H20 Yoga and Meditation invites you to immerse in a slower, more even paced, and mindful way of being in the stunning paradise of Indonesia.

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Francesca Fabricio

from Czechia, March 2020

"perfect getaway to regenerate"

loved the place, location, atmosphere and the offer of yoga classes.

so calm and relaxing, loving the classes with Jane

great value for money

Ellysse Mellington

from Australia, March 2020

"H2o review"

The teacher training was fantastic. I learned more then expected from Claire.

Highly recommend

Sophia Marie Kramer

from Spain, February 2020

"I loved every second of this retreat"

I went on this retreat, to reconnect with myself and give myself time off. H2O and this magical island Gili Air have made it possible. I learned so much in my classes because I would consider myself to be on a beginners level rather than to be very advanced in yoga. But the classes are designed that everybody can follow and allows you to adapt really easily. The instructors always give you an alternative and gladly help you if you have any struggles or feel pain with a yoga pose. Because they offer a wide range of different types of Yoga, I had the chance to try them and find what's best for me.

In general, the staff and all the yoga teachers were lovely and really kind. Always happy to help and very accommodating with any requests.

The facility was amazing, very beautiful and put together with a lot of love, truly a place to relax and enjoy your time there.

The location of the Retreat centre is perfect, in the heart of the little village, you can rent a bike or walk everywhere within minutes.

Overall I can just say this retreat was everything I needed and more. I felt like I was home, super relaxed and I found what I was looking for. Never expected it to be this healing, but it truly was a magical experience!

Terri Canvas

from Indonesia, February 2020

"Just what the doctor ordered!"

From the time I arrived I felt I had left everything behind, the grounds at H20 are so relaxing and a calm vibration is always present. There was a mixed group of people, ages and levels and the instructors were experienced to find a good mix to keep everyone happy, I loved all the classes and did 3 x every day. One day I did a coconut water detox which was challenging but my body really appreciated, so many wonderful things happened during my week there. The Soul Renewal Retreat was good value for money and I am thinking to come back in six months and do it again. Can definitely recommend this package.

Melanie Ngo

from Australia, February 2020

"Soul nourishing"

H20 yoga had exceeded all my expectations.

There were so many amazing classes everyday and the yoga teachers were all experienced and created powerful, impactful yoga/meditation sessions.

The staff were all friendly and so beautiful.

It was definitely value for money, within the 6 days, i was able to do 10+ yoga classes and had their nourishing vegan/vegetarian breakfast every morning.

I have learnt so much and have grown emotionally and spiritually, and have all the beautiful trainers and healer to thank for.

It has definitely sparked a fire in me to pursue my passion in yoga.


from Switzerland, January 2020

"A beautiful training"

I got so much out of this Yin Yoga TT and learnt much more than I expected. Claire is lively, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and compassionate. I love how she put together the content and tools for Yin Yoga while being by our side while we experienced yin yoga ourselves and all of what it really meant within our body, our emotions... For me she ll always be the teacher who started my journey towards Yin Yoga... she did it safely and I feel that I gained a lot from it. Not only for my own practice but also if I wish to continue my path with teaching yoga... I find that some of the tools are already helping me right now releasing tensions... being more present... understanding the messages of my body and so much more... As for the H10 team and accommodations... I just loved the vibe, the people... everyone in H10 was attentive, helpful and into yoga obviously!!!!! :-) Hanan

Katrin Schulz

from Spain, December 2019

"Loved it ! "

Helen’s Yin Yoga workshop

Lisa Huynh

from Australia, December 2019

"First time traveler"

This was my first time traveling on my own as well as doing a yoga and meditation retreat. I loved everything about it, to the accommodation, all the instructors, the guys working at the cafe. I felt so safe and comfortable being alone I wished I stayed a little longer. Was such a great experience, I can’t wait to go back next year.

Larrisa Donete

from Indonesia, November 2019

"One of my best holidays ever!"

The yoga classes were very creative and the teachers helpful with good instructions. I ended up having a private lesson and learned so much in one hour. The package included a 60 min massage at there spa which I loved and a beautiful breakfast. Healthy juices, good organice Bali coffee, they have all the bases covered. Yes happy to recommend and I look forward to bringing my partner back here for a longer stay.

Barry Bennet

from Indonesia, November 2019

" I don't want to leave!"

Loved everything about this awesome place. They are right in to there meditation and yoga but are still regular people, not trying to be someone better which is often found in these style of places, Cracking menu at the Boat house cafe and excellent instructors. Will come back for longer next time :)

Ingrid Spence

from Vietnam, November 2019

I loved every minute of my training and time at H2O. The course material and both Claire and Kate were exceptional. I can’t believe how much we covered in 55 hours and how much growth and personal transformation I experienced.

Angie Smith

from Indonesia, October 2019

"Excellent Yoga !"

I loved my time at H20,. The instructors were all well trained and taught good quality classes. The centre itself is absolutely beautiful and really well located. I met a lot of interesting people and loved every minute of my time there, A great value retreat!

Anna Trittel

from Indonesia, October 2019

"Great Value, Great venue"

I'd never been to the Gili's prior to this trip and din't know what to expect as most information is about Gili Trawangan that has a party reputation. In coming for a balance of solitude and a little 'happy hour' sunset time I made the right choice. H20 is in a great location, it is a well desgned and maintained center and the staff, food and instructors are all exceptional.I will be recommending this place to my friends. The wonderful blend of classes got me feeling really good about myself as I was in a bit of a rut before.It was such a beautiful week, very hard to leave. Thank you everyone at H20!!!

Delvene Beluse

from Indonesia, October 2019

"10 out of 10 !"

Everything went perfectly during my stay. Clean bungalows, great yoga and meditation classes and a bunch of cool people to chat with. They were always there to assist if needed. Great instructions in the yoga and catering for all levels. The setting is very tranquil and only a stones throw to the beach. I had a great week and plan to return again, same time next year!

Aya Elhaddad

from Egypt, October 2019

Everything was good from the place, instructors, the food, the cafe there is perfect, and the crew are amazing, I even expanded my stay for one more day

Sabrina Cata

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Nice Retreat package and good price!"

Really good value and the center itself took me by surprise as it is so nice. I got recommended by a friend who also got recommended by someone. Great place to re-set and get focused, met some super cool people and re -ignited my yoga practice. Being so close to the ocean was the icing on the cake!

Angelina Cruz

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Exceptional Teacher Training"

I completed the teacher training with lovely Claire at the impressive H20 Yoga and Meditation Center. It was a fantastic week of learning set in a yoga center that makes you feel very welcome and what I thought was the perfect environment between classes to find that peace by the islands shores.Claire and her team structured the really well, it really is to her credit she was able to cover so much in just one week. Claire demonstrated vast knowledge in Yin Yoga not only from her own training but from practical experience and I felt blessed she was open in her sharing.I hope to come back next year for further training, if I bring my boyfriend I will send him off diving :) I can't wait to put what I have learnt this time round in to action, I am feeling very confident and certain about my ability to teach and love of yoga.

Francee Flower

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Yin Yoga Teacher Training at its best!"

