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10 Days Weapons Enthusiasts and Collectors Sightseeing Tour and Wine Tasting in Italy

Hotel Ambasciatori Brescia, Via Crocifissa di Rosa, 92, Brescia, 25128 Italy

Excellent Firearms and Weapons Sightseeing Tour and Wine Tasting Italy

A surprising trip unparalleled to others, this calls out to weapons enthusiasts and collectors. You will surely love this original tour to Italy. An authentic and innovative travel, this is a perfect occasion to visit the country. Firearms shooting is a sport made of heritage and values and you will discover Italy’s excellence in this field in Brescia and Florence. You will be in for an adrenaline-filled holiday that will show you the golden history of this sport, untarnished by age until the present day.

Key information

  • With a guide
  • Type of transportation: Private bus
  • Starts in: Brescia
  • Ends in: Florence
  • Minimum number of participants: 2 persons


  • Thrilling museum tours
  • Visit famed firearms factories
  • Private wine tasting in Franciacorta
  • Explore Brescia, Florence, and ancient sites
  • Services of English-speaking guides
  • City taxes and entrance fees
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Daily yummy dinner

8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
The maximum participants in the group is 30
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Relax at the four-star Brescia Hotel Ambasciatori or similar accommodations on nights one to six.

Unwind at Florence Hotel l’Orologio or similar accommodations on nights seven to nine.


Day 1: (Thursday) Arrival in Brescia

You will arrive in Milano and meet with your private driver for a transfer to Brescia, the most prestigious production district specialized on high-level firearms and a great representation of Italy’s excellence. You will check in a four-star hotel. Dinner will be in a typical Lombard restaurant in Brescia. The advice team will be glad to suggest to you authentic Italian restaurants depending on your tastes for all days of the tour!

Day 2: (Friday) The perfect U.S.A. historical firearms replicas, Uberti

You will have breakfast and then, the tour will start! In the morning, you will have a guided tour of Brescia for approximately three hours. You will meet with your private local guide and enjoy a walking tour to visit the Capitolium, Forum, Roman Theater, and the fourth cell of the Republican Sanctuary.

You will also have a guided tour of the Museum of Santa Giulia, where, summed up are the art, history, and spirituality of the city starting from the prehistoric to the present day. You will have a guided tour of the “Domus dell'Ortaglia,” Lombard Church of San Salvatore, Cross of King Desiderio, Winged Victory, the Nuns' Choir, and the Church of Santa Maria in Solario.

Under the structure of the Capitolium, the guide will show you the wonderful fourth cell of the extraordinary Republican Sanctuary. The frescoes will offer views of the widest area of the pre-Roman frescoes in Northern Italy. You will see archaeological and historical sources that testify as early as the Third Century B.C. Brixia, or Brescia, was economically advanced and a well-structured town. Brescia has also been recognized by UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Thereafter, you will have lunch at leisure. In the afternoon, you will meet with your private driver and transfer to Uberti S.p.A., the worldwide excellence of ancient 19th Century weaponry replicas. It is a great place to visit for every firearms enthusiast. Aldo Uberti founded his company in 1959 to recreate long-obsolete but iconic firearms from the days of the American West and the U.S. Civil War.

The factory has its head in Gardone, in the province of Brescia. Uberti factory is located in a production district renowned for excellence weapons manufacturing since the late Middle Ages. Aldo Uberti had attended the Zanardelli Gunsmithing School, and by age 14, he was already apprenticing with Beretta, a determining factor in his early career.

A particular event originated the success of the company. Uberti founded his idea on the eve of the U.S. Civil War's 100th anniversary when he was approached by U.S. businessmen who wanted to cater to the budding but promising reenactment market. Uberti's first replica was the 1851 Colt Navy revolver, followed by other Colt civil-war-era models.

Later, he moved on to Remington and Winchester designs. By the 1970s, Uberti had grown into an internationally recognized producer of Civil War and Old West firearms with high-quality standards and a marked preference for forging their receivers out of solid steel rather than using casting or alloys.

In the year 2000, Uberti was acquired by Beretta, thanks to whose substantial financing it and upgraded the factory to a brand-new facility, thereby greatly expanding production capacity. Uberti firearms have been featured in numerous Western movies thanks to their authentic looks.

Italian filmmaker, Sergio Leone, visited the Uberti factory in the 1960s to procure replica Civil War and Old West revolvers for use in all his Western films including “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and “Once Upon a Time in the West.” Other movie credits include Uberti's Colt Walker featured in John Wayne's 1969 True Grit, as well as the same model in Clint Eastwood's The Outlaw Josey Wales in 1979.

