a great time during the 4 day retreat with Ram. I was lucky enough to be the only guest for most of the time, so we had one-to-one sessions. Lovely forest walks also.

K Lakhani

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Tourne "

Ram was an excellent experienced instructor.

Paula in addition to being an excellent host and cook went the extra mile and helped me carry our bags up and down since I had injured my back before I got to the resort. Thank you. Hope to see you again soon.

Jane Griffin

from France, September 2019

"Unforgettable Tourné"


We had a truly magical stay in this superb place. On a practical level it is a stunning environment with, comfortable beds and lovely bedlinen and fantastic food cooked by Paula, who was so welcoming.

The days were structured perfectly, with just the right blend of learning and leisure. We received so much from Ram, who is a wonderful teacher, and we left feeling invigorated and refreshed.

We will be back!

Patrick Gallois

from France, August 2019

"Great beginning of qigong!!!"

I did't know what could be my title:

Best initiation at qigong? or Best vegan food?

Paula did a fantastic vegan dinner every night having us surprised each time

Thanks a lot for your creativity and your kindness

Ram was always open to any question and give us a lot of to do but also to think

We can't wait to find time to go again even this is far away from Paris this is a great investment in life

Deirdre Souchere

from Ireland, August 2019

"Beautiful oasis of peace and calm"

The place felt like home, the hosts, instructors, food, venue and daily schedule is perfectly laid out for all to enjoy.

Katharine Birdsall

from United States, August 2019

"Beautiful and peaceful weekend retreat "

We loved getting to know the small group of people on the course with us and the staff was so personable. Also it was terrific to meet with our teacher when we arrived. It was a good way to feel that our intentions for ourselves would be met and it put us at ease. Dinner was great each night starting with fresh soup, salad, followed by a main and choices for dessert. Fresh ingredients were used and each night was unique, we had a wonderful soup on a rainy evening and a delightful light vegetarian meal on one of the hotter days.

Angela Warren

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"just what I was looking for..."

Ram walks his talk and adapts his teaching for each individual with such ease. The balance of sessions and free time was just right, and Paula's evening meal was always a treat. three days passed very quickly!

Sheila Laplanche

from Haiti, July 2019

"Lovely place, excellent experience looking forward to return"

Perfect stay: Fantastic hosts; delicious meals; excellent QIGONG and meditation sessions; great companions and conversations; beautiful and peaceful environment.

Everything flows effortlessly

A brilliant retreat for anyone who might want to press the pause button, to look for a clear vision, to heal or simply to feel and reconnect to yourself again.

I would recommend it to everyone.

Claire Hall

from United States, June 2019

"Blissful, happy few days."

We had 4 days of total peace and relaxation in the most stunning setting. Ram and Paula are just perfect ‘hosts’ We fell in love with them and their home. We can’t recommend a few days in this paradise enough. We will be back!! xx

Ruth MacNeill

from Australia, June 2019

"Great insight in a beautiful location"


Things started so well. We appreciated Paula kindly having a meal ready for us on our late arrival. We were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the accommodation and the king sized bedroom.

The solitude and superb natural outlook of the site set the scene for a few beautiful days of escape and learning. The babbling crystal clear river at the front of the property is a constant reminder of the natural purity of the location.

Ram is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable teacher who explains the techniques of Tao, Qigong and other yoga forms, with insight and inspiration. We were engaged and entranced by his patient instruction.

We also really enjoyed the 4 courses of beautifully prepared food with a glass of wine each evening as well as convivial conversation with the other guests.

Finally we were able to enjoyed some walks in the surrounding countryside of this unspoiled and beautiful region.

Saar Ram

from Israel, June 2019

"Exceeds all expectations"

True connection to nature and Extraordinary hosts.

Professional and balanced training, Ram offers new glasses to look through the world but does not impose his views. We felt completely free.

The food that Paula cooks has been able to surprise every night . A real pleasure to palate and very eclectic.

The vegetables are self-growing and we could feel the food is seasoned with love.

The rooms matched our expectations and are excellent value for money

We will definitely come back!


from Austria, May 2019

" Magical"

Such a wonderful trip. Tourne is magical. I learned, healed, rested, and made new friends. Ram and Paula have created such an oasis that really allows you to take your practice as deeply as you would like.