After successfully completing the Yin yoga course with Clare and Kate I feel so confident in teaching this style and applying the theory to my own practice. It was an amazing week, beautiful accommodations, amazing people and I loved every minute. To be able to walk 2 minutes down to the beach twice a day for a dip in the calm ocean was a blessing. H20 is in a great location.I have so much grattitude to the teachers for making the learning so interactive, fun and relevant. Sending much love to you both and the H20 team for taking care of me.

Carlos Rivera

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Fantastic Teacher Training"

H20 was the perfect place for the the teacher training course I completed with Clare and have to say it was brilliant and went beyond what I actually expected. In one week we were put through our paces, not just with the in depth philosophy, lectures and physical classes but being asked to relate this to our own personal experience was like being put through my own psychotherapy which was very revealing and appreciated by all. The syllabus did say the course would teach students to go through the process of Yin Yoga themselves to be able to teach others, and this it truly did. Not only do I feel ready to teach Yin Yoga but I learnt more about my own life patterns and how to use this beautiful tool to bring the balance I longed for now in my own life.Thank you Clare and the lovely assistant Kate for your beautiful work, I hope I meet you both again.

Kelly Kalana

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Just gets better and better!"

This is my third visit to H20 over the last 4 years and it just keeps getting better and better. Quality of yoga was awesome as always and they have an amazing menu now in the cafe. The included breakfast is healthy and delicious. They were almost finished building a coffee shop and restaurant on the street front during my visit in September where they will be apparently baking Vegan and Gluten free treats. Can't wait to come back and try them :). Thoroughly Recommend this beautiful place.

Olga Sharipova

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Excellent training program!"

I can thoroughly recommend the training, it was presented very professionally and clearly. The group was beautiful, a very mixed bunch: some teachers, some just with a very keen interest to learn more. Claire prepared all of us to teach and the course program was delivered in a way with very effective teaching skills to allow us to understand and absorb. H20 is a beautiful facility and the staff are charming. I am sure I will return for other trainings.


from Indonesia, September 2019

"Amazing experience in Gili Air"

Very good location, instructors, classes and installations. It was my first yoga retreat and it was an amazing experience. Gili Air is a paradise that combined with the yoga and meditation classes becomes a perfect way of relaxing, renewing energy and stopping for a while. I would repeat for sure. The perfect place for enjoying Gili Air.

Tina Trancey

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Yoga and green juice!"

I hit a time in my travel plans where I needed to get back on track with some healthy eating and exercise and the H20 centre was a great choice. Daily yoga and meditation with a Green Juice every day got me back feeling great. The place and the people in general all made the experience calming and soothing. If your looking for good quality yoga and a great vibe to go with it, you can't go wrong!

Selina Tomasich

from Australia, September 2019

"Sept 2019 experience"

Was a great experience - accomodation is fine, basic and clean. Teachers are good - some better than others. Good range of classes. All was good - it's not a 5 star facility but it is so well priced and classes are spaced out so you can attend morning, throughout the day and late afternoon.

Bettina Fister

from Germany, September 2019

"beyond perfect "

the yoga classes were perfect for every level.

The place was clean, I felt welcome from the first moment on and everyone wanted to make sure that I enjoy my stay.

Stacey Pilot

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Heavenly massage and pampering yoga holiday"

I chose the package with the massages as I was a bit in need of some nurturing after a busy year of work and it was a good choice. Daily visits to the spa and the local therapists were great. The girls knew what they were doing and made me feel so special. My daily routine would be to ponder down to the beach, walk along the shoreline, back for the 9 am yoga, have some food prepared with love from there cafe and then on to the massage table or getting my nails down on the verandah of the wellness centre and watch the world go by. haha. Great life, right ! It was an excellent holiday and I have vowed to myself to return as it did me so much good.If you lead a busy life then this is a good choice to re connect with yourself and H20 is a real centre to retreat.

Janey Combes

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Island medicine...awesome !"

I can't believe I never knew about this island before, it is so beautiful and the owner of H20 has built something out of this world.It has a beautiful feel about it and so do the staff and all the people that were there during my stay.

Good yoga, good food and good massages. I can thoroughly recommend this gem for others to come and enjoy. Don't forget to try the gluten free brownie. yum, yum !

Tatty Shalanova

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Unlimited yoga and unlimited good vibes."

It was all just really easy. The days went so quick, doing yoga, chatting to people, doing meditation, getting a massage....it was a great holiday. I loved both the flowing Vinyasa classes in the morning and the softer gentle classes in the afternoons. The design of the centre is really beautiful, such a nice space to hang out and let thoughts arise, a great place to just sit and appreciate life and everything you have in your life. I left a lot more positive then when I arrived. It really did me a lot of good. Thank you to everyone at H20, hope to see you again...xxx


from Indonesia, August 2019

"Good break, great yoga!"

Like most people probably do, I did my research before coming and was happy with my choice. H20 has a good reputation and a lot of good reviews as it has been around for 7 or 8 years. Treated myself to good food, great physical exercise and calming meditation. The massages were the icing on the cake. I left like a new man!


from Australia, August 2019

Great choice of yoga styles and times, food at the cafe is really ‘clean’ and staff are very helpful

Jeff Gomile

from Indonesia, August 2019

"H20 rocks!"

I have done a lot of different retreats in the Bali area and this one was a good mix of the physical and the spiritual,and can highly recommend. Good clear instruction and many interesting people to meet. The food in there cafe is absolutely delicious!

Jethro Compass

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Loving life!"

After spending a few days here I was able to let go of a lot of stuff I was hanging on to. The Yin classes were my favorite, they made me stay still and tune in with feelings and body. I can't thank the instructors enough. They were beautiful people. I look forward to coming back again

Fanny Paradise

from Indonesia, August 2019

""Salt air and meditation bliss""

Meditating on a tropical island, surrounding myself in love and treating myself well was the perfect combo. My time at H20 Yoga and Meditation Center was a nurturing experience for my soul. The staff and teachers and cafe boys all made me feel special. Thanks H20, see you again !


from Indonesia, August 2019

"A great break from city life!"

Just what I needed. Some beach time, some healthy eating, rest and yoga. This is a great place to re-charge your batteries and meet some nice people.

Teddy Renste

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Great escape location !"

I went to this retreat with a friend and we both loved it. The centre has a lot thoughtful touches and the people that we met were really down to earth.

Would recommend allowing more time,as we were on a tight schedule and could easily have had 3 or 4 more days here. We will come back again in the next 12 months. Learnt a lot in the classes and enjoyed all the different teachers.

Elaine Carter

from Indonesia, August 2019

"fun in the sun"

I had a great time at H20. The people were super friendly and the classes and Yin workshop exceeded my expectations. If your looking to have some time in a beautiful little piece of paradise then this is it!


from Singapore, August 2019

"Good experience"

I really enjoyed the classes (apart from having to swat at the flies every minute) - the instructors were great and experienced. The retreat was quiet, peaceful and tranquil. Gili Air has small island vibes - not much to do so I guess you’re forced to rest, which was good for me.

Marta Due

from Indonesia, July 2019

"I feel Pampered!"

I came for some relaxation, some affection and love and really felt it with the treatments in the Spa and also the staff and teachers at the centre. It was really hard to leave as I got into the rhythm of waking up, doing some yoga, eating a beautiful gluten free breakfast and then selecting from the inclusions in the package of reflexology, massage, mani and pedi. Even with flights it was still a cheap holiday in a beautiful location, I plan to come back again for sure.

