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10 Day Guided Motorbike Expedition in Nepal

Available in October & February
    from US$ 1,231
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    Nick Morrow

    from New Zealand, September 2018

    "Adventure and Chaos"

    This tour is everything an adventure lover could ask for. The himalayas are stunning and hard to comprehend the size of. It's mostly a deserty feel since you are so high up (mostly 10k feet +). I thought the food was very good for "camping" most nights or staying at cheaper hotels. The riding was always a challenge, no matter what day. Every type of road condition possible was seen and conquered. If you don't want to feel your life is on the line this tour isn't for you. You will be on cliff edges constantly. Overall I loved this tour, it totally flipped on its head what a "tourist" thing to do is. I have done hundreds of touristy things and this is the farthest from it I have found. I haven't climbed everest or anything but this was the height of my adventuring life.

    Alan Mclaren

    from Great Britain, June 2018

    Guide was very good and adapted to everyone's riding abilities .

    A Fantastic experience.

    Baldin Daniele

    from Italy, February 2018

    "Rajasthan 2018rRrraajasthan"

    1- visited places

    2-perfect organisation

    3-kindness of all members

    4-thanks for making tour even if i was the only biker