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USA Personal Wellness Retreat

During your private retreat, you will be staying in a private room with a private bath and be given highly personalized mindfulness, wellness, and stress management coaching, individual yoga instruction, outdoor activities including hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming, a written summary of wellness, mindfulness, and stress management resources, and take-home practices upon completion of the process.

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  • Receive individual yoga instruction
  • Approximately 8 personalized contact hours per day
  • Highly personalized mindfulness, wellness, and stress management coaching
  • A written summary of wellness, mindfulness, and stress management resources
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming
  • Take home practices upon completion of the process
  • 4 nights accommodation

5 days with instruction
Group size: 1-1 participants
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  • Sauna
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Yoga studio

During this retreat, you will be having your own private room with a private bathroom. Well Beings Retreats is also flexible to change the accommodation if you prefer. For more information, please send an inquiry.

Bethel Farm

For years, Bethel Farm has been cultivating the mood of yoga, of healing, and peace that strikes guests instantly when they first arrive. The mood is enhanced by the gardens, that supply much of the produce in season for their meals. The main yoga studio, with its warm textures and many windows, feels right for any size group, accommodating up to 40 yogis on their unfurled mats, or over 100 seated on cushions for a candle-lit kirtan. They also offer simple accommodations and excellent vegetarian meals.

The farm offers simple, bright accommodations for those who would like to have a relaxing getaway. There are three double rooms, a five-person dormitory, and a 10-person dorm. They also offer a small cabin for two to three people, as well as eight tent platforms for 12 people. Bathrooms are shared. There are indoor facilities, as well as outdoor showers, sinks, and composting toilets.

The sun-washed yoga studio is 26 x 36 feet. There is a shared common space with a full kitchen. On the ground floor is a second sitting area. For larger groups (10 or more people), meals are served in the spacious dining commons. The property includes a large sauna, pond for swimming, and hiking trails. The total effect is harmonious, spacious, and peaceful.


Personal counseling retreats

This is an alternative to traditional counseling, inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, and addiction rehab; with unparalleled personal attention, cultivate new skills to meet your life’s challenges.

Individual counseling retreats: In a time of crisis, at a crossroads, or when you need to dig deep

Almost everyone comes to a time of great difficulty in life. You may be overwhelmed, unable to manage your emotions, negative thoughts, or reactions to stress. You may be confronting patterns of addiction. Perhaps a relationship may be in crisis, or you're coming to a major life choice or transition, or you may simply know the way you are living must change.

If therapy by the hour isn't the right fit, and you don't want a cookie-cutter institutional experience, individual counseling retreats offer a different way. A unique opportunity to experience one-to-one stress management, addiction recovery, counseling, or mindfulness retreat.

When you're ready to focus on personal change, the retreat setting will support your intention

You'll choose a harmonious place that reflects simplicity and minimizes distraction. The deceptively simple power of a retreat is that when you immerse yourself in a place of harmony and self-reflection, new ways of thinking and living naturally emerge. This is one reason retreats have been used by wisdom traditions for centuries.

How your retreat is designed

After a phone consultation to discuss your goals, needs, and preferences, Doug will create a proposal for you that details your personal retreat. Some retreats focus more on counseling, others on learning mindfulness, and still, others on spending time in nature. Most often, a retreat center is used as the base as it provides easy access to healthy meals and other supportive services such as yoga and massage.

Some clients prefer to work in their own home or another favorite location. A daily plan and rhythm are created around your unique objectives. A typical day combines individual counseling, meditation instruction and practice, time outdoors, and time for quiet reflection, reading, or journaling. Retreats are typically two to five days but can be longer or shorter.

Areas of focus during your retreat

  • Anxiety, stress, and issues of distraction
  • Marital or family problems or crisis
  • Addiction/dependence regarding alcohol and substances*, media, work, sexuality, relationship, etc.
  • Life decisions
  • Loss of inner direction, meaning, and matters of spirituality
  • Grieving losses and changes
  • Emotional balance and self-regulation
  • Cultivating wellness
  • An alternative to addiction rehab or psychiatric hospital

Personal change is a process, not an event

In a world of endless distraction, one of the most radical things you can do is slow down and focus on one thing. The decision to devote time to a retreat is a singular commitment to your growth. It means taking yourself and your well-being seriously. It's based on the empowering idea that when you stop avoiding your demons and look them straight in the eye, lo and behold, you'll find they are workable.