Karen Blindes

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Nourishing yoga and food"

A friend of mine recommended this retreat package and H20 and it turned out to be just what I needed. They have an incredible menu of stylish food and the general feel of the place is very soothing in itself. About 200 meters down the path is the beach and many restaurants for evening entertainment if your looking for that. What surprised me was how much I liked the meditation class I attended, I ended up doing two. Great time had and I am now FB friends with some of the staff.

Brittany Taylor

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Mind, Body, Soul..just like new!"

I liked the wide range of classes and that it was for all levels, the teachers were good at making everyone feel welcome. Being a bit of a food critic I was really impressed by the included Gluten free dishes and amazing fresh juices. I didn't know much about Gili Air before my visit but definitely intend to come back again. H20 is a special place and I feel much more centred and connected to my soul essence.

Mark Johnson

from Indonesia, July 2019

""A lovely time was had""

I can thoroughly recommend this retreat and centre to any one looking for a place to recharge with good yoga and healthy food. I looked at several places before deciding on this one and it was worth the research, everything was great. If you can allow more time here it would be worth while.

Louise Dominey

from Spain, July 2019

"A fab yoga holiday in paradise "

H2O is a calm and peaceful place to practice yoga with like minded people. The 6 night package was great, leaving enough time to explore different classes and still enjoy the beautiful island. Highlights were Claire’s Yin class and the beginners workshop with Kate. We also thoroughly enjoyed the hatha yoga with bamboo sticks and the aqua yoga! Jon and the team were quick to respond to questions before arrival and were helpful with queries during our stay. I really hope we get the chance to come back in the future!

Natalie Prim

from Indonesia, July 2019

"July 2019 - Best Yoga in Bali- Lombok area!"

June and July 2019 was a hard core Yoga trip I had been planning for a year. I visited many studios in Ubud, Seminyak, Canguu and on the different Gili islands. After attending a drop in class with Clare at H20 I decided to stay and do a retreat package.Clare and the other teachers are top shelf, they are not about gymnastics, they are just normal people that have followed the path of self improvement in their own lives for a long time and have nice and meaningful things to share with people. They all seem to approach yoga in a careful way, not reckless like some other places which is very re-assuring.

The centre itself has been well thought out, and takes care of people with sensitive diets with there Gluten Free/ Coeliac cafe. Ambiance personified, wished I could live there :) I met many people that stay at H20 every year, seems like they are building a nice community. Green light, do it!

Fred Rizzo

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Shine bright like a diamond!"

The teachers put confidence and self worth back in to me. Now I am

"Shining bright like a diamond!' I arrived a bit flat, but after some positive conversations and classes with the truly gifted teachers I have my mojo back. H20 has really good yoga and really good food and everything else but it is much more than that, really hard to put in to words, I will try to return again when I get more holidays, it is a very special place.

Anthony Cashwell

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Meditation and Yoga delight"

I had the intention to take as much from my time here as I could and there was no disapointments. The teachers shared a lot of their knowledge and I arrived at a place of peace, the busy mind started to slow down from my intense office job and I felt the joy of the present moment like I had never experienced before. There is a certain energy at H20 that umbrellas you and you start to look at things in your life differently. Big worries and concerns don't seem so big. I will take the teachings and continue for 21 days like Jon advised me and then I will continue on and on and on. I plan to come back and do there 55hr Yin Training with Claire in December which will be a lovely Xmas gift to myself. Why ? because I love myself :)

Tim Bantree

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Good quality Instructors at this Magical place"

I did the Beginners and Yin workshops with Kate and Claire on a recent trip and it not only gave me a lot more confidence but it also helped me to understand my own body and emotions, it's really opened up so many new doors other than just the physical side. This centre incorporates all aspects of yoga and that is what myself and all the other guests really felt. If your reading this, just book, you will see,its all good!

Riana Cardomen

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Great Gluten Free food-Great YOGA!"

This is a great place if you want a good mix of everything: Yoga, Meditation, workshops and food,really good food, all Gluten Free..I'm reasonably new to yoga and felt very comfortable. The staff and teachers are awesome and the centre has a good location, quiet at night and close to the beach, I love Gili Air and look forward to coming back to H20.

Amanda Malony

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Soul Renewed!!"

I did the yoga package on a whim after reading other reviews and wanting a relaxing break for a couple of days before heading back home. I was not disappointed. I loved the energy of this center, John the owner has established an tranquil yoga center on the most perfect paradise island. From your welcome by a lovely local receptionist you are truly taken care of; the rooms were very high standard with daily cleans and fresh towels, I slept like a baby the whole time here. The breakfast was truly delicious, they are in the process of changing over into a full Gluten free restaurant and I was able to try out some of the new things they aim to be providing, fully organic and made with only the best ingredients I am excited to see how it unfolds. The yoga classes were fantastic, I attended the meditation and traditional Hatha with Kate who has such a grounded and beautiful persona, a teacher who practices and teaches from the heart and this really shows; the aqua with Clair was fun and creative, I felt nurtured to practice yoga in water, the Yin class also with Clair was exceptional and the best I've been to, it was fantastic to see Clair's knowledge and passion come out the sequence provided was just beautiful. The spa on site provided the best massage to unwind before bed. The center is minutes from the beach and away from the hustle of the island but close enough to be part of everything. Thank you John you have created such a beautiful yoga center it was perfect!

Marie Loyer

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Bad energy over there. Not a peaceful retreat "

Yoga classes were good (Claire is really good and the new teacher Lindsay is amazing). I met really nice people.

Craig Hood

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Gluten Free - Best food in town !"

I loved everything about my time here. After doing many retreats in different places and being served up the same old stuff, the options and menu at H20 has really set the bar in my mind and others should try to follow suit. Great people to meet in and out of the studio, excellent classes and nice accommodation. All round a great experience, highly recommend!

Carrie Hann

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Fantastic short stay, best yoga center on the island!"

Loved the vibe at H20, from the moment of landing after the heat and boat trip i was so well looked after, the owner Jono give me a juice whilst waiting, he was a very friendly funny guy, who is well traveled so we had lots to talk about. They also have a lovely local girl on reception who made sure my room etc was all okay, even got me in there early which was a nice treat as I so badly wanted a shower. The center itself is fantastic, it has a pool you can get a good swim in, its not too busy and in the perfect location in the center to just hang out and enjoy the vibe. I met loads of travelers here who had dinner with me the two nights I stayed and I liked this about the center. The yoga, ha...I only actually managed to go to two classes in the end as I probably enjoyed the social vibe a little too much, I went to Traditional Hatha with Kate which was great, she is very approachable, spiritual and has a gentleness about her which is really beautiful. I also attended Clare's Yin to be fair I didn't think I would enjoy this as I like more flowing sequences, but as others were also going I tagged along as I get a discount as a guest, it was so cool, Clare had a lovely calm relaxed manner, her ability yo guide you through a journey of discovery was fantastic and to be honest I had never got so deep into the postures before so, maybe Yin is my new thing. All in all, everything about this center is great you would be crazy not to pop in if on this beautiful island.

