Steve Coster Fitness's aim is for exercise to be interesting, affordable, and achievable to everyone, regardless of your current fitness level or abilities.

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Steve Coster

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Fredrik Ahlin

from Sweden, May 2024

"Great experiense!"

Was looking to try something other then the Muay Thai I do for exercise and Krav Maga seemed like a good idea, and it was!

I felt very welcome and received, from the pick up at the airport to the drop of a week later.

There are two-three KM classes a day but you can join the other bootcamp/fitness classes also, witch I highly recommend. Up to six classes daily in total I think. Great training.

You get your own private small apartment, two very tasty and healthy meals a day and breakfast to get you started.

The instructors are great - skilled and professional. Thank you Steve, Martin and Paolo.

And a special thanks to Michaela who keeps it all together.

Michael Dolan

from Ireland, April 2024

"Training offered by Steve Coster"

I was interested in fitness training and Krav Maga in particular, there were different types of classes so everyone could have a great choice of well instructed and fun activity. The Krav Maga was demonstrated and trained in a safe and way with the excellent knowledge of Steve , overall the program was excellent for not only fitness and self defence but lends itself to great mental health with a great mix of like minded people in a friendly environment, will be going back for my third time soon.

Martine Stam

from Netherlands, April 2024

"From victim to warrior in One week"

I spend 6 nights in this program with 5 workout days. Every morning I started with the beach workout at 7.30u. First day I thought how am I going to survive this? I also went to pad training & Krav Maga. I had some trauma with abuse in my past. I am used to get hurt, I can handle that. But I never fought back, I just let it happen or tried to escape. The second day we had to hit or kick the other and I started crying, zombies in my head.

But Steve and my training buddy where so good & professional and step by step I survived my fears, I started to like it and fight with the demons in my head. The 3rd - 5rd I really started to feel better, more energized and loved the workouts. Put all my anger and frustration from the past in the pad training & really liked the Krav Maga and we also had a lot of fun.

The last day the water beach training was so cool and I did 4 workouts and I felt so energized.

I work as a Cabin attendant for airline, every crew member should do these kind of training weeks!

The food is great and also good that you can eat it in your own apartment.

It was a transforming week & I am sure I will come back!

It was great to meet other participants from all over the world!

Thanks Steve, Michaela & the other trainers.

I am going to promote you!

I am learning spanish with Duolingo, this week I also learned a lot!

Muchas gracias

Hasta la próxima!


from Germany, April 2024

"Amazing fitness & krav maga holidays "

All of it! Skilled trainers, 5-6 trainings per day, good atmosphere, healthy food, open - minded people.. Training at 5he Beach and in the dojo was great! Steve asked about injuries and adjusted training if needed. He and the other teachers Martin and Paolo are very experienced skillful and motivating. I'll come back for sure!

Andra Van Eesbeeck

from Belgium, March 2024

"back on track"

I went without any previous preparation to get myself to track in fitness and learn some new skills. The course proved to be excellent for the purpose. Especially I enjoyed the professional and friendly atmosphere.

Michael Dolan

from Ireland, January 2024

Knowledge and interest and sincerity of coaches. Amount and variety of classes. Attention of all the team.

Oonagh Maguire

from United Kingdom, December 2023


The whole experience was excellent. Bit of fitness, self defence and martial arts. From the start communication, transfers, accommodation and classes were very good. Ideal for me to choose what I wanted to do and also gave me time to chill in the sun too.

I’ll be back guys.

Konstantin Fukszon

from Germany, November 2023

"Amazing bootcamp"

The overall organization, trainings and accommodation were amazing. The food deserves a separate 5-star rating. This is not our first time with Steve and this time Steve exceeded our expectations. Thanks for everything.

Gavin Huhoff

from Germany, November 2023

"Absolut Begeistert - Krav Maga Fitness Holidays "

Mein Urlaub bei Steve Coster Fitness war ein unbeschreibliches Erlebnis. Ich hatte den Kurs Krav-Maga Fitness Holidays gebucht und war restlos begeistert. Hier hat einfach alles gestimmt. Angefangen von der hervorragenden Organisation, dem Transfer vom Flughafen hin und zurück, dem hoch professionellen Team von Trainern, der Ernährungsberaterin Elly, die leckeres und gesundes Essen auf den Tisch zaubert und bei Bedarf auch auf individuelle Bedürfnisse eingeht. Ebenso ist das Appartement hervorragend mit allen benötigten Dingen ausgestattet um sich während des Aufenthaltes ein Stück heimisch zu fühlen.