Other details:

The journey by train from Foix was easy. There is a navette (Shuttle) which runs from the Toulouse Airport to the Train station for about 8 euro. Otherwise you can take the metro and tram for about 1.70 euro, but that is easily a 45 -60 min trip.

Michal Shmuel

from Israel, May 2019

"We have smile in our hart 🙏"

This is the place you want to reach, at all levels.

We stayed at Ram and Paula for 6 days, special and significant.

The retreat is accurate, and without exaggeration, changes life.

Ram will teach you the precise thing for you, he is sensitive, discerning, fascinating. A real teacher.

Paula hosts with generosity and joy of life, a lot of laughter around. And the food she cooks ... without words.

In short everything -

The retreat, the hospitality, the food, the ancient house, the surroundings are amazing.

We arrived without knowing exactly for what we were coming, and we have no doubt, we will return again.

Thanks Paula and Ram. TODA. We have a smile in our hearts.

Azish Filabi

from United States, May 2019

"A gem in the south of france"

This retreat was a great balance between getting away from it all, while feeling that you're exactly where you need to be to relax and reconnect. Paula and Ram were excellent, gracious hosts and the property is exactly what I'd imagined a country house in the Pyrenees would be.

Giorgia Barbera

from Germany, April 2019

"the experience of a lifetime"

Going to Tourné was the best gift we could ever make to ourselves! Pictures don´t do justice to the superb house, the endless garden and the river, which is right on the property. We experienced the deep sense of not needing anything else than just being there. In fact I left my mobile phone there, but Paula immediately took care of sending it to me in Berlin. The perfect place to be, to begin and to go further. Finally a retreat which deserves this name! Before getting to Tourné we didn´t know what to expect, but we were very keen on trying something new and asked Ram to introduce us to QiGong. He embraced our suggestion straight away and we enjoyed some great sessions in which his clear instructions, yet cheerful and full of spirit, encouraged us to keep on practicing some sequences at home until the next time we meet. Yes, because it is impossible not to want to return to this place, to Ram´s teachings, to Paula´s cooking art (every dinner is a highlight full of flavours and homemade ingredients!), and to the way we felt there. We just returned a week ago, but we are already planning a new trip in October because this was far more than simply a retreat. It was a deeply changing experience, something was put into motion and we want to cultivate it.

Susanna Malkakorpi

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Just what we needed"

The location is absolutely beautiful in a middle of a National Park. The nature is very pure and inviting and walks start right from the doorstep. Rams teachings are very adaptable to individual needs and he has masses of experience and most importantly this experience is from very pure lineages. We have prior meditation experience (zen) so we’re able to take things yet one level deeper with him. If you have a car, nearby small villages, the scenery and the countryside around the retreat centre are worth exploring.


from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Fantastic weekend in Tourne"

The location of the retreat was incredible. Driving from the airport to the retreat was very easy and scenic, I recommend taking a longer route that avoids highways that way you can drive through the beautiful towns of southern France.

Ram is clearly well experienced and can tailor the meditation to your needs. The retreat was a perfect balance of focused meditation and relaxation, and the area around the retreat is perfect for walking and exploring.

The food was spectacular, and Paula is an incredible cook, probably the best cooking I have had in my life, almost all sourced from the retreat’s garden.

Everything at the retreat was perfect, highly recommend.

Bastiaan Beemsterboer

from United States, March 2019

"Great experience beyond expectations "

The authenticity of the teachings. Ram knows exactly where you are and what you need. His guidance is right on the spot every single time, feels like he exactly sees the the obstacles you encounter.

The food; everyday Paula surprises you with excellent soups, salads, and more. Suburb cooking skills, served and prepared with love, kindness and compassion. Thank you!

The atmosphere was optimal. Feeling very welcome, aprriciated, but well balanced with the privacy and Stillness you wish to have. Allways time for a small chat, a perfect place to be completely yourself.

The library, don’t bring any books with you, there are hundreds of them plenty of your interest I know for sure.