Albert Floyd

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Fantastic yoga and meditation center"

I had a fantastic time here whilst staying on the Gili Air island, the center facilitates everything you need to both entertain yourself in a healthy way and the peace and tranquility I was aiming for. Just 3 minutes from the beach it was the perfect short break for me. Great welcome and friendly receptionist, the owner goes out of his way to greet you and take a little time helping you settle. Whilst here I had an unlimited yoga package and took advantage with their vinyasa morning flow classes and then evening Yin. I can't thank Kate and Clare and the taller one enough for their humble nature, humor with me and knowledge. In 3 days my yoga has progressed but not just physically I have cam away knowing so more more about a holistic yoga practice. I can't thank the team enough and hope to come back next year for round two. Al

Jennifer Ng

from Australia, June 2019

"Rest and Relaxation"

I had a brilliant stay at H2O yoga retreat. The staff and grounds were fantastic. I participated in every available yoga/meditation class during my stay and enjoyed every one. There were a good variety of classes and instructors. I met really nice people at the retreat and we explored the Island together after yoga. The food was yummy too and I especially enjoyed the smoothies. The retreat is great value and a wonderful experience. The massage and the cooking class were a real added bonus. Thanks to Jon and his team!

Hendrika Larson

from Indonesia, June 2019

"I'm definitely coming back in 2020!"

The yoga was inspiring and heart lifting, it was just what I needed and I feel like a new person.I will be back again in 2020

A big thank you to Jon and Claire for making me feel so welcome. I am happy to recommend H20 on all levels !

Bill Rogers

from Australia, June 2019

"Good place with basic accommodation and a good vibe"

The friendliness of everyone, the pool, the a/c in the deluxe cabins, and the excellent yoga

Emma Kavanagh

from Ireland, June 2019

"Excellent training and all round experience :)"

I loved the whole teacher training, the people, the accommodation, the atmosphere and sense of family that was created. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend.

Gary Colvin

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Great center for yoga"

I had a great time here at the H20 yoga center, particularly enjoyed the Hatha yoga with Kate and Yin class with Clare, knowledgeable teachers and easy to approach with questions. The center is on a perfect island for relaxation and time out.

Stuart Mutton

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Fantastic Yin Yoga course"

Attended the 55 hour Yin Yoga course to deepen my own experience, i'm not a teacher presently but have been thinking about it for some time, after completing this course with Clare it has reconfirmed my idea of becoming a Yin yoga teacher. Amazing structure and depth to the course which is a credit to Clare. The location is also spot on, with an amazing centre that has everything you need on site all set on a beautiful paradise island.

Dan Nicholson

from Australia, June 2019

Everything as should be

Charlotte Newsholme

from Malaysia, June 2019

"Loved H2O as my first solo trip!"

This was my first solo trip and I am also new to yoga. I managed to book this place last minute.

Before I even arrived I had a good feeling from H2O as I contacted them with queries about the boat across and getting there. I had quick responses, full of useful information and I felt at ease immediately about reaching them.

The place was amazing, so tranquil and beautifully made accommodation and session spaces. Jon was extremely welcoming and explained all easily. I took part in the beginners workshop (after delicious banana bread) and I thought Kate was an excellent teacher - very personalised and a fantastic practise - I learned a lot. I later took a Hatha yoga session and enjoyed being able to put the workshop into practise.

The whole island has a relaxed friendly feel and most you pass will say hello.

I also took part in an aqua yoga - fairly tricky but fun and Claire led with great zest and vitality! The pool is beautiful.

Out of all of my treatments package the full body massage was the best! Also loved being able to hire a bike to tour the island with ease.

I even made an early yoga session with Terry on my last morning - proud of myself and Terry was great - such a busy class!

The whole team here make you feel so at home and at ease and they work together as a team - as they had to over Hari Raya celebrations.

I will definitely be returning - it was the relax and reboost I needed. Many thanks to the whole H2O team, you made my trip magical!

Deborah Lim

from Singapore, June 2019

"Great Experience ! Would be back !"

there were a couple hiccups at the start where we had a bit of a mix up with the dates, but things were worked out quickly and we didn't have to go to too much trouble. the instructors were all professional and friendly, and the classes were enjoyable and easy to follow.

Joanne Sherwood

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Yin Yoga course was fantastic"

As a qualified teacher I came here to learn more about Yin yoga as i wish to start teaching this style. The course has left me feeling so inspired and motivated to continue this journey. Everything from the structure and knowledge base, to the yoga center on a idyllic island was perfect. Thank you.

Mia Presley

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Exceptional yin Yoga course"

I attended the yin yoga course with Clare and it was exceptional. The amount of information, theory and practical sessions is a real credit to Clare and her ability to structure all this information into the time span, I enjoyed it so much and feel both inspired and motivated to take this new learning into my teaching. The H20 center was the perfect setting to aid learning, it was so peaceful and all the staff made my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you Clare and the H20 team.

Nancy Macintre

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Yummy food- Delicious yoga"

I now dream of my time at the H20 yoga center. As I bang away on my office computer now I am back in the cold weather, I often close my eyes and think about the tropical weather in Bali and my magikal memories from my trip. I am saving my money to go back for longer. The center was well run with beautiful food and had quality experienced instructors. I would be happy to recommend it.

Georgina Bedows

from Indonesia, June 2019

"peaceful center on a paradise island"

I came for a 5 day Bali trip and the Gili Air was last on my list for 2 days; i was hoping for a relaxing time and to catch up with my yoga practice which I had let go of over the last 12 months. The H20 center was everything I was hoping for, I received such a friendly welcome from the owner on arrival and the lovely local young woman on reception, I was hot and bothered but they soon took care of me with a cold juice and towel so I could cool down in my beautiful deluxe room. I had so much choice from their yoga program and found both Kate and Clare delightful grounded humble teachers, their calm presence made me feel so peaceful during the yoga and meditation classes. I even tried aqua yoga, which surprised me in terms of how much i enjoyed it. All the staff here give a great service, from the healthy cafe onsite to their spa for a massage, everything was just great. I do wish i had spent more time on Gili Air away from Ubud which i found a little hectic, i know this for next time. Thank you H20 for such a delightful time.

Diane Perkins

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Excellent value for money"

I came to this center after extensive research of all local yoga studios in the area and feel i made the right choice. Everything here was just as i wanted in terms of location (its 3 minutes from the beach) on a paradise island with no motor vehicles. I stayed in their beautiful shared bungalow which is poolside and spacious, and had two days of a yoga and pamper treat. The owner and receptionist are very accommodating and the center offers a great full yoga and meditation program with lots to choice from, the Aqua is great fun, fabulous yoga teachers from all around the world and all the staff of the whole center made me feel welcome and offered a friendly vibe. Worth a visit.

Edwina Morgan

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Yin yoga training was fantastic"

I came to H20 for a short Yin Yoga teacher training and thoroughly enjoyed it. From the moment of arriving, the whole service at this center was fantastic. I was well looked after by all the staff and the design of the course exceeded my expectations. It is a credit to Clare how she manages to structure so much information into one week. Having all the yoga classes linked to the lectures each day really helped the learning and integration of the theory. I feel excited for bringing the Yin style into my teaching and hope to come back to H20 for just a holiday next year.

Kelly Moon

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Pampering ....best thing I've done in years!"