Das Training im Dojo und am Strand ist ausnahmslos das beste was ich je erlebt habe. Diszipliniert, fordernd und zugleich fördernd mit hohem Level an Spaß. Das Team aus Teilnehmern motiviert zusätzlich sich gemeinsam anzufeuern und durchzuhalten. Steve, Paolo, Martin, Craig und Elly verstehen ihr Handwerk durch und durch jeden einzelnen mitzunehmen und individuell dessen Potentiale zu maximieren. Dieses Team besteht aus tollen Menschen die Spaß haben mit dem was sie tun um anderen Menschen ein Stück dieses Lebensgefühls in dieser kurzen Zeit authentisch zu vermitteln. Wer dieses Erlebnis bucht, kommt voll auf seine Kosten. Garantiert versprochen!

Steve ich danke Dir und Deinem Team für diese schönen Momente.

Giedre Rimeikyte

from United Kingdom, September 2023

Just wanted to say big thank you for my bootcamp fitness holiday.

Steve and the team was amazing and understanding.

Looking forward to return next year .

Definitely recommend.

Kind regards



from United Kingdom, June 2023

"Krav Maga Holiday "

Really good Krav Maga training with detailed, multiple classes a day and a good group. I walked out feeling a lot more confident and much fitter.

Lin Zhang

from Finland, May 2023

When I arrived on my first day, I felt perplexed as to why every participant seemed so happy. But as I reached the end of my journey, I understood why because I experienced an unprecedented environment of inclusiveness, encouragement, and kindness here. No one judged others, and no one told me, "This technique isn't suitable for you because you're too small." The coaches were both professional and friendly, strict yet supportive. The Krav Maga classes combine various techniques including joint locks reminiscent, ground techniques similar to jiu-jitsu making them more practical and efficient. I really cherish this experience and take it as motivation to keep training.

Riccardo Picco

from Italy, April 2023

It has been a very energising experience and a great recharge to mind and body.

Spotlessly clean apartment, lovely option with swimming pool to rest after the fitness exercises.

Great healthy and tasty food provided daily and fresh, including breakfast.

Excellent training regimes by Steve, Craig and Paolo. Demanding but needed.

Definitely to be advised as fantastic alternative holiday week, and to be repeated again and again.

Jan Willem Alphenaar

from Netherlands, February 2023

"These guys are amazing. The experience was superb."

Steve, Graig, Paolo, and Martin know their drills. They know how to motivate and encourage people to go a step further.

I did sign up for the Krav Maga BootCamp, but I also joined the fitness BootCamp. You can join extra sessions at no cost.

They create an atmosphere where you can excel with your goals.

I just loved it. The food that Elly prepared daily was amazing.

I'll be back!

Bente Lytje

from Denmark, February 2023

"Fitness Holiday"

Thank you so much for four weeks of amazing training with lots of kind people. It’s truly been hard and never have I ever made this many burpees and sit-ups before. I feel like I’ve become way stronger!

Also a big thanks to you Steve for great training. You’re a zealot and you’re really good at motivating the people around you.

Thanks to Craig for driving my around, coordinating and helping me out. Not to forget the meals that turned out to be delicious!

Thanks to Paolo for your patience with me - I know that I’m not an easy job.

I can’t way to come back!

Marcus Ollenbuttel

from United Kingdom, December 2022


I was not sure what to expect 51 year old overweight guy going on a bootcamp -but cant fault this - plenty of support and guidance. Steve was brilliant at motivating us to exceed - if you struggled wasnt an issue -plenty of space for all

Ferit Ozenir

from Germany, July 2022

"Great martial art and fitness vacation "

More than enough training sessions (6 per day) to test your limits.

Steve and his team very nice and helpful

Alessandra Nannini

from Italy, June 2022

Schedule is flexible, you can pick up as many classes as you want. Staff is amazing, very knowledgeable, fun, nice and accomodate every request.flat simple but has everything you need and allows privacy

Natasa Zecevic

from Spain, March 2022


Intense bootcamp with a great friendly atmosphere.

Anouschka Pearlman

from Sweden, February 2022

"Lovely Experience!"

I found Steve and Craig (who fetched me from the airport) very accommodating to all my needs. They are genuinely invested in providing the best experience possible for their guests/students.

What I liked the best was my Krav Maga training. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and a good instructor. I cannot comment on bootcamp activities because I did not partake in those but I heard from others that they loved it.

