Tim Cools is a conscious entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher, and psychedelic coach, passionate about helping you to change your mind and to cultivate awareness.

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Tim Cools

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from Netherlands, November 2021

"Peaceful mind "

The program of this retreat is well thought-through. Tim is making sure you get to know all the insights of mindfulness and meditation. He is a very kind teacher and provides everyone with enough information and personal attention. I would definitely recommend this retreat if you are looking to work on a peaceful mind; this weekend will be the kickstart to implement mindfulness into the rest of your life.


from Netherlands, September 2020

"Relaxing, exhilarating and insightful"

Tim Cools is very passionate about mindfulness and influencing others into this practice. He has experienced its power and through his compassion, wants others to benefit from it like he does. I am sure that he has already succeeded in this early attempt and I would certainly recommend this event to people curious about meditation, want to expand what they have already experienced or who are just curious about consciousness and its ever-changing contents. Secondly, the location and the people working there augment your experience. Thirdly, the group that attended the workshop was interesting and I hope to meet at least some of these people again.