Lucy Norris

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Blissed and Blessed "

The retreat began with a beautiful nature walk with Paula and dogs - and a very warm welcome. Ram listened deeply, and devised a programme to teach, support and nurture meditation practice that is, was (and continues to be) transformative. Spending time in the most sacred of spaces, internally and externally was a great joy. Walking in the abundance of pure air, sky of dancing stars, or dazzling sun and glorious rain, 4 course breakfasts (who knew?!) and suppers, a bed of dreams and comfort.....what more? Amazing wildlife, the stuff to set a creative fire, and the sounds of silence. Wood burning stoves. Tranquility. Wonderful moments of conversation and connection with Paula and Ram who are the perfect hosts, knowing just when to “leave you be”. A piece of Tourne is in my heart as well as a tiny stone in my pocket, both enfolded with love.

Tom Husson

from Belgium, February 2019

"Unlocked a part of myself"

Ram is an incredible teacher. Paula is an incredible host. The whole setting allowed me to get out of my rusty self to unlock a part of me that I didn't know was accessible to me. Beyond refreshing.

Jessica Cheney

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"The perfect break from city life"

The meditation and Qi Gong training is challenging, especially if it's your first experience, but Ram is an excellent (and patient) instructor and the final result is tremendously rewarding.

Ram and Paula's home has to be one of the most tranquil locations on this planet. It will initially be a shock to learn that none of your phones have signal, and the wifi is only turned on upon request (and reluctantly at that), however it's not until you have left at the end of the 4 days that you realise what a tonic to the soul it can be to remove yourself from any obligations to return calls, listen to voicemails, send emails, like photos of your neighbour's dog etc. At Touré, the air is pure and fresh, it is mostly silent apart from the babbling brook in front of the house, there are adorable animals everywhere, the hosts are even more lovely, the food is all homemade and is simply delicious (note: bring stretchy trousers as Paula serves 4 courses every evening).

Mylène Ossant

from France, October 2021

"Une retraite à la hauteur de mes espérances"

Tout ce qui m'a plu :

La diversité et la qualité des pratiques expérimentées

L'enseignement de Ram

La beauté et le calme de Tourné

La gentillesse et la disponibilité de Paula (et sa cuisine !)

La bonté de Denise

Les chats

Anne Tusseau

from Switzerland, October 2021

"Découverte "

Accueil,lieu,et qualité des cours

Evelyne Galli

from France, October 2021

"Une retraite bien "être""

Une retraite adaptée aux besoins des participants. Ram est un professeur bienveillant. Paula vous accueille avec générosité. Tous les deux vous transmettent une belle ouverture sur la vie. Si besoin, Tom propose des massages de qualité en parfaite harmonie avec le séjour.

Alisson Nibus

from Belgium, September 2021

"Excellent séjour"

Un séjour qui nous a fait un bien fou à mon compagnon et moi, endroit merveilleux tout comme Paula et Ram.

Je recommande vivement.

Un grand merci à eux.


from France, August 2021

L endroit est calme et ressourçant dans une maison très propre avec de vastes chambres. Un très bon accueil de la part de Paula qui est une excellente cuisinière et Ram nous ouvre des nouvelles voies.


from France, August 2021

"Séjour ressourçant "

La disponibilité de tous, l’écoute du professeur et la satisfaction des participants

Prathoumkhoun Vasseur

from France, August 2021

"Super stage d’initiation "

J’ai adoré l’accueil et les cours

Merci à Ram Paula et Emilie

Super les cours de Qi Gong


from France, August 2021

"Retraite à Tourné"

Recevoir un enseignement de cette qualité dans un groupe de 6 personnes avec un niveau débutant est un cadeau précieux. L'écoute, l'humour, la bienveillance, la patience, la générosité, tout y est ! Autant dans l'accueil, que dans la cuisine, dans la pratique comme dans la détente. Ram et Paula nous accueillent chez eux avec beaucoup de simplicité et d'attention pour un bien-être authentique.


from France, August 2021

"Bonne bulle de décontraction "

La gentillesse de l accueil.

Le calme.

Le rythme des journées.


from France, August 2021

"Pratiques et Paix partagées"

L’accueil, la prise en compte de mes attentes, les pratiques quotidiennes.

Repas cuisinés par Paula variés et tous délicieux.

Hébergement (chambre, jardin, rivière) superbes.