All firearms in the 1990 “Western Dances with Wolves,” starring Kevin Costner, were Uberti’s, while a number of Uberti rifles and pistols have also been used in the 1993 film “Tombstone” featuring Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell. It features American percussion revolvers, carbines, and rifles as well as cartridge revolvers, single-shot rifles, and lever-action rifles.

Those replicas are particularly appreciated by historical re-enactors, participants in action shooting sports such as cowboy action shooting, but also working ranchers and target shooters who prefer traditional-style firearms. Thanks to their quality, Uberti replicas are also sought after by collectors and historical firearm enthusiasts. Dinner will be in a typical Lombard restaurant.

Day 3: (Saturday) Must see the weaponry museum!

You will have breakfast at the hotel and in the morning, you will meet with your private driver for your transfer. You will visit the Weapons Museum in Gardone Val Trompia. The Museo delle Armi is placed in Villa Mutti Bernardelli and hosts unique ancient weapons. The museum preserves the historical evolution of weapons, represented through significant examples of the most important types of artifacts.

The exhibition focuses on firearms, starting in the 16th Century. The route illustrates and testifies in a rich excursus of weapons specimens, defense, hunting, and military use. Particular attention is paid to prototypes and models that have represented moments of historical technological innovations.

The museum second level contains an interesting didactic section. The rediscovery of ancient techniques and forgotten work processes are refined by age-old experiences. You will spend the afternoon in Brescia at leisure! Brescia has a plenty of fancy and luxury clothes shops, an authentic discover for every lover of Italian style. Dinner will be in a typical Lombard restaurant.

Day 4: (Sunday) The medieval castle in Brescia

You will have a morning visit to the Brescia Medieval Castle and its interesting weaponry museums. The keep, one of the oldest portions of the castle, was built by the Visconti in the 14th Century and an imposing part of Cidneo Hill’s surviving fortifications houses the “Luigi Marzoli” Arms Museum. It is one of the most important European collections of old armor and weaponry.

It has 580 swords, firearms, and suits of armor that illustrate the ancient tradition of arms production in Brescia. The museum’s 10 exhibition rooms of artistic artisanship start with a presentation of armaments from the 15th Century, the time of armored cavalry when helmets and body armor were strategically important.

The rarest pieces include a large Venetian helmet and under-helmet with a visor in the shape of a dog’s muzzle. The 13th Century sword is the oldest item on show. The collection includes numerous 16th Century arms which reflect the changes in modes of attack and development of more dynamic battle tactics in the epoch.

Lighter and more comfortable armor was required, such as the superb Maximilian-style suit of armor, almost ostentatious with its shiny and curved surfaces. The museum illustrates the aspects of social display and public honor that weapons and armor began to acquire, in addition to their battleground functions as objects of prestige and admiration at public parades.

The reconstruction in the “Elk Room” of a cavalier’s twin escorts, composed of soldiers on foot and on horseback armed with halberds and maces, adds to the striking general effect. The artisan never loses his sense of artistry, which may, at times, dominate over technical considerations such as in the case of the two round parade shields exhibited in the Luxury Armor Room.

Those are genuine works of art, finely embossed with gilt sections and portraying the Triumph of Bacchus. The historic voyage of discovery of the arms’ secrets includes the evocative history of the sword which evolved from being an all-purpose and sharp-edged weapon into a fine fencing instrument.

It was a process documented by the mid-16th to 18th Century. Examples are displayed which become increasingly functional and offer progressively more protection to the combatant’s hand. Halberds, muskets, pistols, and other guns in the museum section are dedicated to the extensive firearm collection, featuring pieces made by the most famous gunsmiths such as Cominazzo, Chinelli, Dafino, and Acquisti.

The arms on display often show originality in the gunpowder sparking mechanisms or decorations. The museum has an evocative atmosphere increased by the presence of the remains of an underlying First Century A.D. Roman temple. In the afternoon, you will have a private wine tasting in Franciacorta, in an enchanting farm.

Franciacorta is a small wine-producing area in Lombardy, Northern Italy. It is famous for its high-quality sparkling wines. The Franciacorta wine area is located in the Brescia province, in the hills immediately southeast of the foot of Lake Iseo. Franciacorta is widely regarded as Italy's finest sparkling wine. You will have dinner in a refined local cuisine restaurant.

Day 5: (Monday) Perazzi firearms, the Olympic excellence

After breakfast, you will depart for a private visit to see the excellence of firearms technology in Perazzi S.p.A. The history of Armi Perazzi is the history of Daniele Perazzi, a poor but doggedly determined young man who chased the myth of a perfect gun and dreamt about becoming a gunsmith.