I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I have to recommend the 'smoothie bowls' in the cafe, they are to die for. I would consider myself Intermediate in yoga and I felt very comfortable here and enjoyed the classes. It was not a fashion show like some of the studios I've been to in the past, just normal people with a desire to explore yoga and meditation.The spa treatments let me release anger and tension I had been holding for so long, the girls doing the treatments were angels. As a young female traveler I felt so safe walking back from restaurants in the night time and H20 is located well, being close to everything yet just back enough to have some tranquility. All the time I spent here was like a gift I should have given myself years ago. I built confidence and self esteem through the teachings on offer and challenging myself mentally and physically. I've already been in contact with my yoga buddies from back home so there will be a group of 4 of us coming back in December, can't wait. Thanks H20 teachers and staff, you are great!

Rowana Queleq

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Mind body SOUL, it all feels so good!"

Had a great experience really. It is like Disneyland or something, new and exciting things. From the time you land, you realize the slow pace, the calmness settled in my bones. The schedule had some real cool stuff using Bamboo sticks in yoga, and Aqua yoga in the pool, I did a cooking class night with the 'Gordon Ramsey' guy which was brilliant. Epic massage at the centre. I heard good things about this place whilst I was travelling in Nepal and met others that had been to H20 when I was in Thailand so thought I would give it a go. Really glad I came and will try to get back if needing another re-charge.

Bradley Thompson

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Yin Yoga course was fantastic!"

Completed the Yin Yoga course with Clare and found it fantastic, from the level of knowledge base, expertise in this field, teacher instruction to the whole design and structure of the course, it was a credit to Clare to cover so many elements over such a short space of time, it exceeded my expectations and left me excited to begin putting this all into my teaching practice. The center itself is set on a paradise island, with no cars and minutes from the beach. It has everything on site to make things so easy for you during training, including a healthy cafe and spa. I plan to come back next year to come back and do the 200 hours. Thank you Clare and H20.

Paul Wilson

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Soul Renewal Yoga has revamped my soul"

I came here to attempt to get back into my yoga practice after a long break following an injury; it exceeded my expectations. From the warm welcome at the front desk to the friendliness of the whole center I loved my time here; the yoga instruction and pace was fantastic and I attended two classes a day. I've left feeling a new zest for my practice and my motivation refreshed. I plan to return.

Laura Davies

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Amazing yoga in such a beautiful setting"

I had the most amazing time here on the Gili Air island and just fell in love with the peace and tranquility of this gorgeous place!. I came to H20 for a couple of days of yoga to finish my Bali trip and wished i had spent longer at this fantastic centre. The yoga was absolutely fantastic i learnt so much from the instructors and loved their presence around the center. Each day I was looked after so well by the whole team and felt part of the family here. It has such a great vibe, you feel really welcome and at home. Its a must for anyone visiting the island into yoga and I hope to return for a longer stay next year.

Dane Morris

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Yin course with Clare was fantastic"

Attended the Yin course with Clare and it exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge base, professionalism and humor was everything I needed to begin my own journey of self healing following a breakdown. The center itself is in a perfect location just minutes from both the harbor and beach and had everything I wanted for a small break. The social scene here is great if your traveling alone, sitting around the cafe or indulging in a spa treatment and I found both the host/owner and all the staff here very polite, friendly and attentive. I plan to come back later in the year to do some more work with Clare and very much look forward to this. Thank you H20 it was perfect!

Jeni Haynes

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Exceptional yoga package"

I came here for a short break and it was perfect in every way possible. I arrived later than expected from Gili T and the owner John was so accommodating and welcoming, ensuring I was settled in and had everything I needed for a comfortable night. This was followed through with the high level of customer service shown by all the local staff and teachers there. The classes themselves are amazing, the center has a great full program and I was able to attend as many as i wanted in the two days. The morning vinyasa were beautifully led flows that catered for all levels in class, I enjoyed being challenged and felt invigorated for the day, they provided a perfect balance of yoga technique, philosophy and humor!. The evening classes were slower flow classes and i fell in love with the Yin in particular. Clare was beautifully inspiring and her knowledge towards the practice was exceptional. I also loved my meditation class with Kate who holds a very humble and calm persona. The teachers here all seem to know their stuff and I left feeling nurtured and re-motivated with new tools to my own practice. Thank you H20 for providing this perfect space I will be back.

Billy Keranski

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Thank you Claire !"

Embarking on a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga was a very important step on my spiritual path and the course led by Claire was magnificent. All of the other students also agreed that the quality of teaching and value for money was excellent. If anyone has done yoga classes with teachers and not been inspired, than I urge you to attend Claire's Yin as you will find a new zest for life and yoga!

Bop Heinz

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Long live H20!"

I had the most amazing experience in my time at H20. I work long hours and like a lot of people feel the stress of this, so to come away and realize there were others here getting away from there day to day life, just like me was so comforting. I can honestly say I will be back, who knows maybe it will become an every year trip for me. I feel better physically, I feel more centred emotionally and feel like a different person is what I am trying to say. I would like to thank the entire team from the lovely receptionist to the cafe staff, housekeeping and the wonderful team of teachers, especially Clare for her nurturing ways in the Yin classes which was truly a blessing. Like me you will meet people from all over the world, beautiful, beautiful people.

Kyah Mitchel

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Fantastic experience"

I had such a fantastic time here at H20 yoga and meditation center; I came on a package that included unlimited yoga and yoga is what i did!!; I went to every class available for two days in total 7 classes at an unbelievable price. The vinyasa classes were great I loved the level as I'm intermediate but still like to be challenged; the pool yoga was awesome learning new techniques in the luxury of a pool, I even tried their meditation class and the evening Yin yoga. I loved the space and tranquility of the center, all the staff were super friendly and accommodating and the service top quality. All in all my only regret is the short time I cam here, as an after thought whilst in Bali. I plan to come back in three months on my next short break. Would highly recommend for anyone visiting the island.

Terrance Gongan

from Indonesia, May 2019

"The best place on Gili Air !"

I've done a lot of Yoga Retreats over the years and this is up there with the best of them. It is a carefully though out facility, unlike the other centre on the island.( we had a quick peek out of interest) The owner of H20 explained the design of the buildings and how it's all about energy flow. This did explain why I felt so good whilst I was there. I have already booked again for December. The staff and instructors were accommodation to all that came. No matter what your level you will be happy here and there is always softer classes to attend in any case with meditation and Aqua Yoga. At the time of my visit they were building a beautiful new Gluten Free Cafe at the front, so I look forward to testing that when I return.

Mira Gladus

from Indonesia, May 2019

"High quality yoga in a beautiful setting"

I found the yoga here of very high quality, great instruction and creativity of classes, the mornings are more vinyasa style prepare to get hot, the evenings Yin and slow flow perfect after a day at the beach; the center itself is very accommodating, beautiful setting, on site cafe and spa and the team here all very kind and friendly. Gili Air is just beautiful, worth a visit.

Nora Langon

from Indonesia, May 2019

"Absolutely perfect!!"