Karine Ghalmi

from France, July 2021

"L accueil à été très convivial par Ram et Paula. "

Le lieu est magnifiquement décoré. On se sent voyager dans un ailleurs lointain empreint d orient, avec les couleurs des murs, l odeur de l encens, le calme qui règne. Les séances de méditation , QI cong et tao yoga de ram ont été une belle découverte pour moi ainsi que ses paroles sur la tradition et la relation à aujourd’hui avec le taoïsme et le tout avec sa présence très ancrée. Un vrai moment de ressource pour moi. Je recommande!

Florence Boissenin

from Switzerland, July 2021


Les points forts de ce stage, pour moi, sont le lieu, qui est très apaisant et beau, le fait que les gens sont bienveillants et que le professeur est très compétent au niveau des pratiques enseignées.

Catherine Hue

from France, July 2021

"Très agréable séjour qui a répondu en tout point à mes atten"

L’organisation générale entre les cours, les temps de repos, les petits plats excellents de Paula, ce lieu magnifique propice à la détente.

merci à Paula et Ram pour leur accueil et leur bienveillance c’était parfait.

Flavien Gouillon

from France, July 2021

"Sourires et relaxation "

Tout était parfait, de l'instruction au lieu. Méditatif à souhait, du calme, du charme, des sourires, des plats succulents... Nous reviendrons !

Myriam Moreira Do Couto

from France, July 2021

"Retraite méditative "

Tout était super, l'environnement, la maison, la gentillesse des hôtes, le professionnalisme de Ram et la qualité des plats pproposés. Ce fut une superbe expérience.

Martine Rouanet

from France, June 2021

"séjour agréable"

Le lieu très agréable, paisible. Les intervenants sont à l'écoute des stagiaires.

Mise à disposition des locaux à volonté pour la pratique.

Accueil sympathique à l'arrivée et prise en compte des besoins.

Marie Gille

from France, April 2021

"Séjour merveilleux pour être présent.e"

Le lieu est magnifique que ce soit la maison et la chambre que les alentours avec le sublime jardin, la foret environnante et le petit ruisseau qui passe juste au pied du terrain

La généreuse cuisine de Paula avec les légumes du jardin, vraiment délicieux!

Et bien sur, les cours avec Ram, un moment de découverte et de partage.

Un instant a part pendant lequel on se sent a la fois dans une bulle ou un cocon a soi, déconnectée, et où pourtant on est plus connectée que jamais.

Un séjour arrivé en période de transition qui m'a permis d'avancer dans mon cheminement et qui m'accompagne toujours..

Encore un grand merci a vous deux!


from France, March 2021


Cadre dépaysant et séances bonifiantes.

Valerie Brachet

from France, February 2021

une ouverture sur l importance des émotions ressenties dans le corps et non plus dans l esprit

Sylvie Schepens

from France, February 2021

"Un séjour au top, tout était parfait."

L'accueil attentif et chaleureux de toute l'équipe, la nourriture et les leçons de Ram

Charlotte Guilharretze

from France, November 2020

"Séjour relaxant dans un cadre enveloppant et chaleureux"

L'accueil de Ram et Paula est très chaleureux, on se sent tout de suite à l'aise avec eux. La maison est agréable, les chambres aussi, et un accès direct à la forêt permet de belles ballades aux alentours. Tout est réuni et fait pour que l'on se sente bien. Paula cuisine divinement bien, et les enseignements de Ram sont très précieux et adaptés aux situations et besoins de chacun. Une très belle parenthèse pour nous avant l'annonce de ce nouveau confinement. Ram nous a aussi envoyé des documents audio pour pouvoir continuer la pratique à la maison. Bref, nous recommandons vivement! Charlotte et Sylvain.

Laurence Dailler

from France, October 2020

"Un séjour hors du temps "

Séjour merveilleux dans un cadre magnifique, Ram est à l'écoute de chacun et j'ai beaucoup apprécié la découverte de la méditation et du qi gong à ses côtés. Paula nous a régalé de ses petits plats.

Généreux et discrets, on se sent bien chez eux.

Je conseille vraiment ce séjour.


from France, August 2020

"Très bonne impression pour une première retraite"

L’entretien personnalisé en début de séjour avec Ram, ses enseignements et sa bonne humeur, la délicieuse cuisine de Paula saine et gourmande et le cadre du domaine.