When he was 16 years old, he got a job in a large company, proving his natural born talent and patenting one of his models. It is the first of a long series of guns, produced since the 1950’s, that bears his name. In 1957, at the age of 25, Daniele Perazzi founded Armi Perazzi and established his own factory where he has worked every day, together with his son, Mauro, and his daughter, Roberta, until his death.

From the beginning, Perazzi shooters achieved considerable success and the name and reputation of Perazzi became established and widely known. For 50 years, Perazzi has built a prestigious game and competition for guns that are a fusion between traditional gunsmithing, high technology, and the selection of excellent raw materials.

The perfect balance and handling and the innovations that have been made during that time have resulted in a gun suitable for every discipline and made the company a world leader in clay shooting. It is not a coincidence that Perazzi shooters hold the record of Olympic Gold medals, won since 1964 in Tokyo.

You will spend the afternoon at leisure in Brescia. The Taste & Slow Team will be glad to suggest to you the best places to visit and the authentic Italian street-style for your shopping. You will meet with your private driver for a transfer to Brione, for a very particular dinner at a local agricultural farm with “Km Zero” local food and wine.

Km Zero food is an innovative Italian concept to value and certify the food short supply chain. The farmhouses produce the raw materials of the menu dishes. However, the added value is much more. Most of the providers are certified organic indeed.

Organic agriculture substitutes the chemical additives with natural and sustainable methods. Taste & Slow can guarantee that Italy is the most reliable organic-certified producer in the world, due to the severe production of European Union rules and protocols.

Day 6: (Tuesday) Fiocchi, the ammunition precision

After breakfast, you will depart for Lecco. You can have a walking tour at your leisure on the lake shores of Lago di Como. You can have lunch at leisure. Thereafter, you will be transferred for a private visit to the famous Fiocchi industry of small caliber ammunition, a great Italian excellence.

Fiocchi achieved numerous and prestigious awards as well as sporting successes in national, world, and Olympic titles, on athletes who use Fiocchi cartridges and bullets in all shooting disciplines from the trap, double trap, skeet shooting, and biathlon to precision shooting, and so on. %Flattering success is also being achieved by the hunting and sports cartridges range with the EVO shotshell launched in 2006 and the more recent line of shotshells for 308 or 7.62-calibre rifles, as well as enhancement of the line of cartridges for rifles, from the .223-calibre Remington to the .338-calibre Lapua Magnum.

Fiocchi is a privately owned company, run with the same passion and creativity as in the past by the fourth generation of a family of entrepreneurs. For 135 years, as a leading player, the family has written the history of ammunition all over the world.

Day 7: (Wednesday) Best of Florence and the Uffizi Gallery

You will have an early morning transfer to Firenze! You will meet with your private driver for a transfer to Milano Central train station and then a transfer to Florence by the high-speed bullet train, Frecciarossa. You will travel for one hour and 40 minutes. In the afternoon, at 03:00 p.m., you will enjoy a Florence small group guided tour including a visit to the Uffizi Gallery.

You will skip the long lines as you have a reserved priority entrance to the Uffizi Gallery. The tour highlights include discovering more of Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Botticelli, and the Vasari Corridor discovery external walking tour where you will learn about its history and secrets!

Enjoy the opportunity to discover the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in Italy and learn the secrets of the Vasari Corridor, the Medici family's secret passageway. It houses the most incredible collection of artworks from the Middle Ages to Renaissance and beyond.

You will see a collection of masterpieces with no equal in the world, by artists like Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Botticelli, and many more. With the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy an approximate two and a half hour guided tour of the main rooms of the Uffizi Gallery, skipping the usual long lines as you will have a reserved priority entrance.

It is a not-to-be-missed visit for your Florence stays. The Pontevecchio, the landmark of Florence, houses the best-kept secret. It serves as a passageway dating back to 1564, when the Grand Duke of Florence, Cosimo I de' Medici, ordered his favorite architect, Giorgio Vasari, to build a path that would allow him and the Royal family to move freely from their residence at Palazzo Pitti to the government palace at Palazzo de la Signoria, on another side of the River Arno.

Hidden between city houses and even passing through a church, the Vasari Corridor has evolved as one of the most astounding architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance. With an in-depth explanation by a professional guide, you will uncover the Vasari Corridor history and secrets as you walk along its path from the outside, cutting through the old town, and experiencing the same perspective of the Medici family's enemies trying to follow and track the Grand Duke's movements inside the passageway. You will have dinner in a typical Tuscan restaurant.