I loved my stay here at the H20 yoga centre, from the welcome to the accommodation and all the classes. The morning class were the perfect mix of challenge and instruction, i had a good workout and sweat ready to take advantage of their pool yoga, this was amazing, I couldn't believe how much fun it was together with the yoga sequence performed, I completed poses i never would attempt usually in a studio. I loved the evening slower classes and just felt so very nourished by all the highly experienced, approachable and friendly fun group of teachers they have here. Wasn't sure if it was just my luck and God was giving me exactly what I needed but it was the best time. Having the spa and cafe is just such an easy bonus!. Thank you H20 i love you all for the experience and hope to be back next year. Nora X

Hannah Wells

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Fantastic experience and yoga setting"

I did two classes here and two classes at the other center on the island and have to admit i prefer H20. The instructors are knowledgable and experienced and I found they had a tendency to get off their own mat to help you, i unfortunately didn't find this the case with the other instructors center who were very young and very much 'follow their lead' rather than offer a class at the level of the students and react to students needs. The whole H20 center has a beautiful social setting vibe and the generosity and warmness of all the staff shines through.

Harold Duke

from Indonesia, April 2019

"perfect sanctuary for yoga"

My second time here, I find H20 the perfect sanctuary for yoga and for some time out; love the ambiance of the center; always receive a great welcome and find everything here a high standard - the yoga program gives you a wide variety of classes with teachers from all over the world, the teachers offer individual attention to instruction with physical assistance which I enjoy and you do not find everywhere, and i enjoy the cafe which has grown and improved for the social aspect. They now also have a spa which is new which adds to the pleasure of being here. Would recommend to anyone visiting Gili Air.

Scott Newby

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Perfect yoga center on a little piece of paradise "

I found gili air the highlight of my travelling trip; there are zero cars or scooters so the sense of peace is unreal. I stayed at this yoga center on the off chance by just looking through the internet and the nomads package was perfect for my couple of day stay. I shared the bungalow as it was part of the package and it was spacious and has a bathroom inside which is handy, I met other travelers all cool and friendly and we ended up hanging out for dinner etc which was great. As someone who has a couple of years practice it was nice to learn some new techniques and ways of doing poses, the teachers seemed knowledgeable with their techniques and i liked how they incorporated the philosophy which was great and they offered variations to help me feel challenged. I found the owner and all the staff at the center really friendly and just liked the vibe here. To be honest, if I hadn't booked a flight I would have welcomed a longer stay. Would love to come back so have added it onto my list of places to re-visit.

Hanna 1

from United States, April 2019

"Love Gili Air and this center!"

I spent 7 nice days in this place. The main thing I came for was yoga and I did it for maximum. Every day there are around 4-5 different classes, so you always can choose several or one of them depends on your mood and preferences. All teachers are experienced. Meditation with Claire is amazing! My favorite aqua-yoga with Terry! Aqua-yoga is amazing option in this yoga center! I really enjoy it! The best morning vinyasa with Nicky and evening yin yoga with Kate! Very grateful to all teachers for their job and energy!

The territory are clean and green. Location is good. Nice swimming pool. Room are quite simple, but you don’t need anything else. Shower only with cold water, but it's not a problem on such hot days!)

Also there is a café here. All products are fresh, all dishes are yummy, all portions are really big. Good price without taxes. My favorite is chocolate smoothie bowl, you should try!

My package also had a massage and a great cooking class. You also can rent a bike here.

I can say that this place is worth the money. I had amazing experience! Thanks.

Patricia Holmes

from Indonesia, April 2019

"A super experience at a beautiful center made with love"

i had such an amazing time at this yoga center, it was the highlight of my trip. The owner John went out of his way to help me get to know the best spots on the island during my short time here, he checked in with me everyday despite being so obviously busy and this really made me feel so welcome, I stayed in a gorgeous deluxe bungalow which was very clean and up to a very good standard for the price, the yoga was exceptional, the teachers here are friendly, knowledgeable and very accommodating to your level, they have friendly and welcoming reception staff and the cafe and spa staff also all very friendly and offer a great service, my only complaint was that I didn't stay longer. If you are looking for a yoga center that offers a social setting, fantastic yoga and at a great price then this is your place. Thank you H20 for making my trip so enjoyable I hope to be back.

Jane Hendrin

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Amazing adventure on the most perfect island for yoga!"

I loved my time at H20 on the gil air island, it was a truly beautiful experience. The centre is spacious with everything you need for a comfortable enjoyable stay. I received a warm welcome from the reception host and found the owner John very helpful and accommodating. The yoga was fantastic, such a wide interesting program, do try the aqua and bamboo class which were my favourite. I had a manicure and pedicure in the onsite spa, which both were excellent and i was pleased with the results, and the onsite cafe sells lovely wholesome food so you really can spend a few days looking after yourself here and relaxing. Hope to come back next year for a full week.

Roberta Manlin

from Indonesia, April 2019

" très bon centre avec tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour un "

très bon centre avec tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour un séjour agréable, le yoga était un niveau exceptionnel, les professeurs très bons pour enseigner et vous aider Le propriétaire et le personnel sont tous très sympathiques et serviables. J'ai apprécié l'île et mon séjour ici.

Adriana Martinez

from Indonesia, April 2019

" Hermoso centro de yoga en una perfecta y pequeña isla parad"

Hermoso centro de yoga en una isla paradisíaca perfecta, gracias a todo el personal y los maestros

Stefan Elliot

from Indonesia, April 2019


Fantastic place to be, warm friendly welcome from the owner and staff, stayed in the shared dorm which was a fantastic place to meet other people. Went to four classes - vinyasa in the morning, aqua, medittaion and Yin, all by different teachers each great for instruction and putting you at ease. Vinyasa was my favourite as worked up a good sweat!, also enjoyed a massage, the island is a special place with great local people, worth a visit.

Michael Kensall

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Great center for yoga and holistic health"

A great yoga center on a island that provides a sanctuary from the chaotic pace of modern life, enjoyed my stay here and found everything from the accommodation to the yoga classes at a high standard. Would recommend a visit if you are on the island.

Rebecca Hannah

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Ideal setting for a fabulous retreat"

I came here after travelling around Lombok for a couple of days of yoga and relaxation and it was just what i needed, I found the owner John and Nela really welcoming and made me feel at home straight away. The yoga program is fantastic, the morning classes were energetic vinyasa and as an experienced yogi i was given lots of variations to challenge me, i especially liked Terry's classes as she offers some philosophy alongside the postures, the evening classes are not so energetic and great after a snorkling day to unwind. They do yoga in the pool here which i never tried, I did this with clare who was funny and creative, completing arm balances in water is fantastic and i would urge everyone to try this at least once. The cafe is run by local staff who are really lovely and kind, I was happy to hang out with these guys on the evening where we played the guitar and swapped stories. I had a manicure and Bali massage in the center using their spa and these also were of a high standard. The island itself is just a dream and really a couple of days isn't enough. I'm coming back next year to do some teacher training as I loved it here so much and thank everyone at the center for being so cool!.

Chantelle Harris

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Fantastic experience"

Fantastic experience at this beautiful center, lovely warm welcome by the receptionist and owner, who went out of their way each morning to check in with me to make sure all was okay, i went to classes daily, sometimes twice a day and even went to their meditation classes. As a beginner it was fantastic, the teachers are very patience and humble. Great cafe with wholesome foods and spa treatments on site which is just so handy and i received discounts as a guest. all in all it was a perfect time out before heading back home.