Veronique Blondy

from France, July 2020

"Dressage du singe"

Tout en douceur et respect du moi, chacun à son rythme, Ram donne les clés d’un des accès de la méditation. Et le lâcher prise vient, très vite. Car on se sent bien, dorlotés par Paula et ses excellents petits plats.


Marieke Fornerod

from France, July 2020

"Un séjour ressourçant au pays des merveilles "

La propriété : au milieu de nulle part, des fleurs parfumées et colorées, une rivière où on peut se baigner et tremper les pieds, des haies taillées en animaux fantastiques parmi lesquelles on peut se perdre et/ou trouver de l'intimité.

La cuisine : métissée, pleine de saveurs, avec de bons produits du jardin

Les cours de Ram sont vraiment personnalisés, je suis repartie avec des exercices pratiques pour prolonger le séjour

Le séjour était tel que je le souhaitais : une parenthèse reposante dans un lieu ressourçant

Maud Casini

from France, March 2020

"Un havre de paix"

D'abord la lieu : une belle bâtisse au milieu de la campagne, le calme, la nature, les animaux, le confort de la maison, la chambre spacieuse...

Et les hôtes: Ram et Paula sont très gentils, à l'écoute, ils savent se faire discrets tout en restant disponibles. Les enseignements de Ram sont très intéressants et inspirants. Paula est au petits soins concernant l'alimentation qu'elle propose.

Fanny Langlois

from France, November 2019


Ram et Paula sont fantastiques. Ils sont complémentaires dans leur approche: Ram nourrit l'esprit et Paula nourrit le corps. J'étais aux porte de ce qu'on appelle le burn out, et en 4 jours j'ai transformé l'approche de mes pensées. Le lieu est magique, Paula est une excellente cuisinière, Ram est à l'écoute, les animaux sont présents. N'hésitez pas à leur rendre visite car cela changera en bien votre perception des choses et de la vie en général.

Merci Paula et Ram.

Céline Laplanche

from France, September 2019

"Un endroit magique et ressourçant"

Ram et Paula sont adorables et bienveillants. L'endroit est magique et apaisant. Ram enseigne une technique passionnante, à la fois spirituelle et tangible. Un moment hors du temps de prise de Conscience.

Fred-eric Bergheimer

from France, August 2019

"Un formidable séjour de détente"

La découvert grâce à Ram du Qi Gong et de son formidable apport.

La gentillesse et les incroyables qualités de cuisinière de Paul


from France, August 2019

"Super expérience "

Un stage de qi chong réussi grâce au professionnalisme, à l’ecoute Et aux conseils de Ram. L’accueil chaleureux de Paula et ses délicieux repas viennent agrémenter le tout. La maison, la rivière et la nature environnante rendent ce lieu apaisant et doux : parfait pour une retraite

Valerie Borgeon

from France, August 2019

"stage très agréable "

stage parfait sur tous les plans : bel endroit, hébergement comfortable, hôtes très attentionnés et cours de qi gong très bien menés riches en apport personnel et très conviviaux.

Barbara Coudert

from France, July 2019


I was sceptical with all these positive reviews, but everything was right up to expectations... Ram and Paula are warm and welcoming, the lessons were exactly what I needed, the place is amazing, and Paula's cooking is fantastic.

I am definitely coming back next year for another retreat.

Jane Martin

from Ireland, June 2019

"Highly recommended "

I stayed at this yoga retreat in Ariege France

I had a wonderful time at this amazing villa over the last week.Thank you most sincerely for your welcoming hospitality, your sensitivity and your consideration with regard to arriving at your place and sending Letti to pick me up at the station. You have an amazing sense of decor and good taste. ... your delicious food, your beautiful garden, your sense of humour and thank you for giving me the overall feeling of a well being. Ram certainly has the gift of making one relax while gently instructing his tailor made courses. He has great knowledge. A real sag


from France, June 2019

"A recommander !"

Les relations pleines de bienveillance et d'empathie

Eveline Weststeijn

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"One full word: WONDERFULL"

All has already been said in the other comments. Truly Amazing!

I’ll be back ;)