Day 8: (Thursday) An interesting day dedicated to analyzing the carabine used to kill J.F. Kennedy

You will spend the morning in Firenze at leisure. The second day in the enchanting city will be rather easy and you will have a nice walk along Florence historical center. Taste & Slow can suggest the most famous places and also the hidden ones in off the beaten paths. You will have lunch at your leisure.

After lunch, you will have a private transfer to Campo Tizzoro to visit a very singular place. It will take one hour. Then, you will accelerate the tour rhythm! You will discover some technical detail more related to the J.F. Kennedy murder and about the used weapon, right there in Tuscany. Incredible, is it not?

In brief SMI is an old weapon factory in Campo Tizzoro, in Tuscany Mountains. It was one of the major weapons factories of Europe and has been NATO supplier for many years. In the present day, it is an interesting museum focused on World War II weapons.

A sniper rifle, excellently preserved and similar to the one used to kill JFK recently has been found in the factory warehouse. It seems that it has been left there by the Warren Commission during the inquiry. The commission members visited the factory because two bullets of the JFK's murder were produced right there in the factory.

The theory is that the sniper rifle could be the "second" one used in Dallas and it seems more similar to the one held by Osvald in photos than the one that was actually recognized as the murder weapon. The guides will expose technical details involving you in one of the greatest mysteries of contemporary times! Thereafter, you will transfer to Florence and have dinner in a typical Tuscan restaurant in Florence.

Day 9: (Friday) An interesting weapons exposition

After breakfast and some relaxation, the next attraction on day nine will open at 10:00 a.m. you will visit Stibbert Museum, specialized in ancient weaponry and armors. The museum was created by Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906). His father was English, his mother, Italian. Frederick was born in Florence.

His father, Thomas, was a colonel of the Coldstream Guards and his grandfather, Giles, had been Governor of Bengal, in India. Giles accumulated an incredible fortune which passed on to Frederick when he was 21 years old. He started to collect immediately upon his coming of age and ended up transforming his house in a real museum.

When Frederick died he left the museum to the municipality of Florence. In the present day, the collection amounts to 36,000 inventory numbers for about 50,000 items. Lunch will be at your leisure as well as the afternoon Firenze. Taste & Slow can suggest the best famous and also hidden places or off beaten paths to visit. You will have dinner in a typical Tuscan restaurant.

Day 10: (Saturday) Departure day

You will have to bid farewell to Italy and your new friends. You will be transferred by a taxi to the train station in Florence. Then, you will depart from the airport via train to Rome or Pisa. Or by bus to Florence Airport (FLR) or Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ).


This tour will take place in Brescia, Gardone Val Trompia, Franciacorta, Florence, and Campo Tizzoro in Italy.


During this tour, you will be provided with nine dinners in restaurants, as well as beverages. You will also experience a private wine tasting in Franciacorta.

The following meals are included:

  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

On day two, you can join a Brescia walking tour of the Old Cathedral, New Cathedral, and Palazzo Broletto. It also covers a tour of Piazza Loggia with the building of the Lodge, the Holy Mount of Piety, and the astronomical clock. You will visit the Saint Giovanni Evangelista Church to admire the famous chapel frescoed by Romanino and Moretto and witness the happy painting season Brescia of the first Renaissance. You will enjoy a guided tour of Piazza Vittoria, a testimony of the transformations implemented in the fascist period by the architect Piacentini.

You will see the imposing structure of the Tempio Capitolino, reflecting the importance of the city during the Roman and pre-Roman times, then, the ancient Forum. You will see the evidence of the Roman basilica and visit the Roman Theater. Taste & Slow can also suggest places you can dine in, shop at, and off the beaten tracks that you can explore throughout your trip.

What's included

  • Entrance to the Brescia Castle and museums
  • Private visit to firearms factories such as Uberti SpA, Perazzi SpA, and Fiocchi SpA
  • Private tasting wine in Franciacorta
  • Services of local English-speaking guides for 3 and a half days in Brescia, Firenze, and the museum in Campo Tizzoro
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 9 dinners and beverages
  • Private transfers as scheduled in the tour program
  • Transfers from Milano to Florence by high-speed train Frecciarossa (bullet train)
  • City taxes

What's not included

  • Medical, baggage, and cancellation insurance (optional)
  • Other tailored services (optional, to book previously, the services requested on site will be quoted apart)
  • Renting or transfer by car upper level (optional, luxury or supercars)
  • Private transfer on the last day to the preferred airport (optional, Rome or Pisa)
  • Florence or Bologna by bus (optional, transfer service has to be booked apart)
  • Everything not mentioned in What is Included
  • Flight tickets
  • Optional tours or experiences

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 16% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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