Heather Jenkins

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Amazing yoga sanctuary on a paradise island"

I loved Gili Air and staying at H20 Yoga center; everything was perfect for me, i stayed in a beautiful deluxe bungalow that had everything you would expect for a deluxe, inside bathroom with AC and hot water, it had a gorgeous bamboo trimming in the bathroom and was a cute newly built room, i managed early nights in peace to enjoy the sunrises on the close by beach each morning which i truly loved. The yoga was fantastic, all the classes on offer were high standard with knowledgeable teachers, whether it was the vinyasa type in the morning or more traditional or Yin on the evening, i even did meditation and aqua yoga classes all new to me; the service of the center is very welcoming, friendly and accommodating, nothing to complain about except i didn't stay longer. I didn't realise what a paradise island it is and this was my only regret, i wished i had booked longer, Thanks H20 for an amazing holiday I hope to come back and see you all again Heather X

Stacey Fencer

from Indonesia, March 2019

"The highlight of my holiday"

I spent four days in Bali and only two days here on gili air, I wish i had stayed longer as fell in love with the island!. It is such a special place, the fact it has no cars and allows you to switch off was such a blessing. I came to H20 on the off chance they had room, which they did and it was the best decision I made. The owner was warm and welcoming, he upgraded me to a beautiful deluxe bungalow at a discount and it was perfect for the few days i was here, newly built, clean, AC and hot water, they even have a cute bathroom attached that has bamboo trimmings which i loved. John helped me pick out classes suitable as I haven't much experience and we had some enjoyable chats. I fell in love with the evening Yin classes, led by kate and clare, they were truly beautiful, so relaxing yet i really felt it in my body that i had worked hard, I also enjoyed the aqua as this was new to me, this was fun, social and i was amazed at what you can do in water. I had a pedicure and massage whilst here in the spa, the service again was excellent. The center has a cafe selling wholesome food so I felt i had detoxed a little whilst here and felt lighter and refreshed, everyone was friendly and all in all it was such an enjoyable experience I can only wait now to come back at the end of the year. Thank you H20 for your hospitality and warmth.

Louise Hamstead

from Indonesia, March 2019

"amazing location and holiday"

Gili Air is the most beautiful island i have ever visited and staying at h20 was the icing on the cake, i enjoyed a lovely vinyasa yoga class every morning, The teachers were great, linking to different elements of yoga each morning, I found the classes informative and fun, I also tried aqua yoga which was great in the pool, Qi Gong and meditation, all were new to me but it was fantastic to have these on the program to try out. They have an onsite spa and cafe which is so handy and deliver a great service. The owner and staff were all considerate and friendly, and i found the overall service excellent. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a quiet relaxing time to get back into their yoga practice or just devote some yoga time to their holiday.

Tim Bone

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Fantastic experience"

Everything here at H20 was just what i was looking for in my short break on the island before travelling on; the rooms, yoga, the food, massages, meeting people, no complaints!. I stayed in the shared bungalow which was fantastic, right by the pool, spacious and a great meeting place; i went to two yoga classes each day, the teachers were spot on, approachable, friendly and made the classes different each day, i felt my yoga had progressed and enjoyed the program they had on here, all the boys at the cafe were fun to hang out with and everyone at the center made me feel really welcome. Loved it and would come back again.

Paul Rose

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Fantastic experience"

Great centre on an amazing island; found the centre welcoming, friendly, great service, great classes, food and spa. Nothing to complain about except i wish i stayed longer. No cars on the island so you truly relax!. hope to be back

Jane Hoffman

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Fantastic experience"

I had a great time here at H20 and got so much out of the yoga i have signed up for the 55 hours Yin training in May which i am now so very excited about. I found the Yin classes with Clare truly remarkable, i then booked into a couple of one to one yoga therapy sessions with her due to an old injury and have now have decided to take my learning to the next level with the training. Thank you Clare for your patience and guidance!. Loved my stay in the private deluxe bungalow which i understand is newly built after the earthquake, the bungalow was beautiful. I found the whole experience so pleasurable it was sad to leave. Thank you to all the team at H20 for making my stay so truly enjoyable, I can't wait to see you all again May.

Candice Bevan

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Fabulous time wished I have planned longer!"

I loved my stay here, and had such a fantastic time, my only regret was that I hadn't planned longer as I wished I could have stayed. Everything was perfect, there was a great range of classes to come to, lots of variations given for all levels and I really got back into my yoga practice, clare and john were brilliant, lots of support, a lovely welcoming environment, great food, fabulous massage and pedicure. Many thanks H20 I hope to come back!.

Sarah Paigen

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Beautiful Centre with great yoga, would recommend "

Beautiful centre very close to the beach, I found all the staff here to be attentive and friendly, enjoyed the food, especially your famous banana bread!, the yoga was fantastic quality, i especially loved the Yin and Aqua, and the spa treatments were all high quality. I would recommend a visit and i hope to come back one day. Thank you H20.

Alanna Cunningham

from Ireland, March 2019

"My experience at H20 yoga "

I was greeted with warm welcomes at arrival. Very helpful staff answering every question or issue I had. Lovely quiet spot offering a range of yoga from aqua yoga to yoga with bamboo sticks. Meditation classes were a real eye opener! Friendly instructors accommodating all levels. Spa and cafe available to. I'd recommend getting the package deal . Wonderful experience overall.

Krystal Stewell

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Perfect little paradise!"

Everything here was just as i needed for a relaxing break away. The yoga was exceptional, I particularly liked both Clares and Kates classes, their pace, voice and creativity was just lovely; i found the owner john and receptionist warm and inviting, they helped me find nice places to eat to the evening sunsets; the good earth cafe was a lovely place to just sit and read, i found it very very peaceful with great quality food,i particularly liked their smoothies, i'm going to miss all the staff here that made me feel so much at home.

Liz Wheeler

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Fabulous yoga retreat on a gorgeous island I hope to be back"

I had an amazing experience on the yoga retreat at this centre, i received a warm welcome from the owner John who went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable and happy; the yoga was exceptional quality with instructors from all over the world, each offering something a little different, thank you Kate, Clare, Terry and Mila you really made my stay just perfect with your classes, i particularly enjoyed the Aqua yoga and Bamboo sticks, they were both so enjoyable. The accommodation was excellent and food on site was made with so much love from the local staff in the cafe, i even had a cookery class!!; only five minutes walk from the beach it all made my stay just perfect. I hope to come back again. Thank you H2O x

Agnus Plumer

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Perfect little getaway for yoga and self love!!"

Loved my stay here, everything was perfect for me to relax and have some time out. The yoga was exceptional with instructors very attentive and knowledgeable, really enjoyed Clare's and Kate's classes. Thanks Jon for such a warm welcome and helping me out when the ATM was not working, in addition to offering an upgrade into a beautiful private bungalow, which was a real treat! i found everything hassle free and very laid back. The massages at the spa were great and the guys at the cafe were more than accommodating with friendly smiles. A great place to meet others and have some chill time. Loved the island and the whole atmosphere here, I Intend to come back for a longer stay next time and would recommend a visit to the centre.

Bazz Werner

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Great stay, great location worth a visit"

Enjoyed my time here, found the yoga at a high standard and all the staff were friendly and attentive. The centre itself has everything for a relaxing stay, accommodation was perfect, food and the spa all offering a great service. Would recommend a visit. Thanks H2O.