Don't hesitate to book if martial arts training or self defense is your thing....or if you are looking to firm up and lose some weight through their programs.

Viktor Cederlund

from Sweden, December 2021

"Great training in inspiring environment"

Fantastic coaches, Craig, Steve, Martin

Just by being around them, you want to give 100 % and learn more every single day. They find your level very fast and from there you just go !

Great atmosphere with people from all over the world mixed with helpful locals!

I highly recommend this class to people from all walks of life

Richard Martens

from Poland, December 2021

"Excellent Fightness Training"

My daughter and I signed up for three weeks of Krav Maga training with Steve Coster. We trained in Krav Maga for 3 months before attending, but we learned far more in the three week course than the previous three months. Krav Maga is an intensive training and one cannot do it all day long, so Steve also has additional 'fightness' training that combines fitness and fighting, like an hour of pad work that incorporates punching, kicking and kneeing with push-ups, squats and such. Each day there are up to 5 hours of various trainings that one can select from. My younger daughter sometimes did 5, while her older father tried to keep up, he often ended up doing three hours. When we arrived, we found out that the gym also has both Muay Thai and BJJ. When we mentioned our interest, Steve's first response was, "Do you want me to set up a class for you?" He did not charge extra for setting up the Muay Thai training and we even ended up with additional participants joining the training.

There are several instructors at the fitness camp and all of them are excellent at what they do. As a high school teacher for 30 years, I was pleased and content at the way they interact with the students and the way they convey the information. They push and challenge you to exceed your comfort zone. We enjoyed all aspects of our experience and were sad when the last day of training arrived. We both wanted to stay and train longer. In summary, the program went Above and Beyond our expectations.

Julius Ecke

from Germany, December 2021

"Great training opportunity"

Training was fun, fun mix of people, great food d and large Appartement

John Watts

from United Kingdom, November 2021

"Great boot camp suitable for all"

This was my first holiday of this kind and definitely won’t be my last. Steve was very welcoming, knowledgeable about fitness and Krav Maga, as well as the island itself. You can do yo to four different sessions per day, beach workouts, pad training, Krav Maga and circuit training. Each session was great and after just a week I feel a lot better.


from Sweden, November 2021

"One of the best weeks of my life"

The camp is really well structured and designed to accommodate different levels of fitness and experience with martial arts. I came with my 13 yr old son (the only kid on the course), yet despite our different fitness levels and body sizes, the training worked well for us both. The instructors are very down-to-earth, professional, yet friendly and accommodating.

Christopher Scholz

from Germany, October 2021

"wonderfull fitness holidays"

i enjoyed the time and had a lot of fun. steve is an excellent trainer, with a lot of patience. he also explains things several times, and also the background to why things are done that way.

the morning beach sessions are a perfect start to the day. I'm not an early riser, but you will be picked up right away so that wasn't a problem for me.

the training program is tight and sparring with other participants, with the trainer taking time for each group and dealing with you individually. the team and the other participants were great, many experienced people who enjoy the sport.

there are lots of good tips and suggestions for leisure activities.

the food was excellent and varied. I felt very comfortable and they really took care that the stay is fun and that you get a little closer to your goals. i will go again.

Armandas Ciras

from Lithuania, July 2021

I had great and productive time at the camp in Tenerife , which lasted a month I met new coaches who became close friends. Thanks especially to Steve ,Martin and Marcus . A good time passed quickly . Thank you for the smooth organization and well-being . I will definetly come back


from Germany, June 2021

"Painful Heaven"

The community was wonderful. I was never alone and everyone was very considered. Krav Maga is so realistic and learning how to fight like that you also must learn how to take punches and kicks. So it hurt a lot, but never more than ones abilities. I didn't belive it at first because my pain tolerance was so low. But the experience is taylored to you.

Tamara Gittelson

from United States, November 2020

"Intense, well-run, highly-motivating, highly recommended "

Steve is a brilliant, gifted extremely supportive and highly skilled trainer. His camp is well-structured, thoughtfully planned, varied and intense. He trains participants at all skill levels, with equal levels of patience, well-timed instruction and motivating input. His manner is warm, immediate and enthusiastic.

The classes are varied, structured and fun, sweaty, intense and challenging.


from Switzerland, August 2020

"Great Boxing and Fitness Camp"

Steve is a great trainer and I just loved all sessions. Bootcamp, boxing/kickboxing and the Krav Maga. Ela really liked it ;)