Vidyamor La Palma offers a beautiful oasis to combine yoga with detox retreats or wellness with a raw vegan diet to get and maintain health.

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Instructors (2)

Olay Bowald

Yamuna Riedemann

Reviews (3)

Robert And Petra Vergunst

from Netherlands, March 2020

"What a perfect stay"

The whole experience was excellent. Perfect ambiance and location. The treatments where all done with great care and experience. The house is in a little oases. Great beds. Oceanview and at night millions of stars. For the detox we had excellent advice. And a lot of care was given to the whole experience.

Martha Foley

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Excellent place to truly heal"

I have done many retreats and taken part in many detox programmes in my life. This is the best place to come to when you are really ready to step away from the world and truly change and improve your health for the better.