Trevor Nixon

from Indonesia, February 2019

"Fantastic yoga, Fantastic cafe Fabulous Centre!!!"

Perfect in every way, the owner was a nice guy to chat with, i found the yoga fantastic with friendly knowledgeable teachers, loved the food at the cafe with local friendly staff, esp the curry, and just a great place to just chill out after class and meet other travelers. Loved my time here and would definately be back. Thanks H20!!

Wendy Jones

from Indonesia, February 2019

"Fabulous feel like a new woman"

I really enjoyed my stay at this beautiful centre, everything about it was just what i needed to relax and feel rejuvenated. Beautiful welcome by Nela and the owner jon, who went out there way to make sure I was happy; the classes were exceptional quality with knowledgeable instructors with a caring happy nature and i managed to lose a few pounds using their great cafe. Feel wonderfully refreshed it was just what i needed. Thank you to all the staff that made my stay so enjoyable.

Josh Candret

from Indonesia, February 2019

"Perfect sanctuary....im yoga blissed out!"

Had a fantastic time here with the teachers Elle, Katie and Mila, who all give their own little personalities to the teaching which i thoroughly enjoyed, it was the perfect little yoga haven to bliss myself out before continuing my travels. A great welcome by the owner and I found all the staff more than accommodating. Great space to chill and socialise and found nothing about the place to complain about, except i didn't stay long enough!...thanks guys

Harold Duke

from Indonesia, February 2019

"Everyday was fantastic, the yoga, the food and the vibe!"

Just an awesome experience! As a beginner to yoga the teachers were fantastic and took time to help me which I really appreciated, it has a real inclusive vibe with people practicing of all levels, the classes were creative and fun, i loved the aqua and the meditation classes too, the food was great, freshly cooked each day with smiling happy staff, i just loved the whole vibe of this place, it was just so easy to hang out all day and meet other people traveling. The owner John was really cool, taking time out to check in with me each day and even helped me plan my next adventure around Indonesia, we had some fun chats, the whole centre really makes you feel welcome. I am definately coming back and hope to return after my trip around Asia.

Luca Marazzi

from Germany, February 2019

"Amazing corner of paradise in a wonderful island"

H20 is a marvellous, calm, energetic place to be.

Jon the owner and Nela at the reception were super kind and always available, letting us feel cuddled.

Yoga lessons were great, included the ones in the pool: I never tried Aqua Yoga before and I did enjoy a lot.

Angus, the chef for the cooking class, was gentle, pleasant and above all very professional in teaching and showing us how to prepare and cook 2 great vegetarian meals.

Our experience is super positive and we would like to come back one day.

Linny Josham

from United States, February 2019

"Things I have learnt to look out for when booking a retreat."

The pool was great. The staff on the whole were friendly, the receptionist was great, long may she carry on. Yoga teachers were lovely. Air con in room. Free massage with package was great.


from United States, February 2019

"Jon is very intense and comes across very passive aggressive"

The women yoga instructors were fantastic and very friendly

Gillian Moore

from Great Britain, January 2019

I had the most wonderful time at H20, I would like to thank Claire and the team for making my experience amazing, I even stayed for an extra 4 days. I left feeling best I have done over the last 6 month and that was down to the whole team. I couldn’t add the instructors name above, but Anna and Elle were great and I can’t wait to put into practice what I’ve been taught. Thank you so much for everything. Will see you soon x

Janne Sørensen

from Denmark, November 2018

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of H2O yoga. The accomodation and service was great and the employees always very helpful. Claire, one of the yoga teachers there, is very clear in her communication and instructions during the lessons. The food in the cafe was great.

Lyndsey Townsend

from Australia, October 2018

"Non prescribed medicine "

I travelled here alone and immediately felt welcome and part of the magic that was happening here at H2O. The instructors and guests were great company and I feel like I gained so much from their experience and passion for yoga.

Raysa Bousleiman

from United States, August 2018

"4 Day Yoga Retreat "

I loved the length, level of difficulty, and variety of the yoga classes.

Kind and accommodating staff members went above and beyond to recommend food spots, where to do laundry, and ferries to book.

Location was easy to find and well marked! Peaceful and quiet as it is a 15 minute walk from the main pier.

Noelle Roberto

from United States, August 2018

"Highly Recommend Turtle Lovers Retreat! "

H2O yoga Turtle Lovers retreat is the perfect package for those who are looking to do a few yoga classes a day while also exploring the island. The staff were outstanding, the facilities were nice, and the classes were a perfect level. Additionally, the massage and nature bath were both exceptional experiences. Perfect package to book if you are looking to relax on the beautiful island; good value for your money. It is also located very close to Musa Cookery-cute little cafe down the road I highly recommend checking out!!

Chandler Stormo

from United States, August 2018

"Awesome retreat, good bang for your buck"

The classes were awesome. Loved the early bird one and the candlelight one! The food from the cafe was great and all the staff were so nice. Bungalows are super cute and cozy too. And Gili Air is awesome!


from France, September 2019

"1 ère expérience en pack nomade"

Les rencontres faites grâce au partage du bangalow. Le site qui est magnifique.


from Austria, August 2019

"Cooler Urlaub im Paradies"

Die Yoga Klassen mit Heather waren ausgezeichnet. Der Bungalow und das Restaurant waren sehr gut. Jon ist ein sehr zuvorkommender und netter Gastgeber


from Indonesia, June 2019

The center is absolutely beautiful, simple but perfect. Great pool and the classes were extraordinary good.

Annika Gregory

from Australia, June 2019

"Eine sehr gute Erfahrung!"

H2O Yoga ist auf der sehr schönen Insel Gili Air gelegen, wo man alles zu Fuß und mit dem Fahrrad erkunden kann. Claire hat ein sehr umfangreiches Wissen - weit über das geforderte Maß hinaus - welches sie im Rahmen des Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings mit ihrer sympathischen Art bestmöglich an uns weitergegeben hat. Das Programm ist straff und der Zeitplan eng, daher empfehle ich zwei Tage länger dort zu bleiben um danach etwas zu erholen und die Insel erkunden zu können. Ich fühle mich sehr gut ausgebildet für die Yin Erweiterung und freue mich darauf zu unterrichten!

Laura Pilar Lasala Balaguer

from Spain, May 2019

"Im happy to join you !!! and enjoy the yin yoga TT "

i loved the yoga shala, the teacher, my group and the beautiful island.

Victoria Fernandwz

from Indonesia, May 2019


Las instalaciones, las clases, la gente, los masajes todo! Increíble!

Marine Lugon-moulin

from India, March 2019

"Yin yoga TT"

Claire was a really great inspiring teacher, with a lot of knowledge regarding to the yin yoga. She gives very clear explanations and makes all things easy to understand (anatomy for ex)

The schedule was good for me.

The team was very professional and friendly, peaceful atmosphere

Maureen Cervantes

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Mexicana en Indonesia "

El lugar es limpio y acogedor. el precio para las actividades que ofrece es excelente, pero si buscas verdaderamente yoga de buen nivel no es el lugar! John es amable. Lleva el lugar de manera muy estructurada! El restaurante me parece caro pero tiene buenas opciones en el menú para vegetarianos o veganos!