Take time to reflect, regroup, and renew

A personal retreat creates a priceless disruption of business as usual. You'll unplug from normal ways of living that reinforce the behaviors that are getting in your way. Stepping away from the habit patterns brings a new perspective. Self-limiting ways of thinking and behaving become clearer. You'll increasingly understand how you feed into your own stress.

With the clarity that mindfulness brings, you'll learn to respond, not just react. You'll practice the skills you will use going forward to meet your challenges more skillfully. Your self-respect and self-confidence say thank you.

Nature = Medicine

Great artists and change agents have long understood the benefits of spending time in nature. It connects you to something essential in yourselves, away from social pressures and ideas of who you're supposed to be. In times of personal reflection, you'll do well to draw on the beauty and balance of nature, which embody the resilience and steadiness you are seeking.

You'll learn practices that support you to be more firmly rooted, as life's winds sway they won't topple you. As appropriate for your needs and abilities, retreats include mindfulness, counseling, yoga, and walking in the outdoors.

Therapeutic approach to retreats

So often, therapy can be a drawn-out retelling of your past. Instead, begin where you are now. Sufficient history is taken over the phone prior to the retreat to prepare you to begin working immediately on the first day of your retreat. Using research-supported therapy approaches such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Internal Family Systems, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and others, focus on struggles in your present life, rather than lengthy analysis of your past.

Of course, there's value in understanding your history and how it influences you. This process creates a concise summary of important past events while building skills to better respond to present-moment challenges. You'll also use research-supported body-based practices drawn from yoga and meditation to help you self-regulate from the ground up. It's an empowering and practical form of therapy, leveraging mind and body, with the focus on preparing you to meet difficulty with more comprehensive resourcefulness.

A uniquely focused, impactful format

  • A five-day counseling retreat is the equivalent, or greater, of one year of weekly therapy.

Learn mindfulness. Become more resilient.

Mindfulness doesn't promise you'll never get stressed or upset. But it teaches you how to ride the waves of emotion and thoughts, and move through a messy, unpredictable world, with more grace and less suffering. Another word for these benefits is resilience. Research associates mindfulness with lower rates of anxiety and depression, greater life and relationship satisfaction, and reduced biomarkers of stress.

A personal retreat provides in-depth coaching to learn and integrate the ideas and practices of Mindfulness. Create a personal plan to maintain your practice post-retreat and Doug will guide you to resources to support your growing practice over the long run.

Why retreats and intensives

Retreats and intensives are intended to fill a gap in mental health and wellness services. If you need to address a significant issue but feel a weekly therapy hour isn't enough and stay at a psychiatric hospital or an addiction rehab facility isn’t appropriate, a personal retreat or intensive may be a good fit.

This model provides time to do in-depth work while staying present through the full cycle of ups and downs of mood changes and relationship conflicts. The time to dig deep with focused, sustained, professional attention in a counseling retreat is unique and can be very powerful. It's all designed in a timeframe that fits your schedule.

Changing addictive patterns can also be the focus of counseling intensive. Habit cessation sometimes requires removing oneself from one's home environment and taking time in an intentional, supportive process to cultivate new habits. Retreats and intensives are entirely confidential. No medical record is created.

Included excursions

Mindfulness + Outdoors

As part of the wellness and nature-based mindfulness aspects of this retreat, activities can include snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, hiking, paddleboarding, and swimming, among others.


Doug Baker


Bethel Farm is a small yoga and living arts center in the woods of Hillsborough, New Hampshire. The farm offers an atmosphere conducive to deep inner reflection and self sadhana.

What's included

  • Personalized contact hours of approximately 8 hours per day
  • Highly personalized mindfulness, wellness, and stress management coaching
  • Individual yoga instruction
  • Outdoor activities
  • A written summary of wellness, mindfulness, and stress management resources
  • Take-home practices upon completion of the process
  • 4 nights accommodation

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
5 days / 4 nights
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Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 1